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BTC EUR price chart / performance

BTC EUR price chart / performance

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Feb 19, 2024
Feb 26, 2024

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Bitcoin (BTC) History and Overview

Bitcoin (BTC) History and Overview

Bitcoin is the first and most popular digital currency - a cryptocurrency. It powers a peer-to-peer network for the exchange of value through the use of a decentralized protocol. The idea behind Bitcoin is to have a system where there is no middleman or central authority. The live Bitcoin to EUR conversion is € 47,560.85.

Bitcoin refers to both the software protocol as well as to the digital asset, which goes by the ticker symbol BTC. At its most basic level, Bitcoin is useful for transacting value outside the traditional financial system. You can buy and sell BTC for other cryptos alongside more traditional currencies at crypto exchanges like Binance, Kraken and Bitstamp.

Satoshi Nakamoto, a mysterious person (or group of people), launched Bitcoin in 2009. What sets it apart is that it's completely decentralized, meaning no single entity controls it. Instead, a network of computers, known as miners, maintains and validates transactions.

Bitcoin mining creates new bitcoins in the form of block rewards. The process verifies transactions on the blockchain. Miners earn Bitcoin as a reward for completing "blocks" of verified transactions and adding them to the blockchain.

It has a maximum total supply of 21 million, which means that there can only be 21 million in circulation. However, the number of issued Bitcoins will likely never reach 21 million. That is because of the use of rounding operators in the codebase.

You can break a single Bitcoin down into 100 million tiny pieces called "satoshis." You can store them in a digital wallet. The current price of 1 BTC in EUR is € 47,560.85. But you do not need to buy a whole Bitcoin; you can buy a very small fraction of it.

You can send parts of a Bitcoin to pay for things. You can also trade it for other crypto assets. But when you dig into the technicalities, it's like peeling an onion—layer after layer of complexity.

All Bitcoin transactions happen on a blockchain. Think of it as a public digital ledger that everyone can see but no one can tamper with. Miners are the ones who validate and secure these transactions. They validate transactions by solving complex math problems and receive new bitcoins as a reward for their efforts.

Key Points to Remember

  • Bitcoin was the first big player in the crypto game, and it's still the largest by market value.
  • Unlike traditional money, it exists on a decentralized network called a blockchain.
  • Its value has had a roller-coaster ride, experiencing dramatic ups and downs over the years.
  • Because of the digital asset's success, countless other cryptos have sprung up, increasing the use of blockchain technology.
  • You can buy Bitcoin on several cryptocurrency exchanges.

How To Buy Bitcoin or Add it to your Strategy

The fastest, most convenient way to purchase Bitcoin is to purchase it on ICONOMI. We check Bitcoin live prices on 10+ crypto exchanges and buy it at the best market price.

You can buy Bitcoin by adding it to your private Crypto Strategy (crypto portfolio). You can also use our recurring buy feature that tends to level out cryptocurrency price volatility effects. You can find out more about how to benefit from smaller investments at regular intervals on our blog article.

We recommend you do your own research and cryptocurrency analysis. Experienced crypto traders use fundamental and technical analysis to evaluate if Bitcoin is a good buy/sell. Fundamental and technical analyses are the two most common types of analysis used in trading traditional assets (e.g. stocks and bonds).

If you are unfamiliar with analyzing cryptocurrency prices and want to buy Bitcoin, we recommend you read the next section, as copying might be a better approach.

Add Bitcoin to your portfolio by copying a Strategy

If you are not skilled at these, consider a different approach to investing in cryptocurrencies. You can learn from and copy seasoned crypto traders on ICONOMI who regularly share their insights and manage their public Crypto Strategies. Go to the strategies page and use the “ticker” filter to find out which public Crypto Strategies have Bitcoin in their structure.


Here you can read and comment on all posts made by Strategists about Bitcoin BTC. See all Bitcoin price predictions in real time and make the best use of their crypto knowledge.

$BTC continues to consolidate in a tight range. Sticking with the same strategy. Very happy we have added data storage projects to our strategy, $AR and $FIL are outperforming other alts. Data storage could be the next narrative after AI.

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13h ago


Are the Stacks L1 or L2 ?

Layer 1 blockchains are sovereign systems, meaning that the system can exist without anything else.

$BTC & $ETH is a sovereign L1 blockchain.

Layer 2 blockchains, can't exist by themselves, they depend on the underlying L1.

Lightning an L2 can’t exist without the $BTC L1 blockchain.

$ARB , $OP an L2 can’t exist without the $ETH L1 blockchain.

L2 is benefiting 100% from the security of the underlying L1, which also means that the L2 is actually contained fully within the programming abilities of the L1.


