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Ethereal DeFi Strategy
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Digital Gold
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Ape Capital
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Inlägg från Strateger

8min sedan

I think 🤔 Altseazon ist hier...Good luck everyone, have a nice Day 👍

En person gillar det här
Andy Storm
26min sedan

Today probably a little boring. Expected volatility for tomorrow.

Anyway, I still have 20% in cash to buy cheap if the market will have a corection!

En person gillar det här
Bit me up
3h sedan

Currently sidelined for a good entry point, patiently waiting. If you want to jump into the market now this strategy is not for you. Will focus on profitable swing trades trailing up close to top. Minimizing overall drawdowns to 25% .

En person gillar det här
Bitcoin Crypto Assets DAA
5h sedan

1 day left before Federal Reserve Meeting(FOMC)


79% HIKE


Post image
En person gillar det här
7h sedan


Morning update:

The banking crisis around the world continues. Yesterday UBS was down 8% on the news that they bought Credit Suisse. In the US, First Republic Bank continues to sink although the big banks have injected 30 billion of capital into the bank. The stock is now down over 90% and it looks like the bank may soon collapse or need more money to survive👀

Post image
17 personer gillar detta
7h sedan


As a result, the US started to study ways to guarantee all bank deposits if the crisis expands. This shows how bad the situation is. As mentioned a few days ago, there are rumors that almost 200 banks could be on a brick of collapse. Crazy😱


Post image
16 personer gillar detta
7h sedan


For now, Bitcoin is holding well but the true test will likely be the FOMC meeting. Generally speaking, we do believe the dollar will take a hit over the coming weeks and this should cause the continuation of the rally. Furthermore, if the US will be saving the banks, they will need to inject billions if not trillions of dollars into the system and this should be additional fuel🔥$BTC

Post image
Postat med GIPHY
19 personer gillar detta
7h sedan


Lastly, the gold is moving up as well so we do believe that we are well-positioned for the week. Altcoins are bleeding for now so we remain focused mostly on $BTC and $PAXG 

17 personer gillar detta
17h sedan

Gold’s performance against foreign currencies (GLD/UDN) breaking to new all time highs. If you think it’s time to lock in some $BTC profits, XAU DCA Strategy Gold might be an option - 100% allocation to $PAXG

Post image
2 personer gillar detta
Schillebeeckx Strategy
20h sedan

Back to safety before FEDmeeting and before we reach massive resistance at 30k.

En person gillar det här
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