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Nov 27, 2022
Dec 4, 2022


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Recently took some profits on $ATOM & $BLZ

I'm loving the fact that everybody is hating on $BTC. Best time to buy Bitcoin is when everybody hates it.

We managed to sell $ATOM around 0,000605 BTC ratio

Will continue to monitor the market moves.

Also recently added a bit higher position of new asset $RUNE. It's a multichain DEX built with Cosmos technology. Recently many big upgrades have happened but the price didn't reflect this, quite the oposite. We like buying projects with real use case & usable product which is gaining in adoption, especialy while prices are cheap.

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30 Mar, 2022

Adding a new holding, $BLZ. A project focused on Gaming, NFT and DeFi. Nice fit for our investment range and on its latest update the Bluzelle team shared that BLZ will be integrated with the COSMOS ecosystem. This includes OSMOSIS and more. Think this is a good risk vs reward holding now.

Added 4%, lowering $ETH and $ATOM

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27 Oct, 2021

moving profits on $ETH $AXS $ATOM and$BLZ into dex

15 Aug, 2021

Concentration builds wealth, diversification preserves wealth. If you diversify with no money, you are simply preserving nothing.

Although we fully stick to this methodology and fully believe into our investment thesis into $$ATOM, we have decided to do some micro diversification into few quality projects and potencial high risk/ high return bets. These include: $MIR $REN $INJ $TVK $BLZ

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Quite happy with my performance for example $CRO $BNB $XRP $BLZ I will get a bit more into blogging now. Stay tuned my portfolio is very diversified and I try to manage risk from time to time leaving the bottom line of coins stable as long as I am happy with them. Tx to my copiers.🤞🙏😎

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27 Mar, 2021

Took Profit of $ANKR and $BLZ. If $BTC passes the 56K line and retests it, we are out of the woods. At the moment we are not there yet, therefore adding $USDT to buy a potential weekend dip.

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undervalued coins
26 Feb, 2021

$BLZ out, $RUNE in.

Just a basic rebalance.✅ $Dot is still overweight with 20%. Feeling good with a 100% ALT exposure. Nothing too crazy besides a little $Blz and $Crv position.😎

Took some profits in $BLZ. Rebalanced the $Alts and added $BTC back into the mix.

Hopeful Futures
14 Aug, 2020

Dear investors, I decided to diversify the strategy by including minorities of just newly introduced coin on Iconomi. I added $AKRO, $HBAR, $BLZ, $BAL. I reduced $ATOM, $TOMO, $ALGO, $AST and more, to get some accumultaed gain. I also enhanced the $BTC and $ETH after last recent drop in price. Hope you can enjoy the ride!!! 🤟😎