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Crypto Global Management UK - Passive


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März 24, 2023
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Crypto Global Management UK - Passive


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Crypto Global Management aims to choose projects based on our in depth research and analysis. We believe in long term projects with the best chance of success.

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CGM Passive Strategy: We aim to utilise our expertise to review projects which have sustainable outcome. We understand some projects are having insane gains but are they here for the long run? Only time will tell, but we are comfortable in the projects we choose $ETH $BTC $LINK $DOT

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 $BTC #Bitcoin Do we get one more move up before pausing? Watch for above 30k upthrust. Price needs to pause, for a healthy market but no evidence of one yet. DEMA 8 holds, must stay bullish posture. 25.5k is still the level we are looking to bounce off. We don't want a massive shoot up above 30k just yet we want to build a foundation and base. Need to resolve the two divergence in OBV. This needs to be resolved before anything further. Maybe a slight price drop due, triple divergence is rare. Will it break underside of prior support? or break though. WE want it lower!!!!! Longer it goes without pausing the more detrimental/unsustainable the move is thus detrimental to the bullish nature of BTC

$ETH #Ethereum Weak compared to $BTC. Best defined level above 2k. Inching higher.

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$BTC #Bitcoin We now have a well defined right shoulder violation level for HNS. Daily hammer, below lower BB with good volume, leading to a bounce. Right shoulder may still have some consolidation to go but we are now risk off/bearish if we lose 19.5k, as that is the invalidated point now based on new data.

$ETH Eth #Ethereum Range low recapture on daily, $1500 ideal to hold for a nice momentum

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HAPPY FRIDAY. For H&S bottom to form the current move down must hold the 17,500 to 18,500 level, the area of the Jun 2022 low and Dec 2022 high. This is not to say that a decline below 17,000 would represent #btc dead, but it would complicate things greatly. Should 17,500 to 18,000 be tested and hold for a few ways then it's very very bullish. :-) good luck

Einer Person gefällt das

Very simple 21.5k above we ok below and we go to 18.5k or just above depending on the MA200, not a lot has changed are we creating the HNS... Higher low... Time will tell don't get caught up in the FUD it will be priced in. Let's hope we hold 21.5 .

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