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AVAX USD price chart / performance

AVAX USD price chart / performance

Jun 16, 2024
Jun 23, 2024
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Avalanche (AVAX) History and Overview

Avalanche (AVAX) History and Overview

Avalanche (AVAX) is a blockchain platform designed for smart contracts, dApps, and subnets (customized blockchains) in the context of DeFi. The network focuses on fast transactions, low fees, and energy efficiency. The native token of the Avalanche blockchain is called AVAX. Avalanche (AVAX) uses a variation of the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism and allows users to stake AVAX tokens. The three-blockchain architecture and unique proof-of-stake consensus protocol give Avalanche the capacity to deliver high throughput and near finality of transactions. Avalanche is a layer-1 blockchain to perform at a scale suitable for Web3 and DeFi. Avalanche offers interoperability to developers and users. You can buy AVAX on most major crypto exchanges and investing apps as well as trade it.

How To Buy Avalanche or Add it to your Strategy

The fastest, most convenient way to purchase Avalanche is to purchase it on ICONOMI. We check Avalanche live prices on 10+ crypto exchanges and buy it at the best market price.

You can buy Avalanche by adding it to your private Crypto Strategy (crypto portfolio). You can also use our recurring buy feature that tends to level out cryptocurrency price volatility effects. You can find out more about how to benefit from smaller investments at regular intervals on our blog article.

We recommend you do your own research and cryptocurrency analysis. Experienced crypto traders use fundamental and technical analysis to evaluate if Avalanche is a good buy/sell. Fundamental and technical analyses are the two most common types of analysis used in trading traditional assets (e.g. stocks and bonds).

If you are unfamiliar with analyzing cryptocurrency prices and want to buy Avalanche, we recommend you read the next section, as copying might be a better approach.

Add Avalanche to your portfolio by copying a Strategy

If you are not skilled at these, consider a different approach to investing in cryptocurrencies. You can learn from and copy seasoned crypto traders on ICONOMI who regularly share their insights and manage their public Crypto Strategies. Go to the strategies page and use the “ticker” filter to find out which public Crypto Strategies have Avalanche in their structure.


Here you can read and comment on all posts made by Strategists about Avalanche AVAX. See all Avalanche price predictions in real time and make the best use of their crypto knowledge.

Blockchain Index
13 Jun, 2024

Exploring the Avalanche Ecosystem: Top Crypto Projects for 2024

Avalanche, renowned for its high throughput, scalability, and low transaction fees, has become a prominent layer-1 blockchain, pushing the boundaries of decentralised finance (DeFi), decentralised exchanges (DEXs), GameFi, NFTs, and SocialFi. With its unique consensus mechanism and architecture, $AVAX facilitates thousands of transactions per second, offering unparalleled flexibility for various decentralised applications (dApps). Let's delve into the notable projects within the Avalanche ecosystem for 2024.

Avalanche’s 2023 Performance

In 2023, Avalanche made significant strides, enhancing network security and efficiency. Key highlights include:

Validator Incentives: Allocating over $275M in AVAX to validators, boosting market value.

On-chain Activity Growth: Doubling on-chain activity, driven by popular projects like Trader Joe, Stargate, and WooFi.

Market Cap and Partnerships: Market cap rose by 275%, reaching over $1 billion in DeFi TVL. Partnerships with AWS and Tencent Cloud, alongside innovations like HyperSDK, Glacier API, and The Graph integration, have underscored mainstream interest.

AVAX Price Growth: The $AVAX token surged nearly 300%, propelled by optimism around Bitcoin halving and potential ETF approvals.

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Blockchain Index
13 Jun, 2024

Future Trends

Avalanche's 2024 roadmap focuses on broad adoption across industries, enhancing community engagement, and improving network efficiency. Innovations in consensus protocols, dynamic fee structures, and advanced validator mechanisms are set to bolster Avalanche's position as a leading blockchain platform. The surge in DeFi TVL, increased real-world asset tokenization, and burgeoning gaming projects reflect $AVAX's thriving ecosystem, poised for sustained growth and innovation.

