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Rebalancing now. We have included some more gamefi coins with good technical setup - $GALA and some other low cap gems - $TIA

Took profits from $TIA and $RUNE. Loaded up on $SOL and $NEO as they look ready for a big move. $ETH has a lot of lost ground against $BTC to make up for but we still think our alts will outperform ETH.

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We've bet heavyly on $ETH following $BTC in this strong upmove. Although we were slightly too early in that trade, we see signs that the tide is turning and it's time for The Queen to run. Today the $BTC value of $ETH shot up from the supportzone and shows relative strength. $ETH is above resistance at 2.1k as well and consolidated above that resistance. We think we are very early in the $ETH trade.

With our 30% in $ETH and 7.5% in $LDO we are well positioned for an $ETH rally. We are only 15% in $BTC right now because we are selling our $BTC in this strenght. Should $BTC push to 48k, we would even lower it to 10% but we will never go below ten percent.

Once $ETH and the alts take over, this aggressive positioning could pay-off massively. We will take those alt-profits back to $BTC (and maybe to $PAXG and a stblecoin as well, when market become overheated.).

For now we stay 100% in the markets, enjoying the bullrun.

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$ETH looking strong! We have a nice position - 40% 👌🏻🚀

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Maybe we are at the start of an #altcoinseason?? I hope so!

you can enjoy to my strategy here:

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7h ago

Great to see $ETH dominance vs $BTC schoot up. After Bitcoin leading the uptrend we now see Ethereum starting to outperform.

In previous bull markets for crypto we saw money first flowing to Bitcoin, then Ethereum and after that ALTS, let's hope and see if history repeats or at least rihmes.

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corrections will come for sure but we are still very early!!

🥇I invite you to my strategy!!🥇

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Your strategy is only visible for copiers...


Be patient, when the market is bullish it increases more and when it is bearish it decreases more, regardless of opinions... We are on the right path! have a nice day everyone Seien Sie geduldig, wenn der Markt bullisch ist, steigt er stärker und wenn er bärisch ist, sinkt er stärker, unabhängig von der Meinung ... Wir sind auf dem richtigen Weg! Ich wünsche Ihnen allen einen schönen Tag

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I think now is the right time to copy my strategy, Fetch. AI have reached a local Bottom... Thank you Ich denke, jetzt ist der richtige Zeitpunkt, meine Strategie zu kopieren, Fetch. Sie haben einen lokalen Tiefpunkt erreicht ... Vielen Dank

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Andy Storm
14h ago

• The CEO of JPMorgan🇺🇸, Jamie Dimon, harshly criticizes cryptocurrencies, arguing that they should be banned, considering them useful only for illegal activities.

• Binance🇨🇳 CEO, Richard Teng, contradicts Jamie Dimon's anti-crypto narrative, pointing out that illicit activities in fiat are much greater than in crypto.

• a16z (Andreessen Horowitz) predicts big advances in AI🤖 and decentralization for 2024, anticipating a collaboration between the two.

• #Bitcoin's massive rally caused over $6 billion in losses for those who bet on its 2023 drop.

• Coinbase🇺🇸 launches a feature that allows users to send crypto through social media applications, simplifying transactions with digital assets.

• The CEO of Coinbase🇺🇸, Brian Armstrong, believes that Bitcoin could be the key to the expansion of Western civilization, offering an alternative to the inflation of fiat currencies.

• Michael Jackson's first studio demo will be released on the blockchain as a "digital vinyl💽".

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