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Jan 19, 2022
Jan 26, 2022
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Cardano Mentioned by strategists

Hello and welcome to everyone.

This index is a way to replicate my personal HOLDing strategy with crypto.

I've been investing and holding for years now, and work as a trader in Binance, getting around 10% profit every month.


This index will rebalance every time is needed, to try to get better results.

Please, don't doubt in contacting if you have any doubt.

Thanks !

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Stable WCI
20 Jan, 2022

So we are slowly building stablecoins position. This is going to be my main goal for next couple of months. I understand that you (investors) don't have experience when to take profits. Actually this is the hardest part beside investing fresh money when everyone is fearful 😅. This is why I manage this fund and I'll try to do my best. Of course, if you think that exposure to crypto is too little, just invest fresh fiat.

Again. We are having a nice position. Thanks to $LUNA we are up almost 60% in the last three months, when other coins are down (like $BTC -35%, $ETH -22%, $ADA - 36%, $SOL -17%, $XRP -34%, $LINK - 17%). Just trying to show you some perspective.

This fantastic $LUNA tokenomics (burning $LUNA when minting $UST) is telling me not to sell right now. I believe that big things are coming for $LUNA and $ATOM. $BTC just needs to behave. Sadly this is not in my hands right now 😅

Good luck to all! 🤞🏻

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Our top preforming picks YTD: $FTM +29% | $ADA +28% | $COTI +25% | $FTT +22%

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Used the usd position to buy back $ROSE it's back at 80% in the structure. 

$ada and $coti are performing verry good.

Overall Nothing grazy happening just waiting till rose will really take of it has show us good strength the past view days.

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Took some $ADA profits because 1.60usd is a resistance level. I redistributed the proceeds to $KP3R , $LINK and $RUNE that are beaten down to hard.

As long as $BTC holds above 40k, alts are the best place to be.

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Great to see $ADA being the strongest horse in the top 100 on coinmarketcap. You have to be a contrarian in crypto. It was beaten down to hard. I expect it to keep rising in $BTC and $ETH value.

$BNB flies under the radar at this moment but it holds very well in $BTC value and looks ready for a leg up.

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Good old $LUNA , $ADA , $ATOM and $KP3R are feeding our outperformance today. Very happy with our allocations.

$LUNA made new ATH's in $BTC and $ETH value. Don't look to much at the usd-value of $LUNA right now. It's more important that it keeps going up in $ETH and $BTC .

$ATOM is inches away of new ATH's in $BTC and usd. It looks ready for a move into incharted territory. Very promising.

$KP3R is still a small cap but in a massive uptrend. It's always a little bit risky to jump on a coin that went up so much, but I think it has lots of room to grow in a crypto upleg. I'm eyeing 300%500% upside in this one.

$ADA is recovering from a more than 90% drop in $ETH value. I think the odds are in our favor that it will outperform $ETH from here.

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The newly added $NEAR is already up by 20% 💪🏼🎉🔥🚀

We drop $ADA and adjust the weightings of a few positions of our portfolio. ✅

Instead we add $FTM which is the fastest growing ecosystem measured by growth in active developers. We believe that a high number of devs will result in innovation and further growth & adoption. ✅

Secondly, we add $FXS which is the governance token of the Frax stablecoin. It is designed to combine the advantages of collateralized and algorithmic stablecoins. ✅

See you all on the moon 🚀

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Very happy to see this rebounce. We are allocated to high quality altcoins and they should profit from this bounce first. They all should be able to easyly outperform $BTC in an uptrend and they should be able to outperform $ETH collectively. At least, that's what I'm aiming for.

$LUNA is strong as ever..

$LINK needs some breath after the run up last week.

$ATOM refinds his mojo and looks like it will break out into uncharted territory.

$ADA , $DOT and $AVAX all show relative strength.

$BNB had a great day yesterday and will probably go to 1k in a resumed bulltrend.

$ETH will likely continue its uptrend vs $BTC to at least 0.1$BTC .

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Is this dip done? We've got out scoops! $LUNA $SOL $AVAX $ADA $UNI and more.

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