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Jan 21, 2023
Jan 28, 2023


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Andy Storm
5 Apr, 2022

I sold $IRIS with a good profit and bought $SRM.

$SRM is oversold on daily time frame so I'm waiting for a good run in short time!

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11 Jan, 2022

Reduced fees and rebalanced to add $INJ alongside existing holdings of $ATOM, $BNB, $CRO, $LUNA, $KAVA, $FET, $BAND, and $IRIS

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Multipass INVEST
17 Oct, 2021

Great☝️ quarterly result for #MultipassINVEST📈 We'll remain diversified and seek optimal gains:risk ratio. Largest assets🚀: $LUNA, $ATOM, $IRIS, $MINA. Automatic stop-loss rules active...😎

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22 Apr, 2021

Removed underperforming $ANKR and $IRIS added extra to $LUNA and $SOL.

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15 Apr, 2021

Bought back $IRIS since it corrected so nicely✅🚀📉📈

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14 Apr, 2021

Lowering $BTC to 2% adding a extra 0.5% to: $LINK $COMP $NEAR $SNX $REN @NXM $BAND and $IRIS.

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Dropped $IRIS for some more $XRP exposure.

Adding to winners can be hard as our brains like to avoid the potential pain of giving back gains. But ripple doesn't seem to be done just yet. Let's respect the trend.

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12 Apr, 2021

Taking $IRIS profits a second time, no changes in structure.

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12 Apr, 2021

Rebalance to take $IRIS and $SOL profits. No changes in structure.

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21 Mar, 2021

Good morning, nice little correction.
Let's use 2% of our $BTC and 1% of $USDT to add a extra 0.5% to: $AVAX $BAND $ANKR $ROSE $RUNE and $IRIS, all 3.5% now.

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