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Nov 23, 2021
Nov 30, 2021
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Mountains and Valleys tackles the cyclical nature of the cryptocurrency markets by aggressively rebalancing investments between fiat (stablecoins), Bitcoin as the gateway cryptocurrency, and a rigorously selected basket of alternative cryptocurrencies with solid fundamentals.

We combine custom technical indicators to identify macro cycles and fundamental analysis to identify projects with an above average chance of price appreciation. With this approach, we hope to mitigate the market's exceptional volatility and capture a larger part of its upside. The portfolio will be rebalanced weekly.

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Nov 28, 2021, 1:46:49 PM
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We are cautiously optimistic that the rejection at BTC ATH is not the beginning of a macro bear market. ETHBTC looks very promising, therefore we allocate half our fiat hedge to $ETH 

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So much fun yesterday, so much pain today. That's often how it goes in crypto.

In the past, prices have recovered very quickly after news driven risk-off dumps like this one. However, we have been wary for a few days now and took an USD hedge on the 23rd already. We see no reason yet to stop being wary and reshuffle our portfolio to be a bit more conservative even.

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Regular rebalance, no change in structure.

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Another adjustment of the structure. We decided to "chad-hedge" this dump and enter tokens that we thought might go up in adverse conditions. Lo and behold, it worked, and we only gave back a small share of our profits, while others seem to have suffered quite a bit.

Strange market situations like this one, where ETH and BTC go down a lot and individual alts race to new highs haven't been a very good sign in the past, that's why we hedge a bit into USD here.

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Damn man, I am trying 5 strategies. So far you are best!

Rebalancing, and some minor adjustments to the structure. $AVAX had such an incredible run over the last days!

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More pain! We are adding some alt exposure because we believe that alts will recover faster once the market turns around. Lower 50Ks in BTC are the danger zone for this correction, let's hope that we bounce soon.

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While painful, corrections like this one are common in crypto and there's no reliable way to predict or trade them. They're simply the flip side of crypto's strong upwards potential. We hold the line as long as our indicators confirm the overall bullishness of the market and do a regular rebalance.

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Lots of (sideways) volatility at the moment. We do a regular rebalance, no change in structure.

Short term, the market looks and feels shaky after this recent strong rise above ATH for many tokens. Our strategy does not involve trading such volatility. On mid and long timeframes, we remain in a very strong bullish uptrend.

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Every strategy has its unique strengths and weaknesses. In the end, consistency and survival time in the market trumps individual good or bad phases. That's why we keep observing other Iconomi strategies that have been successful for a while already, like Menno's CAR, Anon's ECA or Victor's CCC.

hodl time! carus lost me some cash now with doing wrong moves

Lots of (upwards) volatility as Bitcoin started its journey to new highs. We do a regular rebalance, no change in structure for now.

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Regular rebalance, no change in structure. Nice and steady rise on almost all of our tokens, we are happy with the current allocation.

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So shall I add some more lump sum bag? :)