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Sep 28, 2022
Oct 5, 2022


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Mentions and Serum price predictions by strategists

Andy Storm
5 Apr, 2022

I sold $IRIS with a good profit and bought $SRM.

$SRM is oversold on daily time frame so I'm waiting for a good run in short time!

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4 Dec, 2021

The Eigernord portfolio pursues a long-term strategy. The circa semi-monthly rebalancing was performed on 12/3/2021 according to the following principle: The trend strength/performance of each cryptocurrency in the portfolio over the last period (~15 days) is taken as a basis and the weighting (strategy) of each asset is adjusted up or down accordingly (rounding +/- 0.25%). Cryptocurrencies < 0.75% are dropped from the portfolio. The best performance of the last period was achieved by Sandbox $SAND with a whopping plus of 65% followed by Terra $LUNA with 40%. Terra $LUNA is now the weightiest currency at 8.5%.  The monthly return on Dec. 3, 2021 is about -9%. The three-month return is about 8%. Due to underperformance (<0.75%) the following currencies were removed: Litecoin $LTC , Serum $SRM, Synthetix $SNX.  The portfolio consists of 42 currencies in total.

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14 Nov, 2021

Removing $BAL and $SRM , adding $SAND

7 Nov, 2021

Removing $ALGO and adding $LRC. $SRM is now 5% only.

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3 Nov, 2021

Rebalancing to distibute $SOL and $AVAX profits. Removing $ENJ and adding $SRM.

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3 Nov, 2021

Morning guys! The market is looking quite solid! $BTC is bullflagging (see chart) and ALTS are popping up like crazy.

I've diversified the ALTS within the portfolio to increase $LUNA, $SRM and $SOL.

Especially the last one is going into price discovery and then you simply don't know how high it can go. 

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I am decreasing $LUNA exposure by 50%. Adding $ATOM, $SRM and $LTC. All of them look really bullish. #Moonvember

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25 Oct, 2021

$ICP is flying!! $SRM and $BTC also great job! Only $ATOM needs a little wakeup call. Overall it's looking good! 

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24 Oct, 2021

Good evening! I just checked a list with more then 50 top ALTS and there are a couple of outliers, that look ready for another leg up.

They best looking are $ATOM, $ICP and $SRM.

Therefore they are added to the portfolio.

The portfolio still concist of $USDT in case we go deeper. In case we just spike down, and then up again, we are now exposed to some real potential winners.

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Alpha Digital
10 Oct, 2021

$BTC is still doing well, reliably printing higher lows.

Alts didn’t even give a proper relieve rally, so I’m cutting exposure again and diversifying a bit more. I still expect them to suddenly pop sometime in the future and don’t want to be completely sidelined.

One alt I’m particularly optimistic about is $SRM. A rapidly growing orderbook based dex on the Solana blockchain. Price action has been pretty disappointing though.

With (hopefully) crypto friendly regulation happening around the world I can imagine a privacy narrative forming, pushing projects like $XMR, $DVPN, $OXT, $ZEC, etc.

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