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Jan 19, 2022
Jan 26, 2022
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Avalanche Mentioned by strategists

Crypto is showing relative strength compared to equity markets lately.

It seems to be slowly bottoming out, so this might be an excellent region to dip our toes back in the water.

I'll cut on a lower low/add on a higher high. Let's see how it goes.

I've added "SoLunAvax" ($SOL, $LUNA, $AVAX) because I believe we'll see some rotation back into the "former" leading L1s.

$NEAR and $ATOM are my favorites of the recently hyped "FOAN" ($FTM, $ONE, $ATOM, $NEAR) L1s, so I added them as well.

$RUNE, $ANT, and $FET are speculative projects I'm a big fan of, which will hopefully have their time soon.

As always, this is not financial advice.

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Going 100% stables when breaking 40.3k. Fingers crossed

But ser, you are my financial advisor. And my fund manager 😛

Kairos Capital
17 Jan, 2022

Adding more to $FTM position and taking a bet on the growing Fantom ecosystem.

What might get the price moving up even more is the planned airdrop of tokens from Andre Cronje's new project and Fantom being an undervalued Layer1 blockchian in comparison to $LUNA, $AVAX, and $SOL (based on most metrics, such as total value locked/market cap, etc).

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Very happy to see this rebounce. We are allocated to high quality altcoins and they should profit from this bounce first. They all should be able to easyly outperform $BTC in an uptrend and they should be able to outperform $ETH collectively. At least, that's what I'm aiming for.

$LUNA is strong as ever..

$LINK needs some breath after the run up last week.

$ATOM refinds his mojo and looks like it will break out into uncharted territory.

$ADA , $DOT and $AVAX all show relative strength.

$BNB had a great day yesterday and will probably go to 1k in a resumed bulltrend.

$ETH will likely continue its uptrend vs $BTC to at least 0.1$BTC .

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12 Jan, 2022


While $BTC is looking good, $LUNA looks amazing They are going multichain at a very high speed as more and more protocols are starting to adopt UST on a daily basis

Axelar’s decentralized cross-chain network technology just enabled transfers between Terra and chains like $FTM and $AVAX 

Post image
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Is this dip done? We've got out scoops! $LUNA $SOL $AVAX $ADA $UNI and more.

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8 Jan, 2022


I prefer to focus on projects with real growth and crazy development activity. $LUNA is one of them and this is the reason why it represents such a big percentage of this strategy. When it comes to $LUNA, we are burning the supply extremely fast, as a result, the price goes up organically

The burning is also perfectly reflecting the growth of their ecosystem as well as the adoption of their stablecoins, which are their main product. The product is also widely used and has found a product-market-fit. The fact that Binance started to adopt it speaks for itself 

Furthermore, their stablecoins are used also on other blockchains so with $LUNA, we are actually betting on the growth of other blockchains like $SOL, $ATOM, $AVAX at the same time.

Apart from $LUNA, my focus remains on $BTC and $ETH since they will be the first 2 coins to get adopted by big financial institutions. Why? Simply because they are the biggest and most recognizable cryptocurrencies. As a result, also the easiest to sell to investors

Therefore a lot of beginners are starting to invest in those two. When banks start to offer crypto to their customers, those 2 will likely be the first they will start to push to the market. Both are also very limited in their supply with $ETH even burning some of it while transactions are taking place. Therefore, we can expect supply shock and huge upside once the banks start to offer them

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@Lanicor I like ICE

@SizzlinOa At this point, this would not make sense in my opinion!


Luna going DEEPPP

4 Jan, 2022

Making $ATOM 20% here, moving some gains to $LUNA $AVAX and $SOL.

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4 Jan, 2022


I’m replacing $SOL and $AVAX with great-performing $FTM and $ATOM Looking at the social volume, I think they are not done yet.

I’m also slightly increasing $LUNA and lowering $ETH by 2%.

You can see the new structure below

Post image
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Glad to see you getting in on FTM. It still has a fantastic TVL to MCap ratio and is a tech leader in the Layer1 space.

@AnonymousCrypto that's both true! Happy too see you threading in carefully! :D

@Rikj000 I'm investing 5% in each not 100% Otherwise, ATOM is not even close to the ATH yet...

Kairos Capital
3 Jan, 2022

Cutting $DYDX from the strategy and adding $FTM, as something is brewing in the Fantom ecosystem.

Besides that we think it is undervalued compared to $LUNA, $AVAX, $SOL, $BNB.

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