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Crypto NL
39min ago

Really positive again about this market.

Green boards, and a positive trend.


Looks like a steady move up for crypto market from here 🤞

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Thorchain is still growing fast, also BTC and ETH are moving in the right direction. Becouse there are great signs that market is waking up, it is better to be more diversified. So I have rebalanced and lower rune position and add some new projects that didn't performed so well till now in this cycle, but have great potential to do so.

Let's grow some more profits!


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You are outferforming bitcoin all the time. Youre doing greekg. Im gona invest more in Slovenia, thats for sure☺️ keep up the good work and keep us updated. Hugs frome Norway☺️🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴

13h ago

Looks like Ethereum is about to make new yearly highs. Excited to see $ETH so strong, usually this would mean ALTS are next...

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The Index Review took place on December 1, 2023. If you need additional details, please visit either


Additionally, you can obtain a copy of Crypto Strategy by clicking on the link below:

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The Index Review took place on December 1, 2023. If you require more information, you can visit either


Furthermore, you can access Crypto Strategy by clicking on the link provided below


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Nice to see the strong - and steady - growth path continuing. With a nice risk spread over 4-6 coins since H2-2022, maybe not the most exciting strategy on a daily or weekly basis. On a monthly basis often somewhere in the top 15-30, on yearly basis a strong position 7!

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22h ago

Rebalance to take $TIA profits, it outperformed other holdings.

No changes in structure.

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Stable WCI
2 Dec, 2023

$LINK doing great. 10% up since our last rebalance. 🔥Love to see it, especially because it's our largest holding beside $ETH. 👀

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2 Dec, 2023


Morning update:

Bitcoin just printed the highest daily close in over a year👀 It also continues to print green dots above the trackline🟢 Since weekends tend to be flat in terms of the price action, this will most likely result in the highest weekly close of the year $BTC

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@JudiciouBanke If you will have any further questions please feel free to reach out!

Thanks, sounds good! Appreciate the answer!

@JudiciouBanke If you have been following our strategy, you must know that we were in a transitionary phase to the algo-based model just before the LUNA crash. At the moment, we run algorithms for all the Diversitas holdings and monitor them daily (keep in mind that this is not the case for the EW strategy).

Although we usually post only the $BTC as part of our updates, we have a similar setup for our altcoin holding with slightly different sensitivity levels. This means that if we get bearish signs and break below the trackline, we will be exiting the market asset by asset.

Furthermore, we have a rule not to allocate more than 30% of assets to a single coin. The only exceptions are $BTC and stablecoins.