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Nov 21, 2022
Nov 28, 2022


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Crypto Index 25
1 Jul, 2022

Rebalancing Info 01.07.2022

Strategy Performance June: -26%嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛 嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛

Winner June: $SHIB嚜 嚜選遛 -13% 嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛

Loser June: $BCH 嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜-49%嚜選遛 嚜選遛嚜選遛

Every month I rebalance the strategy back to 4% each of the Top25 crypto coins without Stablecoins or wrapped Token.

1x New: $VET

嚜24x Rebalanced back to 4%

1x Out: 嚜選遛嚜$FLOW

Post image
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Antares Global
29 May, 2021

Add to positions in $AAVE, $BCH, $BNB, $KSM, $MATIC and $VET, expecting a bounce after the weekend.

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27 May, 2021

We entered and left the $BCH and profit to $BTC

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26 May, 2021

Rebalanced to take profits over $LUNA and $LRC. Increased our holdings in $BCH, $LTC, $REP, which have shown less recovery after last dip. For now, I aim to condense holdings and sell some positions and focus on a few main holdings instead of the highly diversified portfolio we have right now. Let's hope for some more recovery

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Excellent performance after the DIP. The trick is: don't touch anything, just add who's about to take off. $EOS + 40% now we enter $BCH for a new ATH

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We took some profits: $ZIL, $ETH, $BCH, and $LTC.
Added to $USDT

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Let's reshape $BNB and boost $BCH ... it's waiting for an incredible PUMP

6 May, 2021

Rebalance to take $BCH profits. Great to see how other projects now have their well-deserved upward trend after this DOGE madness

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difficulty in inserting $TVK , what to eliminate? $LUNA not touched, the classic $LINK $DOT $ATOM, make a profit .....

$OCEAN and $YFI fell, because $BCH still has so much to say.

Welcome tot the Happening Crypto Index.
A decent low-risk crypto strategy based on strong currencies and promising projects for long-term profits.

Long-term holdings:
Currencies: $BTC $BCH $LTC
Platforms: $ETH $DOT $ZIL $ATOM
Others: $EGLD $LINK

We add some short-term projects for extra profits!

Join us now to go to the moon!

@Happening Strange strategy, but not bad as an escape-route....You're Fees are way too high, with the proven record of only 9 months. If you'd lower them, I would invest in it immediately, but not with these Fees...sorry !!