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Diversitas Strategy Performance

Diversitas Strategy Performance

Jun 16, 2024
Jun 23, 2024
Past performanceis not indicative of future results. EUR (€) currency fluctuations can cause returns to go up or down. Returns shown are before fees.See feesandStrategy data disclosurefor more details.

A word from the Strategist

A word from the Strategist

About this Strategy

About this Strategy

Diversitas is an actively managed strategy combining time-proven, investments like Gold, BTC, and ETH with the high-growth potential of the DeFi sector.


Annualised Return
Max. Drawdown
-74.49 %
-6.12 %
+2.25 %



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Jun 17, 2024, 8:44:55 PM
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20 Jun, 2024

Example Chart:

Here is the $INJ chart as an example👇 As you can see, the approach isn’t perfect (no algorithm is), but with adjusted sensitivity levels, we came very close to perfection. It will allow us to capture most of the upside while significantly limiting the downside👌

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@Silver Thank you! 🙏 To stay on top, continuous improvements are the key. If you don't keep evolving, you risk falling behind.

Very interesting new experiment. Kudos for keeping evolving even while one of the most successful strategies.

20 Jun, 2024

🚨 Important Update Clarification 🚨

We understand there have been some misunderstandings regarding our recent strategy changes. Here’s a clearer breakdown:

Why We’re Changing Our Strategies:

Our primary goal is to enhance the performance of our strategies. The old approach for Diversitas, which relied on $BTC price to guide market exits, was effective in past cycles but no longer held up. Therefore, we're shifting to monitor all assets individually and exit them one by one when needed.

Daily Monitoring and Weekly Decisions:

While we will use the weekly candle close for decisions about market entries and exits—since weekly data is less prone to manipulation—we will still monitor assets daily. Profits will be taken if an asset significantly outperforms others just like this was the case in the past.

Diversitas EW Strategy:

Previously, Diversitas EW relied on BTC price for exits. Given its high altcoin exposure, this approach didn't performed very well recently. The new strategy allows us to increase BTC exposure or exit the market during altcoin downturns. When all charts look bullish, we will resume regular weekly rebalancing to original weights.

Benefits for Our Copiers:

These changes are designed to significantly improve overall performance. We constantly strive to evolve our algorithms and strategies for the best results.

Update Schedule:

Regular updates will now be posted weekly, as our focus shifts from daily price entries and exits. However, we will post updates if significant events occur or if we take profits from substantial price jumps.

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19 Jun, 2024


Dear all,

After a thorough analysis of the market and the current crypto cycle, we have concluded that it's time to adapt our strategy to the changes brought by ETFs and institutional adoption. The recent underperformance of altcoins has significantly impacted our strategy, prompting us to start monitoring assets individually using our trading algorithm.

New Strategy Implementation:

Weekly Monitoring: We will review all assets and their performance every Monday, using the weekly candle close as a reference. Our algorithm will guide our decisions to enter or exit the market.

Entry and Exit Criteria:

Entry: The price must be above the trackline and display green dots according to our algorithm.

Exit: The absence of green dots will trigger an exit. Upon exiting, we will either move to USDT or increase our position in assets that remain bullish.

The strategy, based on a weekly timeframe, not only performed best in our backtesting but also minimized trading fees by rebalancing less frequently.

Weekly Updates:

During the summer, we will also be testing a weekly update format, providing more detailed updates every Monday. Daily updates will be paused, but we will post if significant events occur during the week.

Diversitas EW Strategy Adjustment:

We will apply a similar approach to our EW strategy, monitoring assets individually every Monday. Initially, we will allocate 10% of the capital to each of the 10 assets. As assets lose their green dots, we will remove them from the structure and increase the allocation to the remaining assets.

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@Zlotac There are clearly some misunderstandings. Will post some clarifications in the next 30min.

I'm very much against the EW suggested changes. We have that if we want it. If updates are an issue, you can skip those unless rebalancing. If anything i would like more frequent rebalancing, locking in some 2-3-5 day smaller profits, like you did in 2021-2022.

19 Jun, 2024


Given the current market conditions, many altcoins appear oversold. We will wait for a weekly $BTC close to determine our next steps.

If BTC turns bearish, we will exit all markets on Monday.

If BTC remains stable, we will hold off on changes, waiting for altcoins to bounce back before managing them according to the new rules.

Our primary focus remains on managing risk and protecting capital amidst market volatility.

We aim to enhance performance through strategic adjustments, aligning with the evolving market dynamics.

We believe these changes will enhance our strategy's performance and align better with the evolving market dynamics. Thank you for your continued support and understanding🙏

Best regards,

The Diversitas Team

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18 Jun, 2024


Morning update:

Yesterday we $BTC once again tested our trackline and bounced hard to end the day near $67k. Now here comes the third attempt but we believe it will end in a similar way 👀

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