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Nov 28, 2023
Dec 5, 2023

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Anticipate Movements: Identify and invest in cryptos before they become mainstream.
Mitigate Risks: Diversify your portfolio by investing in multiple strong narratives.
Long-Term Gains: Benefit from the sustained growth of cryptos backed by solid fundamentals and strong stories.
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In-depth Analysis: We dive deep into the socio-economic factors driving crypto narratives.
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Thorchain is still growing fast, also BTC and ETH are moving in the right direction. Becouse there are great signs that market is waking up, it is better to be more diversified. So I have rebalanced and lower rune position and add some new projects that didn't performed so well till now in this cycle, but have great potential to do so.

Let's grow some more profits!


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Also invested more! 😍 Keep up the good work! 🤩

You are outferforming bitcoin all the time. Youre doing greekg. Im gona invest more in Slovenia, thats for sure☺️ keep up the good work and keep us updated. Hugs frome Norway☺️🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴

Hellow copiers.

It was inevitable, a price correction of Rune is here. For a long time there was only growth, so this is fairly expected. I do not trade such moves myself, because in most cases more harm than good is done. Thorchain is a great project, I follow the development of the project closely and I am not concerned that this growth will continue after this correction.

If you zoom out, you see this...

Best regards YesPeace

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WTF 😮10% in the last 24h 🎩Great Job YES ☮️

@GhostlAt all crypto is a bit risky... ;) but yes, currently I see really huge potential in Thorchain (Rune) currently they have some minor problems with avax chain but when this will be over, (In few days) rune should go higher towards its ATH and probably even higher soon!

Do you innvest in som high risk coins alsow, i want some profits befor im 90 years and dont need them?😅

The last couple of months have been great in terms of returns. Thorchain works brilliantly. since the implementation of thorswaps the volume has increased rapidly.

I expect the growth to continue, as the volume continues to increase and with it the interest in savers and LP also increases and with this a huge amount of funds flows into savers and LP, all together and pushes the price of RUNE up. however, it will be necessary to slowly allocate funds to other projects, the profit from RUNE will first be allocated to ETH, which I think will start to grow shortly.

enjoy the ride, ;)

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Appreciate the updates, always great to get an insight into the thinking

doing great. congrats. keep on rollin.

I am aspecting that eth will outperform btc in midle term. And LDO will outperform ETH, becouse of shanghai upgrade in early april. Liquid staking narative will be huge in 2023! Will watch it closely.

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You are one of the best, and i will continu to invest in you every month🌹The only think i would like also are more updatets on what your thinking and what tou are doing and why☺️ keep on with your good work☺️

@LoyaCoveral thank you, trying to do my best! ;) Gathering most information I can and take smart decisions!

You are amazing! Doing a great job 👏💪