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Oct 11, 2021
Oct 18, 2021
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$REN up over 100% in just a few days, incredible. Get ready for liftoff 

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$REN starting to breakout, up 50% in last few days, glad we have held it as part out of our portfolio for so long now, our patience is beginning to pay off here

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Nice day in profits, $REN really leading the pack

Rebalance to redistribute profits, no change in structure

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Concentration builds wealth, diversification preserves wealth. If you diversify with no money, you are simply preserving nothing.

Although we fully stick to this methodology and fully believe into our investment thesis into $$ATOM, we have decided to do some micro diversification into few quality projects and potencial high risk/ high return bets. These include: $MIR $REN $INJ $TVK $BLZ

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Very highly anticipated update is comming to $ATOM within 48h --> Gravity DEX.

IBC protocol + Gravity DEX + Gravity Bridge(inc. in few weeks) will sparkle a new crosschain DeFi season and #Cosmos will be in the centre to capture value in multichain activity.

I believe Cosmos is valued like $ETH when it was bellow 20$

Valuation logic: Multichain Network > Single Chain network

Cosmos is also 2nd most used public blockchain network in the entire crypto space. Also it is in top 3 most used blockchains developers decide to build on decentralised apps.

Our fundamental investment thesis remains unchanged for $ATOM . Although we have decided to diversify with minor amount to few Cosmos based projects.


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+25% in one day, $SUSHI, $SNX, and $YFI are forces of nature! DeFi summer 2.0 is in the making. 🔥
I'll be using the current market to trade a few breakouts and retests in the coming days. In the center of attention for me are $LTC, $BAL, $SXP, $LINK, $BAND, $COTI, $ICX, $ATOM, $MATIC, $AAVE, $SRM, $SOL, $REN, $ZEC, and $XMR. 👀
Let's get back to ATH 🤟

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Market acting bipolar these days. But fading $BTC dominance is quite good for alts as we have seen today. $ETH casually printing a new ATH, just like $SOL. $BAND and $ATOM also showed solid performance. $LTC looks good too and could soar to new ATHs any moment. Watching $ALPHA, $REN and $SXP which still look relatively weak. $MATIC could provide good returns given $ETH recent surge. All in all📈✅

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21 Apr, 2021

Very excited to add $MIR to CARUS-AR! We requested this project to be added to ICONOMI a long time ago and not its available!
Adding 6% MIR (removed $REN and lowered $SOL some) 😎

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What a massacre! 📉 But don't worry, over time you get used to this kind of price swings. High returns go hand in hand with high volatility. The only metric I'm now looking at is relative strength to Bitcoin. The market will recover so why bother about USD prices? 😎

$SOL already up 10% from entry, which puts us just 15% away from ATH. Will keep holding $ATOM and $REN🤟
$BTC, $ETH not out of the

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Hopeful Futures
18 Apr, 2021

That hurted 😱! Let's see now what the "market" says... in the meanwhile some alts that have fallen more, as $SXP $RSR have been bought back, selling some little $ETH and $BTC given those had the lower losses. Also increased $REN as its last months gain is lower and has potentials to draw the others evaluation 🙏

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