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Jan 13, 2022
Jan 20, 2022
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Crypto Global Management aims to choose projects based on our in depth research and analysis. We believe in long term projects with the best chance of success.

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CGM Passive Strategy: We aim to utilise our expertise to review projects which have sustainable outcome. We understand some projects are having insane gains but are they here for the long run? Only time will tell, but we are comfortable in the projects we choose $ETH $BTC $LINK $DOT

To Review and compare all strategies on Iconomi for best performing ROI use CopyTrader investment tool:

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Evening All,

Hope you are having a nice weekend. Based on quick technical analysis this looks like a liquidation event and not a huge Spot sell off (looking at various exchanges). The bitcoin cycle has NOT been violated technically yet. If we start seeing sub 39k then that could indicate we are in a bear market. I'm still of the position we are in a bull market. Next 60 day cycle may just chop between 42-60k so we may not see an All time High in this 60 day cycle 

Please note this is not financial advise.

Stay strong dont panic.

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$BTC 55.3k if we breach that level it may go to the next support level approx 53k. If we breach the upside level 59.5/60k you can see a bigger player towards 66k. Remember be patient and don't panic, this consolidation is healthy for the markets. Hardest thing to do is sit tight to wait for confirmation of a bull or bear flag, don't play the markets in no man's land, wait for the confirmation. Not financial advice.

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Will $LUNA be the next crypto to breakout................

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Evening All,

This pull back as stated on the 16th November could go as low as 52-53. You may see a spike towards 61k from the current price (57k) but believe it or not we want a quick spike up then a bigger drop down. Next 2-5 days will give us an indicator of where we are in the cycle. If we have hit the cycle low or not. This will then flag as a buying opportunity for the next 60 day cycle.

Additional sell pressure has come from MT GOX potential dumping 141k Bitcoins in the market.

 *Conclusion* : be patient and try not to panic if you cannot handle this volatility you should *NOT* be in crypto!

Not financial advise keep calm :-)

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Do not be surprised if we drop to 52k/53k this is normal volatility at the end of a 60 day cycle. Just be patient....

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Remember the magic $BTC number if we break past 63.8k that will be confirmation of the bull and next step towards 70k. If we get below 59k we could see a big drop down to 52k for a quick flush out. Our passive strategy is working well research research research paying off... choose the cryptos with longevity.

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Remember manage your risk!! When it goes up it will eventually come down. Make sure you have a solid risk management strategy #btc #eth #dot.

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We are entering the next 60 day cycle in the next few days. As long as a Black Swann event does not take place, seems like bulls have it  just watch out for the SEC .......

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More $LUNA added to strategy we are counting down the upgrades.... 20 or sooooo days.... It's gonna big

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