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Nov 28, 2022
Dec 5, 2022


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26 Nov, 2021

Sadly, $MITH did not pump again, after our initial jump into the pumping failed due to a bug on the iconomi platform.

For now back into the NFT business with 6 coins that had pullbacks in the last 24h.

Removed any $MITH based rules as I am not convinced of an immanent pump (of course doesnt mean it can happen the moment I write this post) but not sitting around doing nothing.

Cost us a lot, but I am confident we can reach a new ATH until end of year.

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24 Nov, 2021

Ok, finally 100% $MITH, lets see if we can keep up the uptrend. Somehow the automatic rebalance to this structure was broken inside iconomi, so I opened a support ticket but nobody reacted. Then I restarted the same structural rebalance and now its done.

Lost some gains in all of this, because the structure I defined right before the trigger would have been about 15%+ until now, but nothing to do about this anymore, sometimes even iconomi is buggy (which was the first time for me in 2 years)

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Hey @misterD Yes definitely, I will. $MITH is also someway NFT but the pump+dump somehow failed, I am a little reluctant to step out right now, but it might be better to just cut our losses and move on.

Hey Nafton, will you go back to have a mix of 5-10 best metaverse projects? I’ve put money into your strat thinking it was a good metaverse index.

20 Nov, 2021

Sometimes you just gotta ride the storm and wait for the weather to clear up. Took +200% profit on $MITH and divided over the rest of the assets.

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ADD $AVAX 2% $ENJ 2% $MITH 2% let’s outperform the market

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21 Aug, 2021

Taking some nice profits on $INJ $MANA and $MATIC. Added $MITH

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10 Jun, 2021

The Axium Fund If you would like to copy my actively managed strategy that so far generated over +10,000% return 20-2021 and has significantly outperformed Bitcoin, you can do it with a single click to subscribe $MITH $COMP

9 Jun, 2021

The Axium Digital Asset Management We make outsized bets on high conviction ideas in the digital asset ecosystem to drive superior returns with risk under control. $MITH +39% #WinnersPressWinners @AXIUMFUND

9 Jun, 2021

The Axium Fund #CompoundingDigitalAssets  $MITH Doing the heavy lifting few. More Process Less Narratives

Pretty nice gains from $LINK, $ETH, and $BTC for the past 2-3 days.

In the past, it has often been found that in the days after these profits show up in smaller alts. At the same time, @TERRA remains a bargain and the retracement now appears complete.

Added $CND, $FTT, $LOOM, $MITH, $RCN, $TRB, and $QSP to spread some to smaller alts.

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Crypto Performers
11 Apr, 2021

Taking some profit from $WAN after the recent jump 📈. Adding $MATIC and $MITH

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