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Sep 26, 2023
Oct 3, 2023


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Waves (WAVES) Overview

The primary purpose of Waves technology is for its blockchain to enable users to create and launch custom crypto tokens. This creation and trading is made to be simpler, without the need for complicated smart contract programming. Instead, tokens can be managed and created using scripts that run in users' accounts on the Waves blockchain. 

The primary idea behind Waves tech is that the development and governance of new tokens should be simple and not inherently different from launching traditional web applications.

There are two different types of nodes which can be run on the Waves blockchain software: full nodes and lightweight nodes. Full nodes provide all information and history of the transactions, while lightweight nodes do not and depend on full nodes to confirm transactions and interact with the network. 

The Waves coin is WAVES. 

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We recommend you do your own research and cryptocurrency analysis. Experienced crypto trades use fundamental and technical analysis to evaluate if Waves is a good buy/sell. Fundamental and technical analyses are the two most common types of analysis used in trading traditional assets (e.g. stocks and bonds).

If you are unfamiliar with analyzing cryptocurrency prices and want to buy Waves, we recommend you read the next section, as copying might be a better approach.

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13 Sep, 2022

Hello 🍂

happy to see You, my dear follower, not being agitated by the bear.

A couple of more weeks or maybe months and the worst is likely to be over. However who can't really tell with current state of the human world.

One thing is for certain, that after the rain comes sun and Moonity is preparing for the (value) decoupling of the legacy from the emerging (DeFi, ReFi, SoFi,...) markets!

Here's a swift explanation on the latest re.balance ⚖️


$WAVES (Cardano is becoming the go to smart contract / programmable validator) platform in 2023; $DNT(ETH L2 future uncertain due to PoS switch, only keeping high profile L2 assets in the strategy and $POLYmath (no longer supported on Iconomi)


$ALGO due to recent huge SDK update that most likely will kick start development and interoperability $STORJ , $AR , $GRT& $ATOM in preparation of Moonity becoming an infrastructure focused strategy and those are the primary assets that'll be integrated

Have a blessed harvest / autumn season, stay healthy in mind & body 🙏

Post image
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2 Jun, 2022

$ADA looks good to go! (see chart).

Just like $SOL and $WAVES.

Therefore rearranged the portfolio.

Post image
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Monthly Structure Change 2022-05

 Added $XMR

 Removed $WAVES

 Rebalance Turnover 3.34%

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Crypto Index 25
1 May, 2022

🤟 Rebalancing Info 01.05.2022 🤟

Strategy Performance April: -21% 

Winner April: $DOGE -4% 

Loser April:  $WAVES -77% 

Every month I rebalance the strategy back to 4% each of the Top25 crypto coins without Stablecoins or wrapped Token.

1x New: $XMR

24x Rebalanced back to 4%

1x Out: $WAVES

🤟 🤟

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Our strategy is in the TOP 6 in the year!!! 

Great moment for cryptos and hopefully we continue to grow.

$LUNA $BTC $ETH $SOL $RUNE $WAVES $VET $CAKE were part of the growth during this year.

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DONE. We have to support the whole ecosystem

well said SkyHigh... Terra Luna to the moon 🚀

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Waves Price FAQ

What Is the Highest Price of Waves (WAVES) in EUR?

Waves (WAVES) price history shows the highest value of 49.46 EUR . We recorded this price on April 1, 2022, but we cannot exclude that a higher price was registered before December 1, 2018.

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