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Jan 19, 2022
Jan 26, 2022
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Keep3rV1 Mentioned by strategists

So far it looks like the bottom is in. Very happy we bought back in with our 10% $USDC position right at yesterdays bottom.

I allocated more funds to $BTC because I expect it to outperform many alts in the first fase of the recovery.

We'll see today if we can make a higher high in $BTC above 38k. That would confirm an uptrend, although I expect some resistence at the 40k level. If $BTC pauses sub 40k, it could give room to the best alts to run.

I took some 'profits' in $ATOM . It did very well during the downturn and made new highs in $ETH above previous resistence zones at 0,014. We still have a big allocation because this is very bullish, but I decided to reallocate some funds to the beaten down $KP3R because it is in a strong $BTC uptrend I expect to continue if $BTC holds the line.

$ATOM has a history of oscillating against $ETH and is on the upper band of that range. That's why I lowered our position. Nevertheless, it's breaking out above that resistence! 

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Took some $ADA profits because 1.60usd is a resistance level. I redistributed the proceeds to $KP3R , $LINK and $RUNE that are beaten down to hard.

As long as $BTC holds above 40k, alts are the best place to be.

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16 Jan, 2022

Lowering $KP3R 2% to 6%. Adding a extra 1% to $CRV and $ROSE.

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Good old $LUNA , $ADA , $ATOM and $KP3R are feeding our outperformance today. Very happy with our allocations.

$LUNA made new ATH's in $BTC and $ETH value. Don't look to much at the usd-value of $LUNA right now. It's more important that it keeps going up in $ETH and $BTC .

$ATOM is inches away of new ATH's in $BTC and usd. It looks ready for a move into incharted territory. Very promising.

$KP3R is still a small cap but in a massive uptrend. It's always a little bit risky to jump on a coin that went up so much, but I think it has lots of room to grow in a crypto upleg. I'm eyeing 300%500% upside in this one.

$ADA is recovering from a more than 90% drop in $ETH value. I think the odds are in our favor that it will outperform $ETH from here.

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More and more indications that the bottom might be in.

$BTC is grinding higher.

$LUNA is outpeforming once more.

I added the very promising $KP3R .

Overal very optimistic. 

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13 Jan, 2022

Adding a very exciting new DeFi project: $KP3R. One of my current favourite projects, made it 8%.

More info here:

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bux also a option for the strategy?

Where can I see which new coins are added by Iconomi? Tried to look under "blog" or in the "Help Center", but did not find anything... just by chance saw their Twitter announcement for $KP3R