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Jan 23, 2023
Jan 30, 2023


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3 Dec, 2021

NewFutureTokens ATH up from 300% (5th Nov) to 420% today (3th Dec)

Lets keep on Flying 

Rebalanced again and added some WEB3 projects.


$ENJ removed

Have a nice weekend

The flying Dutchman

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I think I came at the wrong moment. I'm already at -20% what's your next move ? Why not switching to full usdt before the actual dump ?

good game, another flying Dutchie 

20 May, 2021

The Axium Fund we seek to be #NonConsensus & Right. #OverWeightInnovation #CompoundingDigitalAssets $REEF

18 May, 2021

The Axium Fund Europe’s Leading Digital Asset ETF Fund / Superior Return
#Defi FutureofFinance #P&Lmatters 🚀 $REEF 👀😱

14 May, 2021

The Axium Fund: Invested in Long Term Value #CompoundingDigitalAssets Join us there should be more of us compounding together “When you own a significant Excess of Value. Lots of Wonderful things can happen over long periods”. $REEF 👀

One minor change took 1% from $ETH profit's and allocated to $REEF love the $DOT ecosystem🚀

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The oracle told me: $BAND. $REEF and $TVK wait .... minimize, do not remove.
$LUNA is not touched ....

$XRP for now, has already given everything possible in my opinion ... to keep an eye on. $Reef added, in remaining balance. Huge weight for $luna and $bnb, waiting for them to take off very soon

Paradigm Shift 1
9 Apr, 2021

Added consolidating $FIL at cost of $REEF & $EOS, which remain in the basket but with reduced exposure.
🔥 Filecoin is getting extreme traction in China, with the Government encouraging $FIL mining.

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Multipass INVEST
30 Mar, 2021

Minor rebalance and restructure📈 Adding undervalued $ANKR , $CRO, $REEF, $CAKE for longer run risking a bit higher volatility. Highest hodlings (Σ44%) remain $LUNA 🚀 and $BTC.

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Taken profit from $REEF and add it to $LINK $BNB. This is the long term play as those coins/Tokens have good potential for sustainability. Be very careful with the current mania of NFT reminds me of 2017/2018 ICO.

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