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Jan 19, 2022
Jan 26, 2022
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Hello and welcome to everyone.

This index is a way to replicate my personal HOLDing strategy with crypto.

I've been investing and holding for years now, and work as a trader in Binance, getting around 10% profit every month.


This index will rebalance every time is needed, to try to get better results.

Please, don't doubt in contacting if you have any doubt.

Thanks !

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Stable WCI
20 Jan, 2022

So we are slowly building stablecoins position. This is going to be my main goal for next couple of months. I understand that you (investors) don't have experience when to take profits. Actually this is the hardest part beside investing fresh money when everyone is fearful 😅. This is why I manage this fund and I'll try to do my best. Of course, if you think that exposure to crypto is too little, just invest fresh fiat.

Again. We are having a nice position. Thanks to $LUNA we are up almost 60% in the last three months, when other coins are down (like $BTC -35%, $ETH -22%, $ADA - 36%, $SOL -17%, $XRP -34%, $LINK - 17%). Just trying to show you some perspective.

This fantastic $LUNA tokenomics (burning $LUNA when minting $UST) is telling me not to sell right now. I believe that big things are coming for $LUNA and $ATOM. $BTC just needs to behave. Sadly this is not in my hands right now 😅

Good luck to all! 🤞🏻

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Green Power
3 Jan, 2022

Rebalancing in the dip. Out: $BNB and $XRP as I never really believed in centralized coins, even though they do show nice gains every now and then. Also out is $EGLD as it's been performing terrible as of late. In: $FIL and $ICP because they seem underpriced, $ONE as it's looking very promising.

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Happy Newyear to all copiers!!

$ATOM is still stealing the show. It has lots of room to run in $BTC value and $ETH value, so I don't take profits at this moment.

My expectations for 2022:

$LUNA keeps his relative strength. I expect it to continue to outperform.

$ETH is in a $BTC value uptrend and will eventually go to 0.1 btc.

I expect $XRP to win in court. A price spike will follow.

I expect $SOL , $AVAX , $BNB and $ADA to outperform $BTC and to outperform $ETH (at specific moments, where we will take profits).

$LINK does its own thing. I believe in the project. It could outperform during a cryptobear like it did in 2019.

$RUNE has lots of potential. I think it can 10x from here in a lengthened bull cycle.

$BTC will make new all time highs and grow steadyly.

Great times ahead! 

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Rebalanced our portfolio and readded the unloved $XRP because it seems ready for a breakout. $XRP has a history of violent breakouts. We might be wrong (or early) but I don't want to miss the $XRP train once it leaves the station. I sold our $ANKR to make this possible. We'll be back in $ANKR when the opportunity cost seems lower.

Bought some of the $LUNA blood after the pullback. The moonmission is far from over.

$ATOM performed very well over the last few days, so I lowered our position a little bit.

I kept $ETH as our biggest allocation. It still is the easiest $BTC outperformer, certainly on a risk adjusted basis.

Great times ahead!

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$LUNA going green in a sea of red again. Seems like $MATIC is the only one joining us among major coins. We also managed to flip $DOT and we're settling in on the n°9 spot now. (Going after $XRP next )

The chart is forming a bullflag formation since the drop to 50 last week with resistance forming around 75.5. If we break through this it's very likely we re-enter price discovery mode. Chart traders are calling for a pullback, but as long as we keep minting 100mil+ UST a day I'm not too worried. Yesterday we minted 140mil, today we're already at 64mil.

There was a slight increase in liquid circulating supply (not in circulating supply overall though) because the staking ratio dropped from 38 to 37% on Terra. I guess some people are afraid $BTC will drag everything down again and prefer to have their Luna liquid. However, last week when it dropped from 57k to 47k, we dropped from 70 to 50. Only to instantly fire back to a new ATH at 77. Meanwhile BTC is still struggling with the resistance at 50k. I believe a lot of people have buy orders set for LUNA in case it pulls back. This rocket ship is getting bigger and bigger and people still want to hop on with a discount.

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Another day another $BTC whale induced crash.

$LUNA dropped about the same amount as BTC did. And we're seeing a nice reversal. As you can see on the Luna/BTC chart, we didn't drop at all. Previous times we saw Luna take deeper dives when a flash crash happened. It's becoming a much stronger and safer coin.

The deflationary nature and superior tokeneconomics we talked about are becoming clear now. UST is being printed at 50-110mil $ a day. A lower Luna price just means we burn more of it. As long as UST continues being used (we're still only seeing the beginning of UST integration) Luna will perform, even in a bear market. Most of this burn is induced by the MIM Degenbox in the MIM-UST strat. Just imagine what can happen if the next 100 protocols/strats join in and get rolling. And then imagine what happens if UST is being used in markets outside of crypto and DeFi.

UST kept it's peg iron strong during the drop. It didn't drop any lower as 0.9963 USD. $USDT and $USDC did slightly better, but BUSD ($BNB) dropped slightly lower with almost double the market cap. UST is the n*4 stablecoin by market cap now. We're 5.7 billion off from flipping BUSD and we left DAI behind us a while ago.

Talking about flipping, we just flipped $SHIB, $DOGE and $AVAX. $DOT, $XRP, $ADA, $SOL and maybe even $BNB are next. I believe it's just a matter of time. $LUNA should be up there in the top 3 and UST not far from it.

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I did notice a massive slow down on the terra network but a blessing that unlike ethereum the swap fees remained static

at peak of this chaos ethereum has fees were insane!

never waste a good crisis … I made some money on Kujuri liquidations too 😬

Glad to see relative strength in some of our core holdings like $ETH , $LUNA , $SOL , $XRP and $LINK !

This fake news Evergrande dip seems to be over. 

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