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Jan 19, 2022
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Diversitas is a well-diversified crypto strategy with the majority of its holdings in the top 50 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. The strategy is actively managed while the number of rebalances varies depending on the market movements. When rebalancing the strategy, technical analysis, media attention, historical patterns, blockchain metrics, and upcoming announcements are taken into account.

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Morning update:

Today all eyes are on the FOMC meeting. The Federal Reserve will likely decide when they will start raising interest rates. Considering the drop after December’s meeting, I expect some positive news. The market was already pricing at the start of the rate hikes in March so whatever will be discussed will most likely cause a relief rally

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And this IMF warns El Salvador

Will you exit the market if the interest hike happens again?


In the US, there are more politicians who are pro-crypto almost every day. This is extremely bullish as it shows that they will likely start to adopt it and use it to their advantage. This makes me believe that we will soon hear some positive news when it comes to the legislation of cryptocurrencies. The US will likely try to position itself as a leader in this space, just like they did with mining after the China ban $BTC

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LUNA is unfortunately not performing well. The fact that the launch of Prism Protocol got postponed for a week was not well accepted and the price dropped

The good part is that we keep burning $LUNA on a daily basis and low prices allow us to burn more

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Thanx for the info. we are waiting for $LUNA to wake up. buy the dip


Yesterday, Do Kwon also started a pool asking followers what size of Anchor reserve do they want. So far most people voted for 300 M so it looks like it will get replenished by the TFL $LUNA

This is great news as a lot of people were lately worried about the yield rate drop.

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16h ago

$BTC 4H correlation to the Nasdaq flipping negative for the first time in over 3 weeks  Great sign

When panic hits the markets we usually see a very high correlation (run for liquidity) at first but then some assets decouple, this was also the case in March 2020 when we saw the Covid 19 crash.

P.S. I'm feeling better, thank you all for nice wishes

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19h ago

I'm adding 5% to $BTC here.. It looks strong although the stocks are not performing well.. this is a great sign Keeping 15% in $USDT for now!

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25 Jan, 2022

Today there will be no morning update. I'm not feeling well and am taking a day off from writing. I will keep an eye on the market tho 

Again a lot depends on the stock market open, will need to wait and see how things play out

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wishing you well Anonymous!

24 Jan, 2022

The stock market opening is better than expected. We are seeing a bounce so I'm investing an extra 10% from our $USDT position. Now 35% $BTC and 45% $LUNA, the rest is still in $USDT to buy the dip in case this is a trap and we move lower!

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you actually bought on minimum today. Congratulations 💪💪💪

very good job!👍🏻

your a big champ. love to see your daily updates and your peformance👌💪

24 Jan, 2022

So far 33k is acting as really strong support. Very likely since it's the main on-chain support where a lot of $BTC changed hands. I'm using an extra 5% of our $USDT position here to buy $BTC and $LUNA, increasing both positions by 2,5%

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24 Jan, 2022

Slowly moving back in.. investing 5% from our $USDT position.. adding 2,5% to $LUNA and 2,5% to $BTC  the plan is to continue buying on the way down!

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@Goingup no one knows where is the bottom but looking at the historic data, it should be close.

Do you think we almost see the bottom? I got a feeling we are in a bear market since beginning november.