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Jan 23, 2023
Jan 30, 2023


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$BTC #Bitcoin That EMA 8 to upper BB strength reminds us of Oct 2020. Watch to see how long it holds, then shift focus to MA 20/EMA 34. Recaptured lower highs or consolidate, 22.5 21.5k. Break of 25.5k then the bear thesis in our view is no longer valid.

$ETH #Ethereum Still consolidating, weaker than $BTC at the moment. Potential dip now on local range lows. Again deeper drop to MA 200/$1430 also would trigger a throwback. Above $1675 could trigger new long position off the early Nov highs remember be careful out there..... Nothing is without risk and this is NOT financial advise.

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10h ago

Actualmente un 55% del total de $BTC en circulación se encuentra en ganancias, es solo cuestión de tiempo que este % aumente.

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10h ago

La cantidad de $BTC ajustada por la cantidad de monedas perdidas o no utilizadas en los últimos 7 años es de 15M vs los 19M emitidos.

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10h ago

También existen más de 7,5M de $BTC Hodled o perdidos, con lo que la cantidad en circulación sigue reduciéndose cada momento.

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10h ago

La inflación de $BTC sigue reduciéndose con cada Halving por lo que la depreciación del € vs bitcoin, no hará más que aumentar en el tiempo.

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11h ago

$BTC ha demostrado ser una mejor forma de ahorro que el Fiat, si nos fijamos en el par Euro - bitcoin, el € se ha depreciado un 67% frente al $BTC en los últimos 5 años.

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12h ago


That being said, the market expects a 25bps hike and it is likely that we will see one although we think a 50bps hike would be more appropriate considering the spikes in inflation data and easing of financial conditions. No matter the rate hike, the important thing is what Powell will tell the market in his speech👀 The bulls want to see a pause and rate cuts in the second half of the year while the bears want to see more tightening and rate hikes🤔

We have plans for both scenarios and will decide on our next move after the FOMC meeting. Right now, it's all just pure speculation so we are waiting on the sidelines $BTC

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Dear valued clients,

We would like to inform you that on January 30, 2023, we will be automatically executing a rebalancing of the Digital Asset Array (DAA) within the Bitcoin Crypto Assets DAA strategy.

The current active DAA structure will be as follows:

Bitcoin - $BTC

Decentraland - $MANA

Fantom - $FTM

Frax Share - $FXS

Hermony - $ONE

Kusama - $KSM


Solana -$SOL

Cardano - $ADA


Avalanche - $AVAX

Polygon - $MATIC

This rebalancing will also result in the removal of the following assets:

The Sandbox - $SAND

Aave - $AAVE

We believe that this rebalancing will help to optimize the performance of the Bitcoin Crypto Assets DAA strategy and maximize returns for our clients. We will continue to monitor market conditions and make adjustments to our DAA as needed to ensure optimal performance.

Please stay updated by following us on Twitter and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for choosing Bitcoin Crypto Assets DAA as your investment partner.

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Stable WCI
27 Jan, 2023

Took some $RUNE profits and add it to $BTC and $NEAR!

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