Are the Stacks L1 or L2 ?

L1: This is because Stacks has independent miners as well as a separate security budget in addition to the security benefits that it gets from Bitcoin.

Not L1: Stacks is not a sovereign system, as it cannot exist without Bitcoin.

It’s also not an L2 because it brings functionality that cannot be implemented with Bitcoin script, specifically fully expressive smart contracts.

From my personal point of view, I think that STX is considered something different and there is no specific classification for it in my classification system except that it can be expressed as a mixture between layer1 and layer2!


It is difficult to consider it as layer 1 and it is difficult to consider it as layer 2.

So I like to see it like a mix.

Post image
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They are all tech companies often with utility tokens backed by fried air. I do not consider myself an investment manager, so cannot help you with the categorisation. Tho you can categorise them as you want as long as your ontology is ground based.

@HopefulFutures I agree with you somewhat, though anyway, can you suggest how STX would be classified from our perspective as investment managers?

Usually we look at things from the perspective of the sector, then the Industry group, then the industry and sub-industry.

I have already posted this on several posts

Some examples to clarify the classification system further for you:


Sector: Blockchain infrastructure.

Industry Group: Blockchain utilities.

Industry: Network scaling  “Layer 2 scaling solution ”.

Sub-Industry: Optimistic Rollups.


Sector: Blockchain infrastructure.

Industry Group: Computing.

Industry: Applications utilities.

Sub-Industry: Oracle.


Sector: Blockchain infrastructure.

Industry Group: Blockchain utilities.

Industry: Network scaling “Layer-2 scaling side-chain solution”.

Sub-Industry: Side-chains.


Sector: Blockchain infrastructure.

Industry Group: Blockchain utilities. 

Industry: Network scaling  “Layer 2 scaling solution ”.

Sub-Industry: ZK-Rollup.


Sector: Blockchain infrastructure.

Industry Group: Computing. 

Industry: Information Technology

Sub-Industry: Internet of Things (IoT).


Sector: Blockchain infrastructure.

Industry Group: Computing. 

Industry: Information Technology.

Sub-Industry: Compute & Private Storage - Shared Storage.

What do you suggest for the STX project to be accurate in my classification system.

The asset must be in one sector, one industry group, one industry and one sub-industry.

It can survive imho. Layer 2 have their own transactional based consensus. Not having a layer 1 does not necessarily mean those system cannot work apart, a code refactoring should be needed probably either to change the L1 they validate their consensus onto or to change their consensus based algorithm to make it fully independent.

Stable WCI
24 Feb, 2024

Interesting week is coming to an end.

$HBAR is definitely a winner of the last week. We did sold just a tiny bit a few days ago, but what I like is that it didn't drop after this pump. It's consolidating almost five days now. So I believe it's not done yet. Don't forget it's still down 80 % from all time high 😉.

$ETH and $LINK are still ours main holdings. $LINK did struggle a bit, but it's not done yet. Adoption is increasing, it has many partnerships with major companies. And not to mention it's crucial role in the DeFi space, which is growing every day.

Yesterday, a proposal was put forth by an individual associated with Uniswap, suggesting potential actions for token holders - to share platform revenue. This should be a standard in DeFi space if you ask me. As a result, there has been a positive response in DeFi tokens, including $RUNE.

I have to mention $BTC which is consolidating above $51K, which is fantastic and don't forget halving is getting closer - only 54 days left. $BTC needs to be strong if we want to see altcoins party ... 😏

I still believe dips are for buying and not for selling. I'm glad when I see people investing more on dips. If you want to sell, try to do it after we move up. Yes, I know it's harder 😁

We are still nr. 1 in the last year. And second regarding risk/reward classification. 🔥 thank you for following me.

And you can take a look at my other strategy, which did fantastic in the last week, with almost 20% gain.

Have a nice weekend! 😊

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24 Feb, 2024


Morning update:

We continue to trade in a tight range and consolidate. Meanwhile, strong accumulation continues. ETFs and whales continue to silently buy coins from panic sellers and weak hands exiting their positions🤔

Looking at the on-chain data, we can see that the party is just getting started. Below are the $BTC exchange reserves, where we are seeing new lows almost daily🔥

Post image
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24 Feb, 2024


This is not surprising as yesterday was another great day for the ETFs. Only $44.2 million left GBTC while the rest brought in well over $200 million in fresh capital. GBTC sales were the lowest since the approval of their ETF. Truly looks like the sellers are running out of coins to dump on the market👀$BTC

Overall, yesterday $232,5 million entered ETFs✅

Since the approval in January, $5,5 billion entered the ETFs🚀

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