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Nov 22, 2022
Nov 29, 2022


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22 Jan, 2022


What does this mean for GRAZZP.

I believe the bottom is close and most sellers already sold.

The past shows that strongest ALTS (vs BTC) during downtrend, will go up the strongest. Therefore I've added $MKR, $OCEAN, $REQ, $QSP and $KNC

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Welcome to our few new followers over the last few days. I wanted to point out that normally we would hold a few less positions than we are at the moment. The reason for so many positions is during the start of a bull run there are historically great returns on a small handful of alt coins. This is why we gambled on $REQ which is up over 370% since we added this to the structure only 3 days ago. I'm keeping an eye out for other low market cap opportunities and taking small amounts of profit from $REQ as we go.

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Removed $REQ to add 10% $LTC because this could be the season of bigger altcoins and Litecoin seems bullish.

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