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Blockchain Index


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Blockchain Index Strategy Performance

Blockchain Index Strategy Performance

Past performanceis not indicative of future results. EUR (€) currency fluctuations can cause returns to go up or down. Returns shown are before fees.See feesandStrategy data disclosurefor more details.

About this Strategy

About this Strategy

Blockchain Index is a passively managed Crypto Strategy investing in established blockchain-based projects with active beta components. The Crypto Strategy is market-cap weighted, with fix BTC and ETH weight. The focus of the investment selection is on nascent projects with potential strategic importance in the future distributed economy.


Annualised Return
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-92.35 %
+11.80 %
+2.71 %



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Bitcoin's Volatile Journey

$BTC recently faced challenges staying above the $65,000 mark, dipping below $64,000 during American trading hours. It briefly climbed back to $65,000 before settling around $63,500, marking a 2% decrease over 24 hours. This decline mirrored a sell-off in equity markets, with the Nasdaq and S&P 500 both experiencing significant drops. However, in the longer term, Bitcoin could become a safe haven for investors fleeing stocks. Traders are optimistic, eyeing a short-term target of $70,000, buoyed by positive political developments and reduced selling pressure from Mt. Gox repayments.

Bitcoin Technical Analysis

Bitcoin trades at $63,687.78, with a slight 2% fall in 24 hours and $28.28 billion in trading volume. Key levels: Pivot at $64,040.11, resistance at $64,803, $65,849, $66,613, and support at $62,994, $62,230, $61,185. RSI is neutral at 45, while the 50-day EMA at $63,470 supports the bullish trend. The trendline near $64,500 suggests potential gains if Bitcoin goes above this level. The cryptocurrency has a substantial trading volume of $28.28 billion.

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Bitcoin ETFs on the Rise

$BTC ETFs have recently surged in popularity, with a record $422.5 million in inflows on a single day. BlackRock's IBIT led the pack, attracting $260 million. Over three days, Bitcoin ETFs accumulated over $1 billion, reflecting growing confidence in Bitcoin's price prospects. This surge in ETF inflows coincides with a 20% increase in Bitcoin's value. The market's confidence is further boosted by the potential for a more crypto-friendly political environment and the end of the supply overhang from sales by the German state of Saxony. These factors indicate a strong upward trend for Bitcoin ETFs.

Ethereum's Path to $5,000

$ETH is poised for significant growth with the upcoming launch of spot ETH ETFs in the U.S. Bitwise predicts that Ethereum could surpass $5,000 by the end of the year, driven by strong inflows into these ETFs. BlackRock's spot Ethereum ETF will have a fee of 0.25%, with other firms like Franklin Templeton offering even lower fees. The competition among ETFs is fierce, with many firms waiving fees initially to attract investors. This development is expected to bring Ethereum to new all-time highs, signalling a bullish trend for the second-largest cryptocurrency.

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Mt. Gox Funds Distribution

The Mt. Gox trustee recently moved significant amounts of $BTC and $BCH, leading to a slightly bearish market reaction. Kraken, one of the five exchanges selected to receive Mt. Gox funds, has confirmed receipt of these funds. Payouts to creditors' accounts are expected within 7 to 14 days. This distribution marks the end of a long wait for Mt. Gox creditors, who have endured over ten years to reclaim their funds. The distribution could influence market dynamics, potentially increasing liquidity but also adding selling pressure. The impact of these distributions will be closely watched by market participants.

Arbitrum's Undervalued Potential

Arbitrum's token $ARB has dropped 68% from its all-time high despite significant ecosystem growth. Arbitrum has become a major player in the blockchain industry, particularly in decentralised exchanges (DEXs), where it ranks third in volume. With over 665 DeFi dApps and 966,000 active addresses, Arbitrum's ecosystem is robust. Despite its achievements, ARB might be undervalued compared to other networks. Market analysts believe that if Arbitrum maintains its key support levels, it could see substantial gains. Investors view Arbitrum as a potentially lucrative investment given its strong fundamentals and market position.

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Blockchain Index
5 Jul, 2024

Cryptomarket Overview

In the past week, the cryptocurrency market has seen significant developments, influencing both investor sentiment and market dynamics. Polkadot $DOT , a notable Ethereum rival, has accelerated its spending, utilising $87 million worth of DOT tokens in the first half of 2024, as detailed in a recent treasury report. This expenditure, focused on marketing, outreach, and software development, marks a more than 125% increase from the prior six months. Polkadot’s aggressive spending strategy aims to boost its ecosystem, but raises questions about the sustainability of its treasury, which stands at $245 million.

$ETH continues to dominate the Layer 1 blockchain sector, holding 62% of the $695 billion market cap for smart contracts and commanding 70% of Layer 1 revenue. Despite narratives suggesting a decline, Ethereum’s DeFi total value locked (TVL) has doubled in 2024, maintaining its top position. However, $SOL has made notable strides, particularly in economic activity and validator revenue, occasionally surpassing Ethereum in specific metrics. Analysts point out that Solana’s growth is largely driven by speculative assets like memecoins, raising concerns about the sustainability of this trend.

Ether’s options market has shown a bullish bias ahead of the anticipated mid-July ETF launch. Traders are positioning for ether strength, mirroring the trend seen with Bitcoin ETFs earlier this year. This optimism is tempered by the SEC’s ongoing scrutiny of Ethereum’s staking protocols, with recent lawsuits against Lido and Rocket Pool highlighting regulatory challenges.

Finally, the crypto market has seen a significant increase in liquidity, surging 50% in the first half of 2024 compared to the previous year. This growth, fueled by the approval of Bitcoin ETFs, underscores the increasing institutional adoption and evolving market landscape.

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Blockchain Index
21 Jun, 2024

Understanding the Latest Market Dynamics 

The recent movements in the cryptocurrency market have spotlighted several key players, including $NEAR Protocol, $ETH, and $SOL. These developments highlight the intricate dynamics that drive the value and perception of digital assets. Let's delve into the specifics to understand what's shaping their trajectories.

NEAR Protocol: Riding the AI Wave

NEAR Protocol $NEAR has seen a notable price surge, trading at $5.40 and eyeing a potential rise to $7. This rally is significantly influenced by the booming AI industry. Nvidia's recent achievement, becoming the world's most valuable company with a market cap of $3.33 trillion, has propelled AI-related tokens like NEAR. Additionally, Panthera Capital's announcement of a $1 billion investment in AI-related blockchains, with 15% to 20% allocated to NEAR, further boosts its prospects. The increasing development activity on NEAR, as indicated by rising contributions to its GitHub repositories, and the volume uptick to $308.09 million, underscore a bullish sentiment. However, investors should watch for potential sell-offs and development activity declines that could trigger a price drop to $5.06.

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