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Sep 21, 2021
Sep 28, 2021
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24 Sep, 2021

Market still moved by speculations pretty much .We will distribute our assets back $LUNA $SOL $MATIC . Also did analysis of market  and due to that added some high potential coins $AUDIO $VET $XRP .Please take a look at the pretty charts of last three coins 

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Another correction, $LUNA showing strong relative strength though.

I wonder how many of these we'll flip in the next 3 months 

The price action we see now is just speculation, probably we'll see another ATH before Col-5 followed by another retest of the previous one. Then when all the new projects launch one by one and UST adoption takes off we'll burn enough Luna to launch straight to the moon.


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20 Sep, 2021

Add 20% $BTC, 30% $SOL and 20% $XRP from $USDT (now we have 0% USDT)

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Stable WCI
11 Sep, 2021

Tricky times. If you look at the market, you'll see that we really are doing fantastic. With $LUNA, $ATOM and $HBAR, while large coins like $ETH, $BTC, $XRP and others are struggling. We have to take advantage of this position we have right now, that's why I'm investing more into $RUNE. If the market as a whole holds, this could 🚀. All indicators show that accumulation is strong and long term investors are getting ready. So, I don't see why should I be bearish.

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STP Strategy
7 Sep, 2021

Removing $LINK at resistance and buying into $XRP on a breakout. There is a risk of missing breakout through $35 on $LINK, but that's the only downside. $XRPs' next resistance is at $1.68. 🍪🍪🍪

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$XLM $COMP $XRP reallocated to larger positions. The charts are looking good for long term. I have reduced $ETH

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Used TWAP purchase method as opposed to a faster method of swapping $LTC for $XRP, fortunately ripple has been teetering at resistance since the swap but it took a lot longer to complete than I would have liked and believe the timing cost us a few points. Regardless, ethereum is approaching all time high and the alt coin market is looking ready to follow suit, good times. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend

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With decision from SEC vs XRP pending I decided to replace $LTC with $XRP

Regardless of outcome XRP is not going anywhere and most fear selling has taken place already, if outcome is positive XRP will pump incredibly hard. Also fits in with current defi hype narrative better than LTC at the moment.

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Another nice idea .... delete $SXP and and insert $XRP.

Nice rising graph

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Performance Index
15 Aug, 2021

Waking up to a great sight. $XRP above 1,3$ …. Not to worry if we see a bit of pullback in this region. $HBAR also doing great 🔥

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