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Nov 27, 2022
Dec 4, 2022


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The big Powell up-day was short-lived. All the big indices run into resistance. The jobs report today was 'too good' for unabling the FED to raise rates further. No reason to get overly bullish now as there is still no confirmation of an upside breakout. We see $BTC below 14k before it breaks above the strong resistance at 20k. $ETH faces massive resistance at the 1.3k level as well.

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GoldHorn Venture
30 Nov, 2022

✅ GoldHorn Venture reviewed $WAN exposure case. Structure rebalanced. Structure exposure 15,00 % $BTC, 10,00 % $ETH, 2,50 $AVAX, 2,50 % $MATIC.

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$ETH is running into strong resistance, so we sold this upleg. Powell will determine the direction of the markets today. We stay cautious with only a $BTC postition and no alts at this moment.

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As you can see on this comparative 6-month chart Schillebeeckx Strategy outperformed $BTC by a large margin.

We had two big downlegs. The first, due to the LUNA-debacle, we suffered together with the markets as we had a big LUNA stake. But the second downleg, due to FTX, we were able to be partly out of the markets and played defensive. That created alpha and it dampened the volatility.

We won't try to pick the exact bottom, but as we expect markets in general to go still lower, we stay largely in stables in order to buy $BTC , $ETH and our favourite alts on the way down.

That said, we expect an epic bullrun once the dust settles! 🚀

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S&P500 and other markets seem to run into resistance. This is bad for crypto. We stay on the defensive, mainly $BTC and $ETH. Ready to buy the blood in tranches. Rules are set! stay confident. Cryptofuture is still bright.

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25 Nov, 2022


Morning update:

Yesterday, the stock market was closed due to Thanksgiving. Crypto on the other hand moved mostly sideways. Today, the trading hours are shorter so this may be another day with little action. Therefore, there is not much to say at this point so have a great day and we will be back with our updates tomorrow🙌$BTC $ETH $BNB $USDC $LINK

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Very glad we kept playing defensive. We don't think we are out of the woods yet. Rules in place to buy more $BTC , $ETH , $BNB , $ADA , $MATIC and $LINK at lower levels.

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Alpha Digital
20 Nov, 2022

$BTC is losing ground, and $ETH trades exceptionally weak.

At the same time, Digital Currency Group and Grayscale behave weirdly, to say the least.

Sidelined once again, after a minuscule loss. Let's wait and see.

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The great thing about software and crypto, is they can change. BTC and ETH are both very flawed, and they're marketing is played out. The next cycle is legal, very decentralized, and the killer feature is consumer ready self custody.

17 Nov, 2022


Morning update:

Yesterday, Gemini Earn stopped processing withdrawals as their partner Genesis is facing issues due to the FTX collapse. Although the Gemini exchange continues to operate, people started to withdraw funds from it in a big way👀$BTC $ETH $USDC

Post image
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@StrangContentio there must be some sort of explanation...

@BluGraf the Genesis story is much different as they are lenders. They also do not have that many users. Exchanges like Gemini can also cover their losses in case they do go down.

Don't you think Genesis issue will drive the price down further similar to FTX issue?

Slightly more defensive as charts turn bearish again.

S&P500 and stock markets reach resistance. USD reaches support. Contagion issues seam far from over.

We'll stay in the market with almost half of our funds, but we keep dry powder to buy the blood.

We've set up rules to buy $BTC , $ETH , $BNB , $LINK , $ADA , $MATIC, $ATOM , $SAND and $GALA

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