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Nov 28, 2022
Dec 5, 2022
Diversitas EW


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Diversitas EW is an equal-weighted strategy with high altcoin exposure.

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Dec 5, 2022, 8:05:00 AM
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Diversitas EW
28 Nov, 2022

The weekly rebalance was made an hour ago. So far, no changes in structure, 50% $BTC and 50% $USDC  Just like with Diversitas, we are waiting for the final capitulation event before deploying more capital😉

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Diversitas EW
21 Nov, 2022

Diversitas EW since inception👀Outperforming $BTC by 40%

Cannot wait for some bullish action😉 With an equal-weighted strategy, the difference will most likely become even bigger🚀

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Diversitas EW
21 Nov, 2022

We are rebalancing the structure back to its original weight. Sticking to 50% $BTC 50% $USDC structure here as we could see more volatility over the coming days👀

Below are the changes, as you can see we are buying a little bit more $BTC here

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Diversitas EW
14 Nov, 2022

Rebalance to remove $USDT and go into 50% $BTC, 50% $USDC position

Slowly buying the deep/fear😉

Once we will see more bullish signs, we will start to diversify into altcoins, the plan is to have 10 positions with a 10% weight👌

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Diversitas EW
8 Nov, 2022

With $BTC below $18,000 we decided to buy the dip and enter $BTC position with 33% of our holdings Have a great evening🙌

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Diversitas EW
14 Oct, 2022

We are using this $BTC pump to exit the market and go into a 100% $USDT position. More on this was posted on our Diversitas page

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Diversitas EW
10 Oct, 2022

This week, we decided to use part of our holdings for a quick trade. We are adding $BTC to our structure and plan to sell it higher ahead of the CPI reading on Thursday. As mentioned on our main Diversitas page, we are expecting a fake pump ahead of the reading and we will try to use it as exit liquidity. Will keep everyone posted about the trade🙌

Have a great start of the week👌

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Diversitas EW
28 Sep, 2022

We are moving back into 50% $USDT, 50% $USDC position The markets look ready for reversal📉

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@CloudeSonat @Marquito this was a mistake, sorry😞 A New rebalance with 50% $USDT and 50% $USDC was just submitted. Thanks for pointing this out!🙏

just to be sure (cause you did‘t respond to @cloudesonat ): still 50% BTC ?

thanks - also for the nice work and transparent communication

have you done the rebalance? you are still holding 50% Bitcoin.

Diversitas EW
27 Sep, 2022

We just submitted the rebalance to buy the $BTC dipWe are buying back what we have sold this morning 7% cheaper😉

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Diversitas EW
27 Sep, 2022

Just like with Diversitas, we have decided to use this pump as exit liquidity Going 100% into stablecoins for now.

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