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Nov 28, 2022
Dec 5, 2022


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GoldHorn Venture
30 Nov, 2022

✅ GoldHorn Venture reviewed $WAN exposure case. Structure rebalanced. Structure exposure 15,00 % $BTC, 10,00 % $ETH, 2,50 $AVAX, 2,50 % $MATIC.

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Very glad we kept playing defensive. We don't think we are out of the woods yet. Rules in place to buy more $BTC , $ETH , $BNB , $ADA , $MATIC and $LINK at lower levels.

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Slightly more defensive as charts turn bearish again.

S&P500 and stock markets reach resistance. USD reaches support. Contagion issues seam far from over.

We'll stay in the market with almost half of our funds, but we keep dry powder to buy the blood.

We've set up rules to buy $BTC , $ETH , $BNB , $LINK , $ADA , $MATIC, $ATOM , $SAND and $GALA

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12 Nov, 2022


Those are our thought on the market in general. Now moving to our structure👀 Apart from the positions we currently hold, we plan to add $MATIC, $ATOM, $RUNE, and $LDO into our structure. Those tokens are currently included in the rules we set last night. Once the market starts to show more bullish signs we will start to diversify further

Have a great weekend!🙌

P.S. tomorrow, there will be no update unless something shocking happens😅

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@CryptoMan Those look like the once that will survive and could have a bright future in the next cycle.. there are of course a few more and we plan to diversify further once we start to see more bullish sign.

can you shortly elaborate why did you choose those alts? The are almost the copy of my personal non iconomy portfolio (except Atom).

@djredo rebalances are set based on the $BTC, not $MATIC prices...

4 Nov, 2022

QUICK Re⚖️balance / Pivot Update

/rm - .18% $ALGO | - .28% $AAVE | - .25% $MATIC

/add + .65% $AR | + .09% $STORJ

Stay healthy, happy & mindful 🙏

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STP Strategy
4 Nov, 2022

Adding $MATIC to portfolio on a $1 breakout. $BNB hitting highest levels since May and new all-time highs against $BTC. $LINK has formed multi-month base ahead of staking launch in December.

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1 Nov, 2022

❇️ Hugh Math Index Fund for Nov 2022

72.53% of Total Market Cap ($740.63 bn)

Number of Constituents (30)

❇️ Overall Portfolio Composition (%)

🔰 Coins 86.47 %

🔰 Tokens 13.53 %

❇️ Top 10 Holdings (67.60% of Total Assets)

$BTC (22.23%)

$ETH (15.58%)

$BNB (8.03%)

$ADA (4.20%)

$SOL (3.84%)

$MATIC (3.13%)

$DOT (3.06%)

$AVAX (2.66%) 

$UNI (2.62%)

$ATOM (2.25%)

❇️ Sector Weightings (%)

🔰 Blockchain Infrastructure (62.02%)

🔰 Currency (27.93%)

🔰 DeFi ( 3.85%)

🔰 GameFi (2.54%)

🔰 CeFi (2.08%)

🔰 Blockchain Service (1.58%)

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Changing to Active Structure - Hedge Function 2&3 is now activated

This structure change will be automatically executed on the client's Bitcoin Crypto Assets DAA accounts.


Removing: $USDC


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18 Oct, 2022

Re⚖️balance / Pivot Update

The pivot started and will take about 30-90 days, depending on macro econ. and crypto market sentiments.

/rm $WAXP | - .2% $MATIC | - .18% $MTL | - .37% $AAVE | - .46% $MKR

/add + .64% $ADA | + .39% $GRT | + .04% $ATOM | + .74% $AR

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The Biggies
17 Oct, 2022

Added $btc $eth $cake $matic $sand $enj

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