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3min ago

You can now copy my strategy! After taking time and making the right decisions, I’ve chosen a good bunch.

Now before the bitcoins halving this strtegy will peak!

Alpha Digital
28min ago

Looking at $BTC I do not have a strong opinion right now.

I am definitely seeing a change of character though with price no longer trending (upwards).

It is also noteworthy, that bounces are weak and sell offs are comparatively strong.

At the same time we have retested the 60k area multiple times now. As with resistance, supports become weaker the more often they are traded at.

So my general feeling is that risk is skewed to the downside.

Another reason to stay flat for now and let some time pass by until the uncertainty subsides.

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Alpha Digital
36min ago

This time around I'll be mostly focusing on Ethereum as a representative for altcoins in general.

After we avoided the brutal drop things were looking good for a moment.

$ETH tested support and bounced back strongly.

This was my trigger to entry and indeed we saw further upside.

Next $ETH tested resistance and could not break through it. This was not surprising since we had seen a 20% bounce from the lows by then.

Subsequently Ethereum did not manage to hold a crucial area confirming general weakness.

This was my trigger to exit again.

This is also the reason why I won't be allocating as long as we stay in this area.

Price action is weak and in my opinion any buy would simply be based on hopium especially as long as we are trading below every 4 hour EMA.

As usual these are only my thoughts and should not be considered investment advise.

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Morning update:

Bitcoin closed the daily candle below our trackline. This happens very rarely so either this is a great buying opportunity or the bear market has started 2 days before the Bitcoin halving. More importantly. we started to print another reversal candle, signaling that the bottom may be in👀

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The crowd is starting to mention a bear market and is convinced that the prices will dump further after the halving. Historically, prices move in the opposite direction of mass traders' expectations and things won’t be any different this time around. Enjoy those prices while they last. In our view, the road to $100k $BTC starts in the next few days😉

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We are not just bull posting but are putting our money where our mouth is. Yesterday, we deployed 120k EUR of our company funds and invested them into Diversitas EW💪

Why did we choose Diversitas EW?🤔 Simply put, we anticipate a quicker recovery in altcoins and opted for a strategy with higher altcoin exposure. It's also worth noting that we already have significant capital in our main strategy and have decided to support the smaller one with a nice capital injection.

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Halving is in less than 2 days and followers are trying to tell us that it's already priced in. Whoever thinks that this is the case clearly does not understand what is about to happen. Once again, the production cost of Bitcoin will double and reach $80k for an average miner. This is something that cannot be priced in. If you do not believe us, please take a look at the historic returns after the halving (posted yesterday).

Have a great day and we will be back with you tomorrow🙌

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Despite good performance since the the last rebalance on Saturday, we have decided to take the risk off and put a portion of our strategy into $USDT and $PAXG. As we have said before, halving is a major event when a lot of market manipulation will happen, we can see that the ETFs don't have the effect we expected and the market makers haven't said their last thing. Our strategy remains the same, enter the market in the next dip, but stay after we are fully allocated after the halving. Have a good night and don't worry 😜

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Bold move. Time will soon tell if it was the right one. I did it just the oposite. Thats lowered the amount of $USDT in portfolio.

15h ago

We are #1 performing on 24h. Cheers

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