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Nov 28, 2021
Dec 5, 2021
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CARUS-AR is an semi-passive Crypto Strategy investing in the developing blockchain, DeFi & crypto space. Website

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13h ago

Not very happy yet, but recovery has started, lets see if we hit bottom for now and hope Monday mainstream markets hold.

If we hold this correction could end up being very healthy and allow for more bullish times long term (nobody knows obviously, risk remains)

Will stay diversified, lets not chase candles or coins here, tempting as it can be...

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I believe Bitcoin recovery will be slower and the strategy is still missing out on the ALT pump because too heavy weighted in BTC .. IMHO

13h ago

LUNA going absolutely insane, what a moon mission, wish I had more in the strategy now of course... But happy with what we have.

Congratulations to Diversitas for becoming the largest Crypto Strategy on ICONOMI.

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waarom verhoog je niet terra?

4 Dec, 2021

Kind of interesting to notice the Ethereum Bitcoin chart going up here during this large correction. ETH performing better then BTC here. Let's hope it's a sign of no bear market starting here...

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9 people like this

fear from news. definitely that new covid virus shit. so everyone lost tgeir minds. weak hands.

I don't think this is the start of a bear, but we can't rule out that eth could be the king in the next bear.

4 Dec, 2021

Brutal night with very large correction for Bitcoin and all holdings.

Frustrating start of the new strategy of course, but ohnestly if I had used stop loss rules it would not have sold a lot in time... And I can't be certain I would have been out of the markets during this move with many holdings like ATOM and LUNA doing well before the correction happened.

Ohnestly do not know, but even here it is possible we did not enter bear market, big corrections like this happened many times during the 2017 bull market also. It is certainly possible this is wishful thinking, this is high risk but high reward.

Staying in, will take time to check our holdings and adjust of needed.

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10 people like this

@PointeParticula you think somehow I can control what markets do? Seriously. Just don't copy my strategy if you feel this way.

The usual *shrug* this is Crypto comment. Now at a 3 month negative trend. Takes some doing.

Menno, hard times create strong men. As you said, there would have been a big chance of similar lossess even with the old strategy. If truly covid gets worse / fed decides to crash the market maybe crypto will enter a bear market. However do we really think tapering talks when the markets are so addicted to the money printer? The best thing here is to have a large btc position and ride the volatility. I believe in BTC as a store of value more than ever.

3 Dec, 2021

Quite a good bounce on high volumes, not sure yet but could be the bottom for now.

Some holdings like ATOM, LUNA, NEAR and MATIC are doing great considering the correction of Bitcoin. Positive signs I think.

But we should be prepared for more red, especially if mainstream stockmarkets dont recover next week...

3 people like this

Agreed, a 15% stop loss would have been prudent though.... but yes agreed this is Crypto so it will bounce , fundamentals are still intact for sure

Everyone is investing their on money, mennos job is to find the best projects which will recover fastest when the market is ready for that. This is crypto.

still, we would be overtraiding this. This is better strategy.

3 Dec, 2021

Heavy correction down for crypto and mainstream stockmarkets, not going to move out as stated in the new strategy.

Hope we find a bottom here soon, risky times with many unsure factors like inflation, politics, COVID, trade and more. Choose to stay in with a diversified strategy.

17 people like this

INSANE volatility, very large correction / crash. Impossible to trade this, happy I am not trading this, but very sad about the losses... Moves like these are part of crypto sadly, lets hope for a very big bounce and some support.

3 Dec, 2021

Regular rebalance, no changes in structure. ATOM, LUNA and MATIC doing great.

8 people like this
2 Dec, 2021

Rebalance making Bitcoin 30%, lowering all ALTS some. Risk profile a bit lower at this time.

9 people like this
1 Dec, 2021

Again COVID news somehow spooks all the markets... Omicron in the US this time. Happy I am not trading this. Crazy moves all over.

12 people like this

covid is old news. high inflation rates & potential shutdown in US, will drive investors and ordinary people to bitcoin. possibly 80k this december

1 Dec, 2021

Lowering $LUNA 3% adding a new #DeFi project $DYDX at 3%.

11 people like this

planning to take profita from ETH out as well or aiming higher without correction? just a thought. in general think you are doing a great job. keep it up