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$BTC has navigated through a turbulent period, yielding an approx 5% gain over the past week, influenced notably by a myriad of factors including SEC’s ether futures ETF approvals and governmental decision-making. After yesterday's rally, it fell back to $27,629.

 Ether futures ETFs, despite the hype, experienced a relatively insipid start, with volumes stagnating, which might underscore a larger narrative about asset stability and investor approach in the crypto space.

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Parallelly, a shift is palpable in the cryptocurrency mining space, as ASICRUN introduces its novel plug-and-play miners, offering a refreshingly straightforward and seemingly profitable mining solution that could potentially democratize the mining process for enthusiasts of varied expertise levels. 

It’s pivotal to mention that the linkage between cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, and macro-economic factors such as the U.S. 10-year Treasury yield, which has spiked remarkably to 4.69%, draws attention to the intrinsic correlations and speculative nature inherent in the crypto domain, making it a perpetually intriguing subject of study and analysis.

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Morning update:

Bitcoin touched $28,500 and got rejected (rejection printed by our algorithm is not confirmed yet). While bears are celebrating and calling for new lows, the green dots continue to print🟢 More importantly, we remain above our trackline. No changes in our structure for now, may be just a healthy correction to trap more shorts that will later on fuel the next leg up🤔

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Yesterday was a day packed with bullish news. First of all, 9 Ethereum future ETFs went live while Grayscale has filed to convert their $5 billion Ethereum private trust, $ETHE, into a spot ETF👀 $ETH

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While the SEC delayed spot bitcoin filings last week they also sent the issuers comments regarding their S-1 filings (related to plumbing, legal). This is a break from the typical pattern of delay, delay, radio silence, and then denial. It's a welcome sign although the timeline remains unclear🤔 $BTC

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Lastly, Chainlink launched Data Streams and revealed more details about their continued expansion of Chainlink Economics 2.0, including work on Universal Billing and a payment abstraction solution, staking upgrade, as well as the role of the $LINK as a universal gas token🔥

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We watched most of the talks on Smartcon 2023 and are blown away by the products being build. One thing is for sure, the future powered by Chainlink is bright.

P.S. What is fascinating is also the fact that leaders from major financial institutions around the world, all attended the conference (Swift, Euroclear, State Street, ANZ, SIX, etc.). They are all slowly but surely moving on-chain.🤯

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The US managed to avoid a shutdown for now, but only pushed the discussion out by 45 days. Crypto reacted positively this morning, but it looks a bit like a pump in the illiquid overnight market. Yields are rising and central banks and governments seem not to care about the economic downturn. I think equity markets need to become rough in the US for them to change their mind. That moment might not be far away anymore

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Stable WCI
23h ago

We have seen a pretty nice pump from $BTC and dominance again above 50%. We don't hold $BTC, but still ... its good performance is essential for potential altseason.

$LINK is hovering around 8$, and if momentum lasts we could see 9$ soon. $RUNE is doing great, finally above 2$. Don't forget its peak was above 20$.

Still holding $INJ and $ROSE.

Have a nice day! 😉

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⭐September 2023 Monthly Update⭐

TOP10EWC gained 3.73% in September, slightly below the overall cryptocurrency market. The top gainer was Solana (SOL), while the top loser is Polkadot (DOT).

The portfolio was rebalanced to maintain equal weighting of 10%.

The overall outlook for the cryptocurrency market remains bullish in the long term, but volatility is expected to continue in the near term.

Investors are advised to hold their positions for the long term and avoid panic selling in the event of a market downturn.

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