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Detailed Analysis of the First Correlation Table:

Here is the annual correlation analysis I conducted for the June 2024.

I usually don't publish this, but some people are interested in learning and those copying this strategy likely want to see how their funds are managed properly.

Anyway, I will rebalance the portfolio in a few hours once I finish my complete work as I prepare monthly reports for myself to review periodically.

in risk mode: Assets that have a higher return than the general market are selected. Then the risks are reduced.


The first table presents the correlation between various assets, indicating how closely their price movements are related. High correlation (values close to 1) means the assets tend to move in the same direction, while low correlation (values close to 0) indicates more independent movements.

Key Observations:

Highly Correlated Assets

$SOL and $AVAX : High correlation of 82.58%.

$NEAR and $AVAX : High correlation of 81.20%.

$AR and $FET : High correlation of 87.21%.


Low Correlation Assets:

$SOL and $JASMY : Low correlation of 21.68%.

$ICP and $AR : Low correlation of 26.20%.

$FET and $IMX : Low correlation of 50.50%.


For diversification, it's beneficial to include assets with low correlations in your portfolio. This helps reduce overall risk.

Diversification Strategy:

Combining SOL and JASMY, ICP and AR, or FET and IMX could provide better risk management due to their low correlation.

Overall Assessment:

The selected assets to offer a good mix, but individual asset fundamentals and market trends should also be considered. 

Diversifying with low-correlation assets is key to minimizing risk.

Therefore, the correlation will also be evaluated at the sector level.

Continue reading the next post :)

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Detailed Analysis of the Second Correlation Table:


The second table shows the correlation between different sectors and market indices. The sectors are:

Blockchain Infrastructure sector: Includes $SOL , $AVAX , $NEAR , $ICP , $FTM , $IMX , $STX , $INJ

Infrastructure Applications sector: Includes $AR , $FET , $JASMY , $AGIX , $RNDR .


Key Observations:

Correlation with Market Indices:

TOTAL and Blockchain Infrastructure sector: 77.14% correlation.

TOTAL and Infrastructure Applications sector: 92.54% correlation.

Intra-Sector Correlation:

High correlation within the Blockchain Infrastructure sector (above 84%).

Lower correlation within the Infrastructure Applications sector (below 80%).

Sector Analysis:

Blockchain Infrastructure sector: Moderate correlation with market indices suggests some diversification benefit.

Infrastructure Applications sector: High correlation with market indices indicates significant market trend dependency.

Risk Diversification:

Blockchain Infrastructure sector: Moderate correlation with market indices makes it useful for diversification.

However, high intra-sector correlation suggests these assets tend to move together.

Infrastructure Applications sector: High correlation with market indices implies these assets are more susceptible to market trends. However, lower intra-sector correlation provides some intra-sector diversification.

The combination of assets from the Blockchain Infrastructure and Infrastructure Applications sectors can provide a balanced portfolio with a good mix of diversification and market exposure. For example, combining assets like SOL (Blockchain Infrastructure) and AR (Infrastructure Applications) may reduce overall portfolio risk.

This is a small part of what I do behind the scenes.

Good luck!

🔵 Mr Jaradat Portfolio

A systematic strategy based on my mathematical model to determine the optimal position for taking additional risks, which is mainly based on the analysis of the trend, momentum and correlation of the assets in this crypto strategy with market indices.

Exposure in [Risk-on] mode

▪️ Blockchain Infrastructure sector 50%

▪️ Infrastructure applications sector 50%

Exposure in [Risk-off] mode

▪️ Blockchain Infrastructure sector 25%

▪️ Infrastructure applications sector 25%

🔵The Strategist


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20 May, 2024

Novice tega tedna

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Doživel močan padec za 21,37 %, kar kaže na nestabilnost na trgu kriptovalut.

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Avalanche (AVAX) price history shows the highest value of 135.04 USD . We recorded this price on November 23, 2021, but we cannot exclude that a higher price was registered before February 3, 2021.

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