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Dec 2, 2022
Dec 9, 2022
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Moved in 100% on the pullback on Saturday morning and been enjoying the run ever since... my target is $23.5k for BTC and should get there by the weekend.. don't trust any of these pumps!

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Are y'all feeling warm and fuzzy again yet? Seems like quite a few are... maybe we need a bit more to get EVERYONE cozy again... and then the real hammer will hit next week

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Those that are in this to achieve a greater and better system for more "players" globally to participate (i.e. decentralisation) and NOT only for profit will succeed (if not for profit then they will also fail - like Andre Cronje did)... Those in the crypto space should be applauding the risks taken by the Luna community to take on such a project (it says a lot about its community) in the way that it has... NOT belittled... they should be praised... this is evolution... this is revolutionary technology in terms of redefining the gaming theory principles... again we need to test and retest and test again over and over... doing nothing and waiting on governments to give the green light will only land us back where we are now... SO, get out there and applaud what is going on right now..!!

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very tough for Luna... tradefi will continue to make attacks on defi - its natural... tradefi is filled with experienced traders that are purely profit driven and work for that alone.... very little creativity or incentive to improve the system they work within for obvious reasons (one being the momentum of the train is too strong)... In order for DeFi to succeed it must be tested and through this process it will figure out the solution... tradfi will be left behind once the solution is found (make no mistake it will be found)...

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while we have been in stable coins since early April... we have been thinking about LUNA a lot as it was our highest weighted assets before our market risk signals told us to get out...

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Been waiting for this peacefully in stable since April... still not bottom though... will get cheaper

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Looks like we are heading back into negative territory so I am taking profits on ATOM, CRV and FTM trades that we put on before New Year.. worked well.. but selling into strength here to fight another day

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well that was good timing! all in stable

Depending on how hostile sell-off is over the next couple of weeks - we could make it to $33k intradayWe are likely to see the first signs of market stability and greenshoots of recover from March 2022will update more as we go of course!

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Eclipse sends us hurtling into a bear market! Was only 55% in cash unfortunately but better than nothing!On a LONG term view ie since inception Bitcoin remains in an upward trend and the critical level for this is $28.8k… a break below this would spell trouble on a long term basis structurally … HOWEVER, bear markets are very healthy for markets… I suspect this bear cycle will be much shorter than previous bear markets ie no winter...

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Hi Guys, I think IOTA is a good one to jump onto now.. price target $2.40... check out this latest news release

very impressive, 2 things stand out for me: 1) the flexible developer environment is insane & 2) 70% of ASMB is for the dev community will no doubt draw in many devs which for me was always a huge hurdle I was not sure how IOTA was going to overcome...

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