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Jan 21, 2023
Jan 28, 2023


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CARUS-AR is an semi-passive Crypto Strategy investing in the developing blockchain, DeFi & crypto space. Website

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Jan 15, 2023, 8:36:31 PM
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16h ago

New blog post (I know has been way too long!):

Why trust ICONOMI

ICONOMI provides a very easy and simple way to invest in the Crypto space. Buy, Sell Crypto or Copy Crypto Strategies on the Social Trading Platform. However, a crucial question you should ask is: How do you know you can trust ICONOMI?

Read it:

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Great stuff. Congrats Menno. Let's ScaleUp @ICONOMI. 📈🚀

24 Jan, 2023

Big move down, correction time... Let's see how low we go. Had a amazing month, a solid correction is normal and to be expected.

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21 Jan, 2023

The green continues across all crypto markets. Happy to see it. Truly starting to seem like the bottom of this bear market has been found!

Time to focus on finding the projects that will outperform next cycle.

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19 Jan, 2023

Very happy to see such a strong market after this small correction. Looks like (for now) Crypto investors are back and buying, giving us some green.

I notice many on Twitter and online calling doom scenarios about further inflation, rising prices and the layoffs of big tech companies. And these are bad signs surely. However we should not forget to notice that, even with inflation, the unemployment rates globally are extremely low. Many signs also that inflation may have peaked already together with gas and energy prices...

Not saying all is well in any way. But investors, especially in risky markets, often are leading indicators. The fact is that even with the crash in the economy, there is still a huge amount of money on the sidelines, waiting to get back in the market. And this most likely will include Crypto.

I will look long term.

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18 Jan, 2023

Here the pullback / correction after a fantastic month. Now it will be important to see if the markets can keep a uptrend or at least hold level.

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Crypto is extremely funny game! CARUS 🔜 to catch up Diversitas (dev to smart bet against crypto) again 😅😎

The strategy owns a lot of $ATOM. Does it receive staking rewards? I'm a $ATOM holder on other platforms, but over there I get rewards...

15 Jan, 2023

Rebalance to take some profit on $FXS, our newest holding. It has over 41% gains since last rebalance. Lowering it back to 5%. Buying our other holdings with the 1.31%.

Small steps...

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11 people like this

Good to see these take profits again!

14 Jan, 2023

Good morning, what a great week this has become. Finally after all this bearish times a very solid move up for all of Crypto.

Calling bottoms is very difficult and many worries remain, including: regulatory issues, insolvency issues for exchanges and inflation.

Still markets bottom at some point, interest in Crypto is not dead, development continues and adoption does as well. AVAX partnering with Amazon Web Sevices recently is just one example.

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12 Jan, 2023

Adding a new holding to our strategy. FRAX $FXS It is the Liquid Staking Derivative with the highest APY and recently had it's halfing. A nice DeFi focused project.

Added 5% lowered $ATOM $NEAR and $ETH some.

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12 Jan, 2023

$BTC and $ETH moving high now, great to see on a day when CPI numbers where shared. They were as most expected, good to see a positive market reaction on this.

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12 Jan, 2023

Very nice update from ICONOMI, even in bear market the team keeps developing and improving!

- faster rebalances for strategies

- lower withdrawal fees

- little higher rebalance fee (a fair adjustment in my view)

- Partnering with Elliptic, blockchain analytics and crypto compliance solution

Read more:

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