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Nov 28, 2022
Dec 5, 2022


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3 Apr, 2022




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There are now more than 9,8M IBC transaction per 30 day in $ATOM  ecosystem

This is the fastest and highest adoption i've ever seen since i am in crypto.

Cosmos network has also become the 2nd biggest ecosystem by TVL, just right after $ETH.

Also realy huge upgrades is comming in end of Q1 for $ATOM --> INTERCHAIN ACCOUNTS. Super excited for this. This will snowball adoption effect even more. Why? 

Interchain Accounts Let Blockchains Control Accounts on Other Chains. One wallet for all chains. Underlying infrastructure is and will be $ATOM .

Source: click here

Maybe the price hurts but in my opinion when an asset is clearly undervalued and is ona fire sale, it's time to DCA (Dollar Cost Average in).

$HBAR had also major news regarding adoption, USDC the 2nd biggest and most trustworthy stable coin is now availible also on Hedera Hashgraph network.

Source: click here

Adoption is moving to different L1 chains, since Ethereum is congested. This is also the reason we are positioned the way we are. We follow adoption!

Best advice i can give to you all is HODL! After rain there's always sun 

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Stable WCI
24 Jan, 2022

So here we are, $BTC showing some strength again. Selling only $HBAR was a good idea. $ATOM is really strong, so I'm happy we didn't sell it a lot.

We have to know that this movements are just noise right now, we are not out of the woods yet, so I won't change our position for now. We have a nice stable position.

Again over 1 mio $LUNA burn today 😎 this is almost 70.000.000$. You can imagine the impact this kind of burn has on $LUNA price.


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Stable WCI
24 Jan, 2022

I sold $HBAR to $USDT as I want to wait for stock market open and be ready to buy the dip if we get another leg down. $LUNA will launch PRISM tomorrow so I don't see any reason to sell now.

I was also selling yesterday. So 15% now it is.

Good luck to all 🤞🏻

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Stable WCI
20 Jan, 2022

$BTC showing some signs of life again and our strategy with $HBAR $LUNA and $ATOM is doing great. I'm taking first round of profits - 0,75% out and adding to $USDT. $RUNE time will come, I'm sure.


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Stable WCI
17 Jan, 2022

Buying some $HBAR, already added to $RUNE few hours ago.

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Great performance by $CRV $HBAR and $ATOM in the past days! Pretty solid start of the new year! I do believe we will still see a 43-45k BTC in the next couple of days/weeks before moving higher. But still while BTC chops around some alts are performing great!

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Performance Index
24 Dec, 2021

Lowered $LUNA since it performed great in the past few days and added $GRT to the portfolio as a good long-term project. Also great to see $CRV $ROSE $HBAR performing well in the past few days! 

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Millais Capital
19 Dec, 2021

Rebalance taking some $LUNA $HBAR $AVAX $ONE and $CRV profits to beef up some of the other holdings slightly. Also started a small $USDC position to buy into future dips.

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Stable WCI
19 Dec, 2021

Owning 3 out of top 6 performing coins in the last 24 hours! $HBAR $LUNA and $ATOM 😎

Adding a bit of $USDT position to $RUNE.

Have a nice Sunday!

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