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Nov 27, 2022
Dec 4, 2022


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Andy Storm
28 Mar, 2022

I sold $OCEAN at 0.635 and wait for him to buy lower around 0.58 area.

He is overbought on 4H and daily also so for this reason I expect a small pullback.

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22 Jan, 2022


What does this mean for GRAZZP.

I believe the bottom is close and most sellers already sold.

The past shows that strongest ALTS (vs BTC) during downtrend, will go up the strongest. Therefore I've added $MKR, $OCEAN, $REQ, $QSP and $KNC

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STP Strategy
5 Dec, 2021

What you are about to see will be EPIC. $LUNA $LINK $FET $ATOM $OCEAN $ANC 

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3 Dec, 2021

Morning all! $XLM is doing great!

$VET could have found a bottom here (see chart), also $ALGO is looking primed to pump. They are both added. We've kept $ONE.

Within the "fixed" part of the strategy I've removed some and added $TVK and $OCEAN.

Still have the CME gap in mind. I said it before, but it could be just a small spike down and then up!

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STP Strategy
1 Dec, 2021

Locked a quick 20% daily profit on $OCEAN and loading up $FET at support. Maintaining $LUNA & $LINK . 

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STP Strategy
30 Nov, 2021

Making 25% adjustment after few weeks. Keeping big exposure to $LUNA  , maintaining $LINK but exchanging $FTT for $OCEAN .  $OCEAN is breaking out against $BTC which could lead to an acceleration in the coming weeks. 

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Antares Global
1 Nov, 2021

New ATH in Antares Global, now near +70% in 6 months (thanks to $OCEAN and $OMG!!!)

Also Antares Global got recognized as one of the top 100 best performing crypto strategies at Nilsson Hedge Crypto Strategy Ranking, see here:


Definitely what a nice way to start November!!!

To the moon and beyond!!! 

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Good morning.

Great $LUNA  move.

We added $OCEAN which is looking for a new ATH

Ottimo slancio di $LUNA ,

Abbiamo aggiunto $OCEAN che è alla ricerca di un nuovo ATH

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Good morning, We can't complain. $OCEAN out, and all-in $MATIC.

Add $COTI break-out at 0.37472

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Little Rebalance $MATIC take profit, and insert $OCEAN

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