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BCH EUR price chart / performance

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) History and Overview

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) History and Overview

Bitcoin Cash is a decentralized peer-to-peer electronic cash system that allows global payments without a central authority like a government or financial institution. Many see its inception as a turning point for DeFi as it serves as a long-term store of value and a highly effective medium of exchange. The fixed supply of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) makes it unique, although it shares many similarities with Bitcoin from which it was forked. While BCH uses the same network, the Bitcoin Cash block (in the blockchain) is eight times bigger than that of Bitcoin. This allows BCH to be cheaper and faster and to have greater scalability than Bitcoin. The addition of Emergency Difficulty Adjustment (EDA) makes the BCH blockchain both secure & immutable. Bitcoin Cash supports smart contract languages like Cashscript to enable 'decentralized finance' applications like synthetic derivates trading.

How To Buy Bitcoin Cash or Add it to your Strategy

The fastest, most convenient way to purchase Bitcoin Cash is to purchase it on ICONOMI. We check Bitcoin Cash live prices on 10+ crypto exchanges and buy it at the best market price.

You can buy Bitcoin Cash by adding it to your private Crypto Strategy (crypto portfolio). You can also use our recurring buy feature that tends to level out cryptocurrency price volatility effects. You can find out more about how to benefit from smaller investments at regular intervals on our blog article.

We recommend you do your own research and cryptocurrency analysis. Experienced crypto traders use fundamental and technical analysis to evaluate if Bitcoin Cash is a good buy/sell. Fundamental and technical analyses are the two most common types of analysis used in trading traditional assets (e.g. stocks and bonds).

If you are unfamiliar with analyzing cryptocurrency prices and want to buy Bitcoin Cash, we recommend you read the next section, as copying might be a better approach.

Add Bitcoin Cash to your portfolio by copying a Strategy

If you are not skilled at these, consider a different approach to investing in cryptocurrencies. You can learn from and copy seasoned crypto traders on ICONOMI who regularly share their insights and manage their public Crypto Strategies. Go to the strategies page and use the “ticker” filter to find out which public Crypto Strategies have Bitcoin Cash in their structure.


Here you can read and comment on all posts made by Strategists about Bitcoin Cash BCH. See all Bitcoin Cash price predictions in real time and make the best use of their crypto knowledge.

Blockchain Index
19 Jul, 2024

Mt. Gox Funds Distribution

The Mt. Gox trustee recently moved significant amounts of $BTC and $BCH, leading to a slightly bearish market reaction. Kraken, one of the five exchanges selected to receive Mt. Gox funds, has confirmed receipt of these funds. Payouts to creditors' accounts are expected within 7 to 14 days. This distribution marks the end of a long wait for Mt. Gox creditors, who have endured over ten years to reclaim their funds. The distribution could influence market dynamics, potentially increasing liquidity but also adding selling pressure. The impact of these distributions will be closely watched by market participants.

Arbitrum's Undervalued Potential

Arbitrum's token $ARB has dropped 68% from its all-time high despite significant ecosystem growth. Arbitrum has become a major player in the blockchain industry, particularly in decentralised exchanges (DEXs), where it ranks third in volume. With over 665 DeFi dApps and 966,000 active addresses, Arbitrum's ecosystem is robust. Despite its achievements, ARB might be undervalued compared to other networks. Market analysts believe that if Arbitrum maintains its key support levels, it could see substantial gains. Investors view Arbitrum as a potentially lucrative investment given its strong fundamentals and market position.

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24 Jun, 2024

One thing is clear is that Mt.GOX only has a lot of #Bitcoin

and no #Ethereum to sell, only $BTC and $BCH.

BTD.DOM / ETHBTC is interesting to monitor here too. 👀

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24 Jun, 2024

One is clear is that Mt.GOX only has a lot of #Bitcoin no #Ethereum to sell, only $BTC and $BCH.

BTD.DOM / ETHBTC is interesting to monitor here.

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Crypto Index 25
2 Apr, 2024

🤟 Rebalancing Info 01.04.2024 🤟 

Strategy Performance March: +28% 🚀

Winner March: $BCH +107% 🚀

Loser March: $INJ -19% ↘️

Every month I rebalance the strategy back to 4% each of the Top25 crypto coins without Stablecoins or wrapped Token. 

There has been 1 change in the Top25:

1x Out: $INJ

24 Rebalanced

1x New: $ARB

Everything is rebalanced back to 4% each.

🤟 🤟

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Blockchain Index
29 Mar, 2024

BLX Weekly Recap

Bitcoin Cash Halving Sparks Rally:

$BCH recently surged by 13% ahead of its anticipated halving event scheduled for April 4th. Historically, such halving events have heralded price increases for the token. This reduction in block rewards, from 6.25 BCH to 3.125 BCH, underscores the asset's scarcity and potential bullish trajectory. The surge in BCH's price is indicative of investor optimism surrounding the upcoming halving, with open interest in BCH-tracked futures more than doubling to $500 million, signalling increased bets on price volatility.

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Bitcoin Cash Price FAQ

What Is the Highest Price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in EUR?

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) price history shows the highest value of 2,780.00 EUR . We recorded this price on December 22, 2017, but we cannot exclude that a higher price was registered before March 24, 2018.

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