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Bitcoin Ether Risk-adjusted Index


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Bitcoin Ether Risk-adjusted Index Strategy Performance

Bitcoin Ether Risk-adjusted Index Strategy Performance

Apr 16, 2024
Apr 23, 2024

About this Strategy

About this Strategy

An automated strategy that prioritizes BTC and ETH, dynamically adjusting holdings based on market cap and risk. A weekly rebalancing ensures a balanced, risk-aware approach, adapting to the ever-changing crypto narrative.

Performance & Risk

Performance & Risk
Annualised Return
Max. Drawdown
-30.92 %
+4.95 %
+2.61 %



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Apr 22, 2024, 10:00:11 AM
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I have been running this strategy for a while now and decided to go public. It is a fully automated strategy based on risk and market capitalisation of the two major digital assets.

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How is the evaluation process performed?

Bitcoin Optimism

$BTC experienced a 4% increase, reaching  $42,777 on Thursday. This surge is fueled by optimism following the Federal Reserve's recent FOMC meeting, signalling a dovish stance on future rate hikes. The discussions on the approval of Bitcoin Spot ETFs are gaining traction, with BlackRock interpreting the minutes as a 'green light for investors.'

The SEC's approval of cash creation requests for Invesco’s Bitcoin Spot Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) signals a potential shift in the regulatory environment. BlackRock has implemented similar modifications in its own spot Bitcoin ETF, enabling Wall Street entities to gain Bitcoin exposure without requiring a cryptocurrency-specific licence.

Adding to the positive sentiment, the IMF director emphasises the need for robust regulations and infrastructure in the crypto space. Furthermore, the US CFTC's approval of Bitnomial’s vertical integration strategy solidifies the infrastructure supporting Bitcoin’s market. These developments collectively reinforce bullish sentiments, propelling Bitcoin’s price prediction into optimistic territory.

Driven by institutional and regulatory efforts, these changes aim to reduce transactional costs and enhance investor protection. The market's response, influenced by Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s indications of potential future rate reductions, reflects a bullish outlook affecting broader market trends, including Bitcoin’s price.

Ethereum After the Merge

The Merge upgrade made $ETH deflationary, with a decreasing supply due to the PoS mechanism and burning of transaction fees. Approximately 889,990 ETH have been minted, while a significant 1,205,101 Ether have been burned since the upgrade, resulting in a net supply decrease of 315,110 ETH.

While the Merge upgrade made Ethereum more environmentally friendly, it did not directly lower gas fees. Instead, it set the technical foundation for future gas optimizations. The upcoming Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP)-4844, or "proto-danksharding," aims to reduce gas fees and increase transaction throughput.

The transition to PoS and the anticipated EIP-4844 upgrade provide an optimistic outlook for Ethereum, with potential improvements in scalability and reduced gas fees, making it a favourable choice for users.

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