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Nov 30, 2022
Dec 7, 2022
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News Feed

Yesterday, we sold our holdings in $SOL… 😅 We expect further down trend in price because of the fact that FTX was a huge supporter of it and that they have massive holdings of it. 📉

We believe that there is an asymmetric risk / reward situation and we prefer the safer path which meant selling it all. ✅

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After another massive downturn we bought another 5% and added to $BTC $ETH and a few other alt coins. ✅

Long term interest rates have probably peaked and will come down in the next months and years which will help riskier assets.

Sentiment is also very pessimistic and we try to act contrarian to the mass of investors… 😎

The way back up is still very, very long and will be volatile… But patience and sticking to the long term strategy is key ✅📈🚀

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We sold our 2% holding in $FTT today after the news that Binance takes over FTX because of liquidity issues and problems. ✅

The market is massively down 📉 and we bought into it by adding $BTC and $ETH. For the moment we feel more comfortable with the big names.

We believe that bottom is not that far away any more with markets down more than 70% from their highs. Macro is still a headwind and we still hold 15% in USD. Willing to buy back more in the future… ✅

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The crypto market is down roughly ~70% from its November high… 📉😓

Remember: During the so-called „Dotcom-Bubble“ in the year 2000. The tech index Nasdaq lost 80% of its value. Amazon for example 90%. But you guys know which companies are now the most valuable ones? Amazon’s share price rose far more than x100 times since then. 😱

What is the best thing to do 🤓: Keep calm, use the low prices to buy cheap and, therefore, dollar-cost-average into the market. ✅

It will probably take one to a few years, but we are still convinced that we will somewhen in the future make new highs on the charts 📈 do not miss it… ⚠️😉😎

We do the same and are still buying month over month ✅

Regarding the portfolio: We used 5% of the cash to buy back into the market. We will probably continue doing so, while monitoring the market closely. ✅

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We did buy into the market after the downward move of approximately 8-12% depending on the asset. 📉🫣

Have added to alternative layer 1 like $SOL $DOT $ATOM $NEAR

We remain cautious and are still holding a cash position of 25% USD… 😎

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The macro conditions as well as the outlook are still looking challenging. Massive inflation, slowing growth and heavier regulations around the corner. We do not believe in a soft landing of the US economy and therefore remain cautious in our asset allocation. 🥶

Still 30% USD, but have reduced $BTC weight by 5% and added it to $ETH. ✅

Be patient and if you also still believe in the long term opportunities then we recommend buying in to the market regularly. Use the low prices to dollar-cost-average in as we do it on a monthly basis. 😎

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After the decrease in crypto prices across the market we reduced our USD cash position by 20%. Mainly increased the position in $BTC and $ETH. ✅

We expect the market to remain volatile and keep a very defensive allocation with 30% in $USDC and high weights in low beta positions such as $BTC and $ETH. Heavy macro headwinds and heavier regulations are still out there…

We still recommend to dollar-cost-average in… Now are the difficult but important buys in a long term perspective 😅 We keep accumulating! 💪🏼😎

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Market heavily down… The attack on Terras UST stablecoin caused a massive sell of not only in $LUNA but also all across the market 😳📉🥶

We sold $LUNA before the massive drop and the 25% USD also stabilized our portfolio ✅

However, trust in $LUNA is gone and markets will remain shaky and very volatile in the next weeks. The whole story about Terra is definately very bad for the whole industry. Therefore, we added to cash and have now 50% in USD 👌🏼 We want to play it safe…

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Hard times for risky assets… 📉🤯🥶 rising interest rates have a significant impact. More than we anticipated a few weaks ago.

Therefore, we have aligned our portfolio more defensively. We move 25% into cash and have reduced altcoins. On the other hand, we increased $BTC.

Maybe a bit late, maybe not. Only the future can and will tell…

Additionally, we have removed $LUNA for the moment. Risks have heavily increased… Or is it even the start of the death spiral? 😱 We do not know, but want to play it safe.

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Macro headwinds across the market. Raising interest rates, the highest inflation since decades, a war in Europe, incredible high energy prices, risk off mentality across all asset classes… You name it 😅😒

Markets are challenging at the moment and we will see elevated volatility in the next weeks and months. 🎢 Keep calm, do not overreact and focus on the long term opportunities of this new shaping asset class… Adoption continues!

As already mentioned many times: We recommend that you dollar-cost-average into the markets on a regular basis. If on a weekly, bi-weekly or montly basis does not matter that much, but do it regularly… ✅

Stay invested in the market and for the long run is the best advice 👍🏼

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