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We have just rebalanced our portfolio. ✅

Markets were shaking due to decreased risk appetite of investors cuased by increased volatility within traditional financial markets. 📉

Greetings from China (Evergrande) ☝🏼🙈

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In the last couple of days and weeks we reviewed and optimized our portfolio… ✅

Dropped a few projects which are no longer state of the art and revised and adjusted the weights of the remaining ones… ✅ The increased position in $SOL is already paying off (+40%).

We consider the market setback as a nice buying opportunity (dollar cost averaging) for long term investors 📈🚀😎

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Layer 1 projects have again gained more than 30% since last week. $SOL $ADA $LUNA 📈🚀😎🥳

We took profits and did rebalance our portfolio. Adjusted the weightings slightly $ETH +2% $BTC -2%

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We have reduced our holdings in $LUNA by 3%. With the massive price jump in the last weeks we expect the price to trend lower in the short term. Staking ratio decreased by a lot and these coins will probably be sold in the next days and weeks… ☝🏼

Therefore, we took some chips off the table even when we still believe in the ecosystem in the medium to longterm… 📈😎🚀 We will probably buy back at lower prices ✅

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$LUNA is up another 35% while the market is down by 5% since our last rebalancing… 📈🚀😎 The price increase in the last days is just incredible. We still believe there is upside in the medium to longterm but momentum is probably weakening shortterm with price resets. Therefore, we take profits and did rebalance the portfolio.

No change in the structure ✅

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Some of our holdings are flying 🚀 $LUNA $ADA $AXS $SOL all of them are more than 50% up since our last rebalancing just a few days ago! 📈 They make up 15% of our portfolio… 💪🏼😎✅

We took some profits and have rebalanced our portfolio with no change in our structure. Way to go, see you all on the moon… 🚀🚀😎

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Markets are trending upwards with $ETH above 3k and $BTC above 42k. We did just rebalance our portfolio with no change in the structure. 🚀

Congrats to all those who bought de dip in the last weeks and especially to those who dollar-cost-average in on a regular basis. As you can see it definately pays off in the long term! ✅

Highlight since our last rebalancing is our third biggest position in $LUNA which is up by 73%… 💪🏼🚀😎

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We have added $AXS to our portfolio and bringing in a gaming platform (Pokémon-inspired). Axie is ranked the number 1 game based on Ethereum by daily, weekly, and monthly active users. It has already generated a massive amount of revenues.

We are aware that the price of $AXS has already increased heavily but we still believe in the long term opportunities and wanted to close the missing gaming exposure. 

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We have adjusted our portfolio and have added a 10% cash position in $USDC. Because of technical indicators we are a little bit more cautious for the moment… ✅

Again, we want to emphasize that we still strongly believe in the long term opportunities of the whole crypto market. We do recommend all our strategy followers to dollar-cost-average in, as we still do it on a monthly basis 👌🏼

The important, but also more difficult, decisions to buy more into cryptos are to be made now not a few weeks ago with $ETH trading around 3‘500-4‘000 USD… 😉 You want to buy when everybody else is selling and vice versa. Patience is key and will probably get rewarded 😎✅📈🚀🙌🏼

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We reduced $BNB by 3% due to increasing regulatory headwinds in different countries. Added two other DeFi projects ($COMP & $YFI) instead… 😎🔥🚀📈🙌🏼

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