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Oct 13, 2021
Oct 20, 2021
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Komodo Mentioned by strategists
9 Apr, 2021

It was a pretty good ride with $ENJ $KMD $WAVES.
- Not being greedy, 25% still in USDT.
- Not risking with $XRP
- Wondering if 60K BTC is still lurking before Sunday (weekly close candle)XRP
Have a good week-end.😎

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high reward
8 Apr, 2021

A good rebounce today. $KMD outperforming. 😎

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13 Feb, 2021

Moonity Rebalance

Most likely DeFi and small cap coins will follow suit. Moonity removes 1 and adds 3 new assets! Removes: $XTZ
adds: 1) $GRT (even though it pumped quite hard, but the current price corresponds to protocols value and TA signals it won’t go below 4500 sat/currently 1,68€),
2) $WAVES & 3) $KMD (both DEXs and currently heavily undervalued)

Stay happy and healthy 🙏

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Best of Crypto
31 Jan, 2021

Our strategy had a good week because we were able to reinvest the cash and get into the market early enough to benefit from some pumps with small positions. $DOGE, $DGB, $XLM, $KMD and even $XRP. 😎 Now we hold mainly cash again to wait and see... 🤔

Rebalance to take very nice profits on $REN, $RUNE, $COMP and $BAL. Further concentrating the portfolio by removing $OMG, $KMD, $IRIS, $DCR and $ALGO. Upping $ETH.

Green Machine
22 Aug, 2020

Prices down since moving to 10% $USDT but market has held up pretty well so far. Removing hedge and also lowering $BTC weight to 40%. $ETH still at 10% along with $XTZ & $ZIL which both look ripe for gains against BTC at any time. Also adding 5% $AE & 7.5% $KMD exposure too. Looking at bigger picture 1w charts, both have a lot of volume recently but not so much upwards action (yet) against $BTC.

Best of Crypto
21 Aug, 2020

Ethereum Medalla testnet is facing problems which might delay necessary scaling solutions for ETH. Bad for all $ETH projects that suffer from high tx costs, but bullish for competitor platforms. $QTUM, $KMD $AE and others well placed to benefit!

Rebalancing. Letting grow $DCR, $KMD and $RUNE profits.

Adding $RUNE to the portfolio, and some old gold that could soon see a revival: $DCR and $KMD. Removed underperforming $ZIL.

Best of Crypto
18 Aug, 2020

Rediscovered the progress Status ($SNT) Ethereum Chat has made. Added it to the portfolio among other not yet hyped but well established projects like Aeternity $AE, Komodo $KMD, Golem $GNT and Siacoin $SC. Market is likely to rediscover these projects in the coming weeks.

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