ICONOMI fees and how would we describe them to a four-year old


Open a free account

Opening your ICONOMI account will always be free of charge.

Register, verify and get comfortable with the platform. For free.

Make a deposit

Fiat and cryptocurrencies deposits are free. Yes, no fees here.

You can check the rest of the fees (Cards, Skrill) here.

Buy an asset or copy crypto strategy

There are no fees (0%) for buying or selling a cryptocurrency. We charge a 0.75% spread on most conversions.

Some fees apply when copying a Crypto Strategy. These are the performance fee, copying fee and sell/exit cost.

Deposit fees

No hidden costs. Our goal is for you to understand our fee structure.

Cryptocurrency transfer

Deposit fee - Free

Money transfer

Deposit fee (Bank account - SEPA and SEPA Instant) - Free*

* SEPA deposits are not actually free, but at the moment this cost is payed by ICONOMI.

Deposit fee (Cards - Visa and MasterCard) - 3%

Deposit fee (Skrill) - 3,5% + 0,29 EUR

Crypto Strategy fees

The fees are set by each Strategist, so different Strategies have different fee structures.

Crypto Strategy fees set by each Strategist for copying a Strategy

Performance - Range from 0 – 30%

Charged to users who copy Crypto Strategies.

The fee is collected only when copiers make a profit.

Copy - Range from 0 – 10%

A yearly fee that is charged in small proportions daily (yearly fee/365) to users who are copying the Crypto Strategy.

On-boarding - Range from 0 – 6%

This fee covers the Strategist’s costs for the education and expertise they provide, but not all Strategies have it.

On-boarding fee applies per transaction.

Sell / Exit - Fixed 0.5%

The sell/exit fee gets returned to the Crypto Strategy to cover the trading costs of entering and exiting copiers.

This fee is charged per transaction.

Platform fees for managing your Strategy

Rebalance - Fixed 0.37%

Trading fee for adjusting/changing the Crypto Strategy structure.

The Rebalance fee is charged based on the assets that get traded. If 20% of the Strategy is rebalanced, the Rebalance fee will apply only to that 20%.

Anytime Crypto Strategy fees are collected they are split between ICONOMI, the Strategist, and the referrer/user according to the Referral program.
You can find detailed information here

Cryptocurrency Buy/Sell fees

Buy/Sell - Free

Spread - Range from 0,75 – 1,5%

An exact quote is provided at the time of conversion. Spread is NOT charged for Strategy rebalance.

You can find detailed information here

Withdrawal fees

Money transfer

Withdrawal fee (Bank account - SEPA and SEPA Instant) - Range from 0.5 – 1.5 EUR

Cryptocurrency transfer

Withdraw fee Bitcoin (BTC) - 0.0005 BTC

Withdrawal fee Ether (ETH) - 0.005 ETH

Withdrawal fee USD Coin (USDC) - 10 USDC

Withdrawal fee Tether (USDT) - 10 USDT

Frequently asked questions

Is ICONOMI free?

Creating an account with ICONOMI is free and most of the deposits are also free. However, like all Crypto Copy trading platforms, ICONOMI charges various spreads and fees for some trades and withdrawals. To learn more, please refer to our helpdesk article on fees here.

What is spread?
What happens if a Strategist decides to increase the fees
What is a rebalance fee and is it competitive?
How are the fees split?

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