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Jan 14, 2022
Jan 21, 2022
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The newly added $NEAR is already up by 20% 💪🏼🎉🔥🚀

We drop $ADA and adjust the weightings of a few positions of our portfolio. ✅

Instead we add $FTM which is the fastest growing ecosystem measured by growth in active developers. We believe that a high number of devs will result in innovation and further growth & adoption. ✅

Secondly, we add $FXS which is the governance token of the Frax stablecoin. It is designed to combine the advantages of collateralized and algorithmic stablecoins. ✅

See you all on the moon 🚀

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With a more hawkish Fed risky assets in TradFi as well as Crypto Assets did lose in value. Prices of many Crpyto Assets did go down by roughly 10%… 📉

We take the opportunity and buy the dip with our remaining 5% $USDC position and added $NEAR to the portfolio ✅😎🚀

During 2022 we expect more volatile markets in comparison to last year but remain bullish and are excited to have you guys on board… See you on the moon 🚀🚀

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$LUNA is up 70% in two weeks and is approaching 100 USD 🔥🔥🚀🚀

It flipped Binance Smart Chain as second biggest chain measured in TVL (total value locked) ✅ and UST, the decentralized stablecoin of the terra chain, flipped DAI as the biggest algo stablecoin measured by mkt cap ✅

We do rebalance our portfolio and take profits there. Additionally, we adjust the structure a bit by reducing $BTC and increasing other layer 1 and layer 2‘s… 😎

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20% drop in the markets… 📉😱 spot selling in $BTC in a very short period of time caused this followed by liquidations of roughly 600 million in leveraged long positions 🥶

Market was overleveraged… Seems like price manipulation in order to eliminate leverage which is healthy for the market. Coins are bought by strong hands.

Keep calm and do NOT panic sell. Once again, patience is now key. We buy the blood with half of our $USDC position (5%) and are buying $BTC and $ETH… Hopefully we are not going further down… We will see 🧐

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Regular rebalancing of the portfolio with no change in the structure… ✅

$LUNA is once again flying 🚀🚀 up by 70% in one week while $BTC is flat. Other holdings like $MATIC and $RSR also made 40% 🔥🔥

Blockchain Growth Index (BGI) is hot 🔥🔥 We still provide an all in all solution for your investment in crypto assets. We maintain a well diversified portfolio and you can gain exposure to the hottest and most promising projects out there through only one investment… ✅📈🔥🚀😎

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Prices down 📉 news of a new Coronavirus variant is causing fear and many are panic selling, which is often not a wise move.

Traditional financial markets are feeling the same and prices are decreasing there as well. 📉

Keep calm guys, we suggest staying in the market at this time. Our 10% position in cash is helping currently, but we could use it to buy some blood soon 🦅 We do not change the structure and will further monitor the market… 🧐

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After the price of $BTC went down to 57k we slowly move back in… Likely that bottom is in ✅

Lowered our cash position in $USDC to 10%, increased our biggest holdings instead.

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Unfortunately, $BTC did break again below 60k… 📉 Markets are very hard to predict at the moment. 🤔

Since the correction could accelerate and we could trend lower from here, we adjust the portfolio and take a defensive positioning. 🧐 We would like to protect gains while risking to give up upside if we are wrong. Moved 20% into cash $USDC

As we said, market is very hard to predict. There are positive and negative signals while adoption is still ongoing. Still bullish longterm but want to be defensive short term. Let us see how things play out.

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Taking profits in our $LRC position, which is up by another +150% in just three days… 🔥🚀✅

Therefore, we have rebalanced our portfolio. In the last 30 days we outperformed $BTC by 17% and since the beginning of the year the outperformance is roughly 250% 💪🏼😎

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We added $AVAX to our portfolio with an initial weight of 4%. The adoption and growth of their ecosystem is impressive and we want to have some exposure 👌🏼

We decreased $ETH & $ADA a bit. This brings further diversification to the portfolio while having another interesting and promising layer 1 project… 🚀😎👍🏼

BGI to the moon… 🚀🚀🚀

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