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Oct 12, 2021
Oct 19, 2021
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CARUS-AR is an actively managed Crypto Strategy investing in the developing blockchain, DeFi & crypto space.

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Oct 18, 2021, 9:38:28 PM
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1h ago

$BTC already made All Time Highs vs the EURO!

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3h ago

Want to share this very exiting video from COSMOS, one of my favorite Crypto projecs $ATOM has been one of my largest holdings from the start and seeing growth, marketing and vision like shared in this video makes me even more excited!

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WAGMI !!! Atom and Luna super stars! :D

4h ago

Bitcoin breaking up! Fantastic to see.

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6h ago

Currently have a Trailing Stop Loss active + a rule to lower risk and move to 75% BTC should Bitcoin go below 59500 USD...

Very unclear where we go, let's stay safe but in markets for now, at this time 50% BTC, 10% ETH and 40% ALTS.

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thanks, and you don't want to move out like (to USDT) you did a few times in the past weeks? just trying to understand why you make a different choice.

@AvaMax ALTS will likely move down way more then BTC... If both turn bearish.

What makes a move to 75% BTC saver when it drops below 59500 usd?

7h ago

JUST IN - Bitcoin ETF BITO trades over $250 million in first 15 minutes.

Top 15 opening day launches of all time.

--- Guess some people really want Bitcoin.

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So... We didn't get ATH, we also didn't crash... where now BTC?

7h ago

$BTC ETF just started! (starting price was 40 so we are up already)

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8h ago

Turned off the 10% trailing stop loss rule for now, will be online and watching markets today with BTC ETF start.

(don't want rules to trigger on short-time panic swings)

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9h ago

Our second largest holding $ATOM hopefully showing other ALTS where to go!

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I hope others will follow asap. we've been waiting for ALTS to rise almost a month now. keeping my fingers crossed

12h ago

So big day today for Bitcoin and Crypto: Today the BTC ETF will start trading on Wall Street.

Honestly very hard to predict what will happen, obviously Bitcoin fans predict ATH and above and that could happen...

But looking at ALTS, CARUS-AR performance last month and BTC not breaking ATH now there is also reason to stay careful.

The Trailing Stop Loss rule I set yesterday at -10% is now at around -1%. I will move out in case CARUS-AR returns drop more then 9% from here.

Yes I risk getting ‘shaken out’ but I will also still protect long term gains we have in case the ETF start turns out to be a big disappointment (it could, pretending that new ATH for Bitcoin is just a matter of time short-term is just not realistic).

Will stay in markets and not move out now, because I am more bull than bear at this time.

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thanks for the info!

@Goingup ask support they can add it.

strange. on my account it is mentionned that with 1/1 I have reached max limit of crypto strategies.

so I mean if you can manage more than 1 strategy of your own. that you can invest in more strategies from other manangers that is known to me.

18 Oct, 2021

50% Bitcoin here, could be that BTC dominance has topped a bit.

Also added a Trailing Stop Loss rule of 10%.

This would mean we move out of markets if we drop more then 10%. Have added this in case the BTC ETF turns out to be a heavy 'sell the news' event... If we drop 10% from where we are now, we will be at levels where I have exited the markets before and want to move out.

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"Have added this in case the BTC ETF turns out to be a heavy 'sell the news' event..." > good move Menno.