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Dec 2, 2022
Dec 9, 2022


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Crypto Index 25
2 Dec, 2022

Rebalancing Info 01.12.2022

Strategy Performance November: -3%嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛 嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛

Winner November: $LTC 嚜 +40% 嚜遲殷遛

Loser November: 嚜選遛嚜$SOL -58% 嚜遲嚜

+ FTX went to 0...

Every month I rebalance the strategy back to 4% each of the Top25 crypto coins without Stablecoins or wrapped Token.

There has been 1 change in the Top25:

1x Out:嚜 $FTX...嚜

24x Rebalanced

1x New: $FIL

So everything is rebalanced back to 4% each.

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Yesterday, we sold our holdings in $SOL We expect further down trend in price because of the fact that FTX was a huge supporter of it and that they have massive holdings of it.

We believe that there is an asymmetric risk / reward situation and we prefer the safer path which meant selling it all.

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9 Nov, 2022

$SOL is getting crushed due to pure FUD. Nothing about the fundamentals changed. It is still the fastest growing chain TX wise, and has one of the biggest, most thriving DEV communities. Those two metrics are more important than everything else for me. This market irrationality is a lifetime opportunity to get more exposure to SOL.

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1 Nov, 2022

儭 Hugh Math Index Fund for Nov 2022

72.53% of Total Market Cap ($740.63 bn)

Number of Constituents (30)

儭 Overall Portfolio Composition (%)

Coins 86.47 %

Tokens 13.53 %

Top 10 Holdings (67.60% of Total Assets)

$BTC (22.23%)嚜

$ETH (15.58%)

$BNB (8.03%)

$ADA (4.20%)

$SOL (3.84%)

$MATIC (3.13%)

$DOT (3.06%)

$AVAX (2.66%) 嚜

$UNI (2.62%嚜)

$ATOM (2.25%)

儭 Sector Weightings (%)

Blockchain Infrastructure (62.02%)

Currency (27.93%)

DeFi ( 3.85%)

GameFi (2.54%)

CeFi (2.08%)

Blockchain Service (1.58%)

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This structure change will be automatically executed on the client's Bitcoin Crypto Assets DAA accounts.


Removing: 嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜$EGLD $FET


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Rebalancing Info 04.10.2022 

Strategy Performance September: -3.3%嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛 嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛 vs BTC -1.61%

Strategy Performance Q3 22: +8.64%嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛 嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛 vs BTC +2.53%

Best in September: $SOL 嚜選遛嚜 +8.5%

嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛Worst in September: $ETH 嚜選遛嚜 -14.46%嚜選遛 嚜選遛嚜選遛

Number of copiers no change comparing to August.

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Rebalancing Info 01.09.2022 

Strategy Performance August: -8.71%嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛 嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛 vs BTC -11.34%

Best in August: $SHIB +2.03% 嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛

Worst in August: $SOL -25.36%嚜選遛

嚜選遛嚜選遛1x New: MATIC

1x Out: 嚜選遛嚜澤VAX

Number of copiers no change comparing to July.

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30 Aug, 2022


For the portfolio that I'm building these are ''good times''.

This week I have bought just below our average, and that's the only positive note we can draw from this price action.

These are the average prices for the assets that I have bought;

$BTC = 22891

$ATOM = 9

$SOL = 36.23

$ETH = 1672

$LINK = 6.68

$AVAX = 20.23

$ADA = 0.47

$BNB = 235

If we compare this to the portfolio picture we are 4 in the green and 4 in red.

To be honest I'm pretty happy about this, our first $BTC buy was around 29K so we have come a long way from that.

If this truly is the bottom these buys will be really profitable in the future.

I wish you all a wonderful week, and see you next update.

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29 Aug, 2022


Secondly, Bitcoin again entered our buy zone based on the MVRV ratio measuring the profitability of traders

Therefore, we decided to rebalance the structure back to its original weights and buy more crypto here. Historically speaking, this was a great area for dollar cost averaging into the market$BTC $ETH $USDT $BNB $SOL $AVAX

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24 Aug, 2022


That being said, we will probably continue to see sideways movement until we get some signal on the next interest rate hike from the FED. Currently, the market is clearly driven by their decisions and monetary policy. Sad to see but this is the reality... $BTC $ETH $BNB $USDT $SOL $AVAX

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Sad but true...

Not good for crypto to see it so attached to traditional markets