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CARUS-AR is an semi-passive Crypto Strategy investing in the developing blockchain, DeFi & crypto space. Website

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22 mars 2023, 16:48:55
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22 mars, 2023


9 personnes aiment ça
22 mars, 2023

Adding a new holding to our diversified strategy: $RNDR .

The Render Network is a project which enables users to contribute their unused GPU power to help projects render visual effects and other graphic-intensive works. 

With this addition we focus extra on data, AI, and blockchain usecases to share GPU power.

A nice list of RNDR aspects:

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6 personnes aiment ça
19 mars, 2023

Bitcoin $BTC moved up more! Zooming out very long term it is truly starting to look quite bullish here....

ALTS following BTC, lagging a bit. However I am confident patience will be very much rewarded if Crypto gets a bullmarket.

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8 personnes aiment ça

Whats goin on w Atom?

18 mars, 2023

Some pretty insane sentiment happening on Twitter right now... Talk about hyperinflation, more failed banks, hyper bitcoinisation....

NOT saying I believe all this, but sentiment toward 'save havens' like Bitcoin and Gold seems to be changing.

Insane bet:

Bank worries:

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6 personnes aiment ça

Yes, agree with the simplity of Bitcoin. Maybe keeping it as simple, secure, trustless monetary system can play a suprisingly big role in whole economy if trust in fractional reserve banking fails. At the same time, I would not transfer my life savings to proof of stake ethereum if my bank fails, but to proof of work gold/Bitcoin.

@structure I don't think Bitcoin is a useless at all, just think its very limited technically and in. Usecases. Digital gold yes, and a amazing alternative way to send and hold value, send peer to peer. Think ALTS, DeFi and ETH are a lot more interesting and potentially more profitable is bull markets. (coudl

Do you still believe holding bitcoin is useless compared to other digital assets?

17 mars, 2023

Started to get flashbacks to the start of the 2017 bullmarket here... HUGE breakout of $BTC now and it looks like $ETH is following.

If history at least rhymes, its just a matter of being patient before ALTS follow, and outperform.

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5 personnes aiment ça
17 mars, 2023

Truly amazing demo from Microsoft about their AI product CoPilot.

The future of work will change forever with AI. With AI I think we will need to be able to trust digital data even more then we do now...

One of the many ways to get more trust in digital data, transactions and DeFi is clearly blockchain and Crypto. Ignoring short term inflation or financial trends, the future for Crypto, AI, DeFi and L1 networks looks very bright indeed.

See the Microsoft video:

3 personnes aiment ça
17 mars, 2023

So Bitcoin price is moving higher, as is the $BTC dominance... Other Crypto prices are going up, but are still lagging behind Bitcoin.

CARUS-AR does not hold any BTC, so for now we are underperforming, and this is a bit frustrating.

The strategy is focused on ALTS, $ETH DeFi and L1 projects like $ATOM and $NEAR outperforming at a later phase should markets turn bullish. Looking at the past bull markets in crypto the chance of this should be high.

It is possible of course that 'this time it is different' and the only true winner in crypto is BTC, I doubt this very much. No risk no reward...

3 personnes aiment ça
17 mars, 2023

$BTC Bitcoin making big moves, moving a lot higher!

$ETH and ALTS lagging behind so far, however if past bullish times for Crypto are similar, they should catch up and outperform soon...

7 personnes aiment ça
14 mars, 2023

Regular rebalance to stay diversified here with ALTS showing signs of life. No changes in structure.

Focus remains: $ETH, DeFi, L1 projects like $ATOM and $NEAR.

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4 personnes aiment ça
14 mars, 2023

Finally a true breakout! $BTC $ETH and now other Crypto are moving up hard.

Stockmarkets look like they will open in the green also. The problems with banks and worries about interest rate hikes seems to have reached a important point. Many are expecting some changes in rate hike strategy, this is very positive news for investors and markets.

Let's find out if we can finally turn truly bullish.

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4 personnes aiment ça

@misterD I am curious what you would call a breakout then....

How is this a breakout? Zoom out. I don’t understand how people can have a pinch of bullishness when there are a lot of layoffs and inflation and interest rates at this levels. It doesn’t make sense. This is bad.