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Oct 11, 2021
Oct 18, 2021
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$BTC is still doing well, reliably printing higher lows.

Alts didn’t even give a proper relieve rally, so I’m cutting exposure again and diversifying a bit more. I still expect them to suddenly pop sometime in the future and don’t want to be completely sidelined.

One alt I’m particularly optimistic about is $SRM. A rapidly growing orderbook based dex on the Solana blockchain. Price action has been pretty disappointing though.

With (hopefully) crypto friendly regulation happening around the world I can imagine a privacy narrative forming, pushing projects like $XMR, $DVPN, $OXT, $ZEC, etc.

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1 Oct, 2021

Strong move off the baseline $BTC $ETC $SRM

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Profits from $SRM have been distributed to $LUNA bigger holding waiting for the Columbus.......

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Big changes to active to move $BTC position to $FTT $SRM $SOL hopefully a quick correction followed by something more.

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Added $FIL $SRM to the active strategy to cover various basis.

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If $BTC can get above 48.8k and successfully retests the channel the situation brightens up and we could very well see a continuation towards 52k-53k.

I'm ready and eyeing $ATOM, $SRM, $RUNE

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Today's liquidation event was one of the heaviest $BTC has ever seen.

Nobody could've seen something of this magnitude coming. 

Before FOMOing into this rally, I want to see $BTC holding above its daily EMA 100 and EMA 200 for some time. They are both currently at 38.5k. 

We're also seeing many horizontal resistances in this area so I'm cautiously watching market structure and momentum. 

We made good money on the last move up and I don't have any intention of giving it back during the next inevitable correction. The market overall looks much better than a few days ago but this probably isn't a new paradigm. 

I'll be buying between 36-37.5k with stops below 35k. 

For the next structure, I'm eyeing $SOL , $SRM, $SUSHI , and $ATOM 

PS: If you're actively trading in this market make sure to have a stop loss in place because unexpected and violent moves can easily liquidate you (If you went short with 2.4x leverage @34k you would've been liquidated on Binance Futures overnight) 

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+25% in one day, $SUSHI, $SNX, and $YFI are forces of nature! DeFi summer 2.0 is in the making. 🔥
I'll be using the current market to trade a few breakouts and retests in the coming days. In the center of attention for me are $LTC, $BAL, $SXP, $LINK, $BAND, $COTI, $ICX, $ATOM, $MATIC, $AAVE, $SRM, $SOL, $REN, $ZEC, and $XMR. 👀
Let's get back to ATH 🤟

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16 May, 2021

Added $SRM. Removed $FLOW.

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3 May, 2021

Rebalanced $WAVES and added $SRM and $ALPHA among other things 🚀💪

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