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Jan 19, 2022
Jan 26, 2022
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24 Jan, 2022

Goodmorning Toplytic,

I took out $SOL, its having some network issues, and i don't want to take more risk with it.

Moved its % to $LUNA / $LINK / $MATIC.

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21 Jan, 2022

Sell $MATIC (with a profit) and invest to $BTC.

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19 Jan, 2022

Good morning Toplytic,

Used some of our $LUNA which has been doing really good during this dip to buy some more $MATIC / $LINK / $ATOM.

No further change in structure.

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+30% from $ATOM in the last days moved into $LUNA $MATIC and $SOL

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Happy new year to everyone! We wish everybody the best for 2022 and loads of new all time highs  2021 was the year of L1's and NFT's. We have most of the L1's in our portfolio and there has been rumours that this year will be L2'22. $MATIC has been doing great already last year and if it can keep attracting projects to move over, L222 will be very promising for $MATIC.

With $BTC struggling a bit around $46k there is a lot of fear in the market. Normally these are the times to accumulate: “Buy the fear, Sell the greed”. 

We have around 20% of our portfolio in $USDC ready to buy a potential further dip.

$LINK is known as the bear market beast. It has been doing well this week while the rest is not moving much so we took some $LINK profits to increase our $ADA and $VET stack.

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3 Jan, 2022

Small change; removing $ETH & $BTC, there dominance is falling, were putting back in $MATIC & put some more weight into $SOL.

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✅ GoldHorn Crypto® Venture reviewed $WAN exposure case.

Structure rebalanced.

The future of blockchain will be powered by decentralised cross-chain interoperability.


$WAN - King of DeFi.

✅ www.goldhorn-crypto.com ✅

Thank you for your trust.

Happy New Year 2022 and lots of ATHs. 

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Weekly Update:

Great Christmas week and weekend pump for the whole market got most of our blue chip coins going up more than 20%. With the big winner $AAVE up more than 50%. It feels like defi is coming back again as $AAVE $UNI $LINK are all up more than 20%.

$DOT got their first batch of parachains launched on December the 18th and the next 5 are open for auction right now. Also gaining back a lot of the ground it lost in the last few weeks.

$MATIC is an absolute beast and is already putting in new all time highs. We can only imagine what will happen to the price of $MATIC if $BTC keeps his end of the year rally going 

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