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mar. 18, 2023
mar. 25, 2023


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Ethereum (ETH) Visão geral

Ethereum is a decentralized software platform that uses blockchain technology. It is commonly referred to as its native cryptocurrency, Ether or Ethereum crypto. Anyone can access and utilize secure digital technology using Ethereum. It has its ETH crypto token, which can be used to pay for any work done supporting the blockchain. Participants can also use it to purchase services and tangible goods or exchange it for fiat money. Developers often use the ETH asset to create innovative and secure technology that can positively impact people's daily lives. Ethereum is a fascinating blockchain platform for creating applications that can be used to improve the way various industries operate. It supports smart contracts, which are an integral part of decentralized applications that can be used in information technology and finance.

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Recomendamos-te que faças a tua própria pesquisa e análise da moeda criptográfica. Os traders criptográficos experientes utilizam análise fundamental e técnica para avaliar se Ethereum é uma boa compra/venda. As análises fundamentais e técnicas são os dois tipos de análise mais comuns utilizados no trading de ativos tradicionais (por exemplo, acções e obrigações).

Se tu não estás familiarizado com a análise dos preços da moeda criptográfica e queres comprar Ethereum, recomendamos-te que leias a secção seguinte, pois a cópia pode ser uma melhor abordagem.

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19 mar., 2023

We look at a specific classification in the Delta Math Index crypto strategy for investing in the blockchain infrastructure sector 100% 

🔵Set theory

$ETH Layer 1 blockchain

$BNB Layer 1 blockchain

$ADA Layer 1 blockchain

$MATIC Layer 2 scaling solution

$SOL Layer 1 blockchain

$DOT Layer 1 blockchain

$TRX Layer 1 blockchain

$AVAX Layer 1 blockchain

$ATOM Layer 1 blockchain

$LINK Decentralized oracle network

⚫️ Delta Math Index

The DMI is a sector index designed to track the performance of the largest leading and most liquid crypto assets picked to represent the Blockchain Infrastructure Sector.

⚫️ Sector Weightings(%)

▪️ Blockchain Infrastructure(100%)

🔵 To copy this crypto strategy

⚫️ Disclaimer

▪️ The results do not constitute investment advice or recommendation, are provided for informational purposes only, and are not an offer to buy or sell any crypto assets.

▪️ Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. 

▪️ Investing involves risks, including the possibility of losing capital.

Delta Math Index

Math-Based Investing

Post image
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19 mar., 2023

🔵 What is layer 1 blockchain ?

A layer 1 blockchain is a blockchain protocol that is considered as the base layer or the foundational layer of a blockchain network and It is responsible for the creation, validation, and propagation of blocks on the blockchain network.

They enable the creation of decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts that can run on top of the blockchain network.

Layer 1 blockchains are also known as base layer protocols, as they provide the underlying infrastructure and architecture for other layers or protocols to build on top of them.

They serve as the primary layer for storing and validating data on the blockchain, and any modifications or updates to the blockchain network need to be done at the layer 1 level.

Overall, layer 1 blockchains are essential for creating decentralized networks and applications that are trustless, transparent, and censorship-resistant, which are some of the key features that make blockchain technology so revolutionary.

Some examples of layer 1 blockchain, have their own consensus mechanism, transaction validation rules, and native tokens.:

$BTC It is a decentralized, open-source, and permissionless network that allows for peer-to-peer transactions without the need for intermediaries or third parties.

$ETH it is a blockchain network that was designed to support the creation of decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts, which can be executed on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and It allows developers to create and deploy their own custom tokens and build complex applications on top of the blockchain.

$ADA is a third-generation blockchain network that uses a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism to validate transactions and add new blocks to the blockchain and It aims to provide a more sustainable and scalable blockchain infrastructure compared to earlier blockchains.

$DOT is a multi-chain platform that allows for interoperability between different blockchain networks and It uses a sharded architecture to enable parallel processing of transactions and smart contracts.

$SOL is a high-performance blockchain network that is designed to process thousands of transactions per second (TPS) without sacrificing security or decentralization and It uses a unique consensus mechanism called Proof of History (PoH) to enable fast transaction processing.

Delta Math Index

Math-Based Investing

Post image
4 pessoas gostam disto
17 mar., 2023

Started to get flashbacks to the start of the 2017 bullmarket here... HUGE breakout of $BTC now and it looks like $ETH is following.

If history at least rhymes, its just a matter of being patient before ALTS follow, and outperform.

Post image
5 pessoas gostam disto
17 mar., 2023

So Bitcoin price is moving higher, as is the $BTC dominance... Other Crypto prices are going up, but are still lagging behind Bitcoin.

CARUS-AR does not hold any BTC, so for now we are underperforming, and this is a bit frustrating.

The strategy is focused on ALTS, $ETH DeFi and L1 projects like $ATOM and $NEAR outperforming at a later phase should markets turn bullish. Looking at the past bull markets in crypto the chance of this should be high.

It is possible of course that 'this time it is different' and the only true winner in crypto is BTC, I doubt this very much. No risk no reward...

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Markets are climbing the wall of worries on nothing but bad news for the economy. This is hard for bears like us, who expect a collapse. We went back into the strongest alts to ride the wave up, but we are protected with a stop loss when $BTC falls below 24k.

We take profits in

$BTC at 29k (30k is resistance)

$ETH at 1950 usd (2k is resistance)

$ATOM at 15 usd

$MATIC at 1.45 usd

5 pessoas gostam disto

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