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Jun 25, 2022
Jul 2, 2022
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Cardano Mentioned by strategists

The bounce continues to build strength. Happy to see $BTC back above 20k. $ETH is finally outperforming after the steep fall we witnessed last week. To early to call a bottom, but fair to say we're probably close.

We stay prudent with our 10% $PAXG allocation. As long as cryptomarkets correlate with nasdaq and growthstocks, gold is a perfect portfolio diversifier, but we won't allocate more than 10% to it, because we learned from Luna's collapse that there is always a depegging risk.

$LINK, $ADA and $BNB stay our favourite alts at this moment. It's way too early to allocate more funds to alts, because we believe the $BTC dominance will rise above 50% before alts get more interesting.

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$ADA in $ETH value. You can see $ETH is cheap compared to $ADA. The value of $ADA in $ETH is getting closer to the 0.0005 zone that marked a top four times before in its history. You might sell some of your $ADA and buy $ETH here....

Post image
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It's very remarkable that the cryptomarkets break down while $BTC dominance is going down as well. This selloff is led by $BTC and $ETH and probably whale-induced and caused by some forced liquidations of big bagholders. This gives you a strange opportunity to sell some alts for $BTC and $ETH near their ATH in $BTC value or $ETH value.

Look at $FTT in $ETH value or $BNB in $ETH value or even $ADA in $ETH value. Very bullish charts.

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Alts outperformed during the bounce but we're clearly not out of the woods yet. I sold all our outperforming small alt-postions except $ETH , $BNB and $ADA to buy more $BTC . We stay 100% invested, but I prefer to be in the biggest and the best while we might drop further.

Gold is on the move after the FED, so we retake a $PAXG position. Served us well in the past.

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Maybe it's somewhat bizarre to see a chart like this. It's $BNB in $ETH value. That's impressive. $ADA is quite strong in $ETH as well. In a bear market history shows it's best to be in $ETH and $BTC . That's why I sold some $ADA and $BNB to $ETH on these 'highs'.

Post image
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12 Jun, 2022

Hello Toplytic,

Small change in structure, added the following;

5% $BNB

5% $ADA

Binance is actively improving there chain, and soon they will role out their layer one network, and i don't want to sleep on that.

$ADA is catching a lot of positive news lately, Grayscale moved their position in the Large fund up to 30%!

We will add a small portion ourselves so we also have some exposure and so that we can DCA into it.

I will also do my next purchase today, and will update you tomorrow.

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Still sideways action, but interesting to see some alts bottom or show relative strength.

I took the risk to buy this small dip in $LINK 's new uptrend. It has tremendously outperformed in the previous bearmarket and is less correlated to $BTC than other alts. It could be a great diversifier. A new $LINK bull cycle is declared all too often and faded quickly but if it refinds its mojo it could be extremely beneficial for our portfolio.

Other relative strength in $ADA (I didn't sell), $XTZ (surprisingly), $THETA and HELIUM.

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Crypto in the mix
10 Jun, 2022

Rebalance; Taking profit from $LINK, no change in structure.


$BTC is still rangebound.

Untradeble up and downswings follow each other fast.

The $BTC dominance is still in een short term bull trend.

Some alts will outperform (like $ADA right now), but on average alts will underperform. So we stay $BTC focused, but without dropping our (long term) very promising alt bags.

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Nice bounce. $BTC will attack the 32k zone again. Encouraging.

$ADA continues to show relative strength. We're happy we made it our largest alt.

Too early to take profits on the way up. We are not over-allocated to alts right now. We will take profits whenever $BTC reaches important resistancezones.

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