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Mar 15, 2023
Mar 22, 2023
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Diversitas EW is an equal-weighted strategy with high altcoin exposure.

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Mar 20, 2023, 7:29:54 AM
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Diversitas EW
20 Mar, 2023

The weekly rebalance was just submitted. No changes in structure for now. We will wait in 50% $BTC 50% $PAXG position for a little longer in order to see how crypto will react to the banking crisis and the stock market crash we expect to see over the coming weeks👀

P.S. Once the crypto bull run will be confirmed, we will start to move also into altcoins!🚀🔥

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Diversitas EW
14 Mar, 2023

We decided to go into a 50% $BTC and 50% $PAXG structure. Looking at the macro environment, this seems like the best option. More about our thinking will be posted shortly on our Diversitas page

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Diversitas EW
13 Mar, 2023

Regular rebalance to original weights. Below are the changes. As you can see, we are taking some $BTC profits and putting them into dollars and gold👇

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@WeAreStardust we do not have the crystal ball to tell you what to do but can say that diversification is probably the right thing in times of uncertainty. That being said, we do hope $BTC will start to get adopted more and prove itself as a currency over the long run.

How safe is it nowadays, with banks collapsing and with them the whole financial system, to have faith in stablecoins which are backed by the dollar? What is the intrinsic value of the dollar, but just a belief that stemmed from when it was still backed by gold? Former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker once said in an interview that “it is a governmental responsibility to maintain the value of the currency they issue. And when they fail to do that, it is something that undermines an essential trust in government.”Can they save the day again by printing more? How much longer will they get away with just putting on band-aids while the whole economy is bleeding? My point, it doesn’t matter if one keeps $USDT or $USDC or any other stable, when the dollar goes to zero and all trust is gone. Are $PAXG and $BTC the solution in these times to prevent more losses?

Diversitas EW
11 Mar, 2023

Today we exited $USDC before it started to depeg. We entered the following structure:

33% $USDT 33% $BTC 33% $PAXG

We feel that this is the strategy that may perform well and protect us in this uncertain environment. Banks are collapsing and there is more to come so Bitcoin and Gold may perform well👌 If Bitcoin dumps with the rest of the market, we are well hedged with gold and dollar meaning that we will be able to buy the Bitcoin dip👍

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Diversitas EW
16 Feb, 2023

We decided to go back into a 100% $USDC structure. more on why will be shortly posted on our main page

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Nice job being reactive to $USDC depegging. Very appreciated 👍

Diversitas EW
13 Feb, 2023

Weekly rebalance to original weights was just submitted 👍 we are buying more $BTC and $PAXG

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Diversitas EW
2 Feb, 2023

We decided to enter the market with part of our holdings and take advantage of a possible rally over the next 2 weeks. That being said, we are still playing it safe as we do believe that we are not yet out of the woods. A longer explanation is available on our main Diversitas page!

Below is the current structure, 4 holdings with 25% each👇

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Diversitas EW
14 Dec, 2022

With $BTC above $18k, we are exiting the market and going into 100% $USDC structure for now. As mentioned on our main Diversitas page, we have a bad feeling about this rally📉🤔

Will adjust the strategy if our views change after the FOMC meeting...

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Diversitas EW
12 Dec, 2022

Just like last week, there were no big changes in this week's rebalance... We are still waiting for a bigger move before making any big changes👀

For now, we remain in the 50% $BTC and 50% $USDC structure

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Diversitas EW
28 Nov, 2022

The weekly rebalance was made an hour ago. So far, no changes in structure, 50% $BTC and 50% $USDC  Just like with Diversitas, we are waiting for the final capitulation event before deploying more capital😉

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