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Crypto Global Management UK - Passive


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Crypto Global Management aims to choose projects based on our in depth research and analysis. We believe in long term projects with the best chance of success.

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CGM Passive Strategy: We aim to utilise our expertise to review projects which have sustainable outcome. We understand some projects are having insane gains but are they here for the long run? Only time will tell, but we are comfortable in the projects we choose $ETH $BTC $LINK $DOT

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4 personer gillar detta

$BTC #Bitcoin We now have a well defined right shoulder violation level for HNS. Daily hammer, below lower BB with good volume, leading to a bounce. Right shoulder may still have some consolidation to go but we are now risk off/bearish if we lose 19.5k, as that is the invalidated point now based on new data.

$ETH Eth #Ethereum Range low recapture on daily, $1500 ideal to hold for a nice momentum

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2 personer gillar detta

HAPPY FRIDAY. For H&S bottom to form the current move down must hold the 17,500 to 18,500 level, the area of the Jun 2022 low and Dec 2022 high. This is not to say that a decline below 17,000 would represent #btc dead, but it would complicate things greatly. Should 17,500 to 18,000 be tested and hold for a few ways then it's very very bullish. :-) good luck

En person gillar det här

Very simple 21.5k above we ok below and we go to 18.5k or just above depending on the MA200, not a lot has changed are we creating the HNS... Higher low... Time will tell don't get caught up in the FUD it will be priced in. Let's hope we hold 21.5 .

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3 personer gillar detta

Regarding BNB as it's our third highest holding, based on TA and our algo #BNB $260 area support and a true long above $335/340 it's a chart that seems healthy and fundamentals are good. Even with the FUD of BUSD this is seperate. Binance has a big role in cryptos success, handles a a lot of the volumes. NFA

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En person gillar det här

We still in the zone and BTC based on TA has the slight bull edge.

$BTC 21.5k support if it breaks that then the bears are in controlling 25.5k area resistance, if it breaks that goodnight bears this is extremely bullish. We expect it to reject at that level but will still not automatically mean it's a bear market. We may pause from here and create a shoulder...... Only time will tell.

$ETH $1505 area support $1705 area resistance.


2 personer gillar detta

$BTC #Bitcoin Consolidation. 4H buy with lower Bolinger dip. Weekly still just below key pivot/confirmation 25.5k, high and tight consolidation following 18.5k flip

$ETH #Ethereum Consolidating, Still working through early Nov highs Low $1500s support, if that fails again back to $1430.

Support levels to watch based on daily chart$BTC BTC 22.5k support 25.5k area resistan$ETH #ETH $1530 area support $1680 area resistance.

En person gillar det här

$BTC 22.5/22.6k support area 25.5k area resistance, breach 25.5 and will go further up

$ETH $1530 support $1680 area resistance.... Watch out

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En person gillar det här

A move by #Bitcoin #btc 24,910 to 25,500 level would solidify my belief that the major bottom is in place. Cannot rule out a correction from the 25k level. In fact, I would not mind seeing a correction back to around 20k constructing the right shoulder of a potential H&S bottom.

Major H&S patterns have the tendency for symmetry with each shoulder of similar duration and height. Thus, a right shoulder low in the mid- to late-Jun period would provide a balanced H&S bottom. I continue to believe that on a weekly chart Bitcoin has begun the next phase of its historical bull market. I am not anticipating a new ATH until late mid-2024 but would see a range bound BTC 2023.

En person gillar det här

$BTC #Bitcoin That EMA 8 to upper BB strength reminds us of Oct 2020. Watch to see how long it holds, then shift focus to MA 20/EMA 34. Recaptured lower highs or consolidate, 22.5 21.5k. Break of 25.5k then the bear thesis in our view is no longer valid.

$ETH #Ethereum Still consolidating, weaker than $BTC at the moment. Potential dip now on local range lows. Again deeper drop to MA 200/$1430 also would trigger a throwback. Above $1675 could trigger new long position off the early Nov highs remember be careful out there..... Nothing is without risk and this is NOT financial advise.

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