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Dec 2, 2022
Dec 9, 2022


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Removing $UNI , $MLN adding $ALPHA. Rebalancing--mainly-- $SOLand minor rebalance of $ETH $MATIC $ENJ $AXS

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Let's clarify: $LUNA luna is extremely bullish, but with the update block it is logical that it loses ground. At this time, other assets will make a lot more profit such as $ALPHA .

I will come back heavily on $LUNA at a later time

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Deployment of the Columbus-5 mainnet will be delayed for approximately 3 weeks.

I decrease $LUNA add: $ALPHA $ROSE + $ETH

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Removing $ALPHA, adding in $MLN & $AXS, rebalancing $ENJ $UNI $ETH $MATIC $SOL

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Kairos Capital
1 Jun, 2021

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is the future of finance.

Timing the markets is near impossible, but:
1) DeFi represents about 5% of total crypto market cap, while having the most innovation, traction, and cash flow
2) The best protocols have live revenues and products, and are growing.


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Alpha Digital
13 May, 2021

This dump is to shake you out even though you'd be better off buying the dip. 😎
I expect a capital rotation from $ETH to $DeFi.
Adding a basket of $BAL, $SXP, $SNX, $SUSHI, $UTK, and $ALPHA to the strategy. 🚀
Keeping $ATOM and $BNT. Removing $LTC

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invest with care
1 May, 2021

A good finish for high reward crypto strategy in April, closing a difficult month positive and once again outperforming BTC. We're well positioned for the next leg higher IMHO 🚀 top performers of the last 24h were $CHR, $AAVE, $ALPHA

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Kairos Capital
30 Apr, 2021

$ALPHA and $RUNE showing some real strength today.

Keep the structure intact for now and still betting on DeFi growth and adoption in the coming months.

Up only! 🚀

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Removing $BADGER $ALPHA. Adding $MLN and $RSR, minor rebalancing of $SOL $ETH $ENJ $MATIC 🤔

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27 Apr, 2021

This morning again a strong impulsive move of $BTC. Thinks are looking very well now! Also yesterday some alts were popping already, today I added the ones that are ready to start popping; $VET, $AAVE, $ALPHA, $ALGO and $AVAX. Removed $CAKE and $CRV. 🚀🚀🚀

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