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Nov 22, 2022
Nov 29, 2022


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The weekly rebalance was made an hour ago. So far, no changes in structure, 50% $BTC and 50% $USDC  Just like with Diversitas, we are waiting for the final capitulation event before deploying more capital😉

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19h ago


Morning update:

This week will be interesting. Looking at the chart, $BTC broke down from the volatility squeeze it was forming for the past few days. Too early to say anything, but this could be the start of the final capitulation event we are waiting for in order to deploy the rest of the capital🤔📉

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19h ago


We have been warning about a potential stock market crash for quite some time. Two hours ago, Kevin Svenson posted an interesting chart explaining his thoughts on this and how could the drop impact the $BTC price. Not the nicest thing you will hear today, but definitely a very likely scenario👀

Post image
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Do you think the prices will fall?

19h ago


Last but not least, the vibe in the crypto market does not feel like we have just had a final capitulation🤔 Everyone is too confident in the market so new lows are very likely. In order to truly bottom, we need a lot of liquidations and panic in the market😱

Anyway, let’s see how things will play out over the coming days before calling for the goblin town🤣$BTC

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26 Nov, 2022


Morning update:

Yesterday was another sideways day for stocks as well as crypto. Meanwhile, we are seeing a lot of drama on Twitter. There are now rumors about wrapped $BTC and how it may not be fully backed😅

Binance also posted its proof of reserves and there have been a lot of critiques about it. Now they are claiming that this was just the first step and they will post an audited one in a few weeks🤔

Not sure what to think of all this but we believe it is healthy to question all these things as this is the only way we can prevent the FTX-like story to repeat👌

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26 Nov, 2022


Secondly, our indicator is printing top and reversal signals when it comes to SPX. Yesterday we also got a bear flag meaning that we may soon see a correction. Once it happens, it will be interesting to see how will $BTC react. Definitely, something to watch👀

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26 Nov, 2022


On the flip side, we are getting bull flags when it comes to the dollar index. Considering that SPX and $BTC go down when DXY, goes up this could be another signal for correction in the stock market and final capitulation for crypto🤔

Post image
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26 Nov, 2022


Last but not least, we are still seeing negative Coinbase Premium, which is also signaling that the pain may not be over when it comes to crypto. This is also the reason why we are patiently waiting for the final capitulation event with 30% of our position in stablecoins$BTC $USDC

Post image
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25 Nov, 2022


Morning update:

Yesterday, the stock market was closed due to Thanksgiving. Crypto on the other hand moved mostly sideways. Today, the trading hours are shorter so this may be another day with little action. Therefore, there is not much to say at this point so have a great day and we will be back with our updates tomorrow🙌$BTC $ETH $BNB $USDC $LINK

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24 Nov, 2022


In our view, they will hike rates so high that the economy will break and get inflation down with the recession/lowering of the demand side of the equation. This definitely won’t be fun so being cautious here is advised. We are also seeing the recession stocks going up meaning that the market is starting to expect it. Stocks connected with alcohol, fast food, etc. are things that usually perform well during the recession and we have seen them fly over the past few days👀

How will $BTC perform during the recession? Hard to say as it has not yet seen one. That being said, our guess is that it will drop in the first wave just like everything else and then slowly bounce or trade sideways for another year. The theory about the next bull cycle starting in 2024 around the halving is becoming more and more likely🤔

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@babawoods it is hard to time the exact bottom so we decided to average down our buys. Just to be clear, long term, those are amazing prices so investing 70% at this point is reasonable. That being said, in a year of sideways action you can also do a lot of trades, this does not mean that we will just sit on those coins for a year😉

so then it raises the question: why did you rebalance out of stable coins when you expect more drops and a year of sideway movement!?