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ICONOMI fees and how would we describe them to a non-crypto native.

Personal & Business Account

FREE - your account with full functionality, including one-click portfolio re-balancing, private & public strategy and smart trading engine comes with no monthly fees.

Trading & Strategy Fees

Regular fees apply (see sections bellow).

If you plan to trade more than 1 million per month please get in touch with a representative for more information on custom trading fees.


Are you looking to invest 150,000 GBP / 100.000 EUR or more?

FREE - your ICONOMI Private account comes with no monthly fees.

Please visit our dedicated page and check if you are eligible to access ICONOMI Private benefits. Explore ICONOMI Private.

Wealth & Advisors


We don’t charge monthly fees. We offer our white-label solutions based on a shared risk/shared revenue model with a minimum consumption.

Buy/Sell fees

Custom trading fees apply based on trading volume.

Custody fee

0,2% yearly custody fee for assets in custody.

Visit our dedicated pages and get in touch with a representative for more information. Explore ICONOMI Wealth.

Crypto Strategy fees

Crypto Strategy fees set by each Strategist for copying a Strategy

The fees of each Strategy are visible on a Strategy page once you login to the platform.

Performance fee

A weekly/monthly or quarterly fee charged to users who copy a Strategy in case a Strategy generates profits.

The majority of Strategies have a performance fee lower than 6%, though the fee can span from 0-30%.

This fee is subject to a “high-watermark” rule, so users only pay it once.

Copy fee

A yearly fee that is charged in small proportions daily (yearly fee/365) to users who are copying the Crypto Strategy.

The majority of Strategies have a Copy fee lower than 2%, though the fees can span from 0-10%.

Some private Crypto Strategies, that users can copy only if invited by the Strategist, might have an additional fee (e.g. entry, exit fee).

These fees are visible on the Strategy page a user gets invited to.

Trading fees

Buy/Sell fee

0.37% fee is applied when a user rebalances a Strategy and this way buys/sells cryptocurrencies (some asset pairs might require more than one trade).

Example of rebalancing: if a user buys or sells 20% of assets in a Strategy, the fee will only apply to that 20% of assets.


0.50% or a minimum of 0.50 EUR fee is applied when a user buys/sells a cryptocurrency.

Deposit fees

Our goal is for you to understand our fee structure.

Cryptocurrency Deposit

FREE - Crypto deposit

Money Deposit


FREE - Bank deposit (SEPA, SEPA Instant, and UK bank transfers - costs of SEPA deposits are paid by ICONOMI)

Instant - for users of ICONOMI Netherlands

0.5% - iDEAL deposit (min. €100 deposit)

0.5% - Bancontact deposit (min. €1000 deposit)

2.5% - Giropay deposit (min. €1000 deposit)

Cards - for users of ICONOMI UK

3% - Card deposit (Cards - Visa and MasterCard)

Withdrawal fees

Money Withdrawal

0.50 – 1.50 EUR is charged for Bank account transfers - SEPA, SEPA Instant.

1.00 – 1.80 GBP is charged for FPS Bank account transfers in the UK (Faster Payment System).

20 GBP is charged for CHAPS Bank account transfers in the UK (the Clearing House Automated Payment System).

Cryptocurrency Withdrawal

To make it simple and predictable to users we set fixed fees to cover blockchain transactions costs. These fees are updated on a regular basis.

0.0005 BTC - Bitcoin (BTC) withdrawal

0.005 ETH - Ether (ETH) withdrawal

10 USDC - USD Coin (USDC) withdrawal

10 USDT - Tether (USDT) withdrawal

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