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Jun 25, 2022
Jul 2, 2022
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Avalanche Mentioned by strategists
30 Jun, 2022

Using this big move down to buy the dip with 25% of our $USDC. Staying 75% out.

Addded 5% of our favourite L1 projects $ATOM $NEAR $AVAX. And 5% of both $ETH and $BTC.

Should we bounce or find a bottom here we are in some. If not still on safe side.

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@atom, I think you should avoid ALT with ∞ total and max supply.

13 Jun, 2022


So after DCAing yesterday we saw another big correction today.

The biggest loser of last week was Avalanche with -33% I could not find any significant reason for this drop, although Its my assumption it might have to do with the fud around Do Kwon, and they still hold a big portion of $AVAX.

Overal we are down 19.24% since our first buy in.

For me it really feels we are getting close to a bottom, but we might have to wait and see what will happen after September until we will go up.

This got to do with the intrest rate hikes in USA (next 2 meetings 0.5%) that's for the next 2 months, and then in September we know where we stand and what we might expect for the remainder of the year & 2023.

The plan for now stays the same, get as much assets that we can in preparation for the next bull run.

These projects did not change in any way shape or form, the sentiment is just really bad right now for investing overal. We will see better days and in times like these its wiser to hold & DCA if possible, then to panic sell and regret it later.

Stay safe out there and see you next update.

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1 Jun, 2022

Let's add back in some of my favorite projects: $AVAX $ATOM $CRV $MINA $NEAR $MATIC Focus on DeFi and L1 Crypto projects.

Taking some more risk at this time with ALTS, but keeping $BTC at 50%.

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guys.. I dont want to be offtopic... but if someone doesn't know.. Luna has right now passed 6.5$..

Is this truly the right time to add altcoins on a day when fed starts to reduce its balance sheet?

Bought the dip in alts with our $USDT position from the profits we took yesterday. Welcome back $RUNE . We added to $ADA , $AVAX and $SOL .

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$AVAX out, $FXS in. Minor rebalance of the rest of portfolio [$ETH $CVX $CRV $AAVE $XMR $MATIC $NEAR]

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AVAX out 11 days after re-introducing it? Was there any recent news?

Stock markets in general seem like they will bounce today.

We'll take slightly more risk and buy up some beaten down alts way lower than where we sold them.

Welcome back $GALA !!

Added to $SOL , $ADA , $FTT and $AVAX.

But we stay mainly in $BTC and $ETH and we have set profit-targets for our alts.

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After reviewing the announcements from the $AVAX team, reintroducing $AVAX. Rebalancing $ETH $XMR $CRV $CVX $AAVE $NEAR $MATIC

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20 May, 2022

Good morning Toplytic,

Small change, we got some disclosure from $AVAX team, full twitter post;


For now it seems to be locked up for at least a year to go, I do want to be cautious so we will add 5% to get some exposure.

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16 May, 2022

Hello Toplytic,

Small change, LunaFoundationGuard announced that they still have 1,973,554 $AVAX in reserves, worth 65 million.


Its still unclear what will happen to these reserves, so for the time being I have removed $AVAX and put the allocation back into $BTC.

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GoldHorn Venture
15 May, 2022

✅ GoldHorn Crypto® Venture reviewed $WAN exposure case. Structure rebalanced.

The future of blockchain will be powered by decentralised cross-chain interoperability.

We look forward to further development of ZooKeeper Ecosystem: multi-chain Play-2-Earn decentralised gaming platform. Now cross-chained with $WAN, $AVAX, following BSC ...

ZooKeeper Ecosystem NFT marketplace OpenZoo.

Partnerships with $WAN: $XDC, future with $ADA.

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