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So first of thank you all who kept faith in me when things went south.

We made some decent effort with $RUNE and we are now using some of that profit to diverse and become less dependant on one sole asset.

I will keep $RUNE as the base and build around with a mix of $BTC $ETH together with some alts. The rebalancing will be done once or maybe two times per month, depending on the development of the market.

Take care and stay safe!

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Its only shown to copiers, i cant copy you or see your strategy

Bitcoin made nice effort to break 44k yesterday. A lot of ALTs didn't follow, in fact a lot of them were "bleeding". So today I took an advantage to rebalance some BTC to get more exposure in altcoins and try to make some more advantage with this moove.

TIA went up a lot in last 48 hours and also Cardano finnaly woke up.

Bull is defenetly here!

Till ETF approval, I don't see a lot of chance to have any big correction. There is also less BTC on exchanges every day, that means that people are acomulating and that is very bullish sign!


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Thanks for update, Nice to know whats going on and what you are thinking☺️🇳🇴🇳🇴

What an insane show of strength from Bitcoin! The ETF in the US will become true at some point in the future and people position for it. I looked at the first physical SPDR Gold ETF that was approved in Nov 2004 in the US. Gold did well in advance and consolidated after the ETF was launched. Later, Gold went through the roof in the years after. Not sure how much was due to the ETF, but the ETF AuMs increased to more than 50bn in the following years.

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Andy Storm
12h ago

Another reason why I think this rally has legs is that whales with 10k $BTC #Bitcoin or more are accumulating again.

In the past two weeks or so, they started to distribute slightly when #Bitcoin was hovering at $38,000.

The market is now making them buy higher.

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Steady as we go! Moving something to $PAXG and focus on alts while $BTC made some good profits. At 48k we see a heavy resistance for $BTC Taking some profits is never wrong and always having some $USDT in case of corrections. Also we improved our algorithm to do less trades. Also the trades are smaller. So still many trades, but small ones; avoiding to much trading fees.

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Btc is still going beter than your strategy


hello dear i am from Mongolia

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The time here is 00.30 at night☺️ cant sleep😅🇳🇴🇳🇴

Good morning all, hello Norway

Hello☺️ Norway here☺️🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴

As expected the alts start to outperform $BTC today. Happy we added to our alts yesterday.

ETF approval is coming and cryptomarket won't correct in anticipation to that. 🚀🚀🚀

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Shiba Inu $SHIB has recently captured significant attention with its notable 12% price surge. This increase is particularly intriguing when considering the broader market's 4% gain.

A technical analysis of SHIB reveals a potential bullish Exponential Moving Average (EMA) cross, often referred to as the golden cross. This occurs when a shorter-term EMA, like the 50-day EMA, crosses above a longer-term EMA, such as the 200-day EMA. 

The recent peak in SHIB's price establishes a foundation for potential resistance levels. Currently navigating within an ascending channel, SHIB finds steady support along the lower boundary. The immediate target for SHIB could be set at the recent high of 0.00001023.

It's crucial to monitor key support levels, including the lower trendline of the ascending channel and the 50-day EMA. These act as vital support zones, and sustaining levels above these points would affirm the positive trend. 

Find a deeper dive into $SHIB recent moves and analysis on our blog:

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Andy Storm
16h ago

#Bitcoin is trading around $44k, a level which was the absolute zenith of on-chain mania in Jan 2021.

Old hands were spending coins at huge profit multiples, lighting up the Value Days Destroyed Multiple by @TXMCtrades like a Xmas tree.

Here we are at $44k, and barely a squeak. Not even at 2019 levels.

HODLers are not relinquishing their coins. They demand higher prices.

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19h ago


Morning update:

Bitcoin continues to push higher and print green dots above the trackline🟢$BTC .

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