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Jan 19, 2022
Jan 26, 2022
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Dogecoin Mentioned by strategists

Dramatic moves down. Given the ample liquidity during 2020/21 - people have not settled for a 2-3x, but wanted the 50-100x moves. This is what has led to $DOGE, $SHIB and NFTs rreturn to outperform projects with real use cases.

Ample liquidity leads to a gamble on returns and not the technology, and I was wrong to deny this in the past couple of months.

It wont be until liquidity is drained from the market that 'quality' projects we are invested in will prevail. This will be a healthy move for the market and will lead it to more maturity. Nevertheless it is hard to see our portfolio's tank. I'm convinced the markets will turn around, and liquidity wil flow into projects that actually matter.

For now, we hold.


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hahah ready for next pump ? $DOGE 

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22 Dec, 2021

Who let the dogs out?

50% $DOGE, 50% $SHIB.

Super low fees, almost no management, occasional rebalancing.

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Another day another $BTC whale induced crash.

$LUNA dropped about the same amount as BTC did. And we're seeing a nice reversal. As you can see on the Luna/BTC chart, we didn't drop at all. Previous times we saw Luna take deeper dives when a flash crash happened. It's becoming a much stronger and safer coin.

The deflationary nature and superior tokeneconomics we talked about are becoming clear now. UST is being printed at 50-110mil $ a day. A lower Luna price just means we burn more of it. As long as UST continues being used (we're still only seeing the beginning of UST integration) Luna will perform, even in a bear market. Most of this burn is induced by the MIM Degenbox in the MIM-UST strat. Just imagine what can happen if the next 100 protocols/strats join in and get rolling. And then imagine what happens if UST is being used in markets outside of crypto and DeFi.

UST kept it's peg iron strong during the drop. It didn't drop any lower as 0.9963 USD. $USDT and $USDC did slightly better, but BUSD ($BNB) dropped slightly lower with almost double the market cap. UST is the n*4 stablecoin by market cap now. We're 5.7 billion off from flipping BUSD and we left DAI behind us a while ago.

Talking about flipping, we just flipped $SHIB, $DOGE and $AVAX. $DOT, $XRP, $ADA, $SOL and maybe even $BNB are next. I believe it's just a matter of time. $LUNA should be up there in the top 3 and UST not far from it.

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I did notice a massive slow down on the terra network but a blessing that unlike ethereum the swap fees remained static

at peak of this chaos ethereum has fees were insane!

never waste a good crisis … I made some money on Kujuri liquidations too 😬

$LUNA surpassed $DOGE already, but not for long. I am sure tomorrow we are going there for good, slowly taking on $DOT ;)

$BTC currently a bit behind. Have to look at it long term ;)

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Another thing - I think it is also good for $LUNA that market does not look that green, because more people will hop on our train from elsewhere ;) FOMO will kick in even harder...

We just passed $AVAX and there is only $DOGE before us. $LUNA will be among TOP 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap in no time ;)

Don't be the last one to join the party ;)

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7 Nov, 2021

Removing $DOGE , adding $ONE with same percentage.

Yesterday, late at night, I realized that I have to add $AXS and to drop $ICP .

Glad I did it immediately. Already 10 % performance with $AXS.

I would like to drop meme-coins out of my structure, $SHIB. Like I did it already with $DOGE . I don't get happy with them longterm. No working project behind, depending on some influencers. I will wait for an opportunity to do it. Today the drop is to big. Waiting for a recovery.

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