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Crypto Loan
Borrow € instantly,
amplify your investment.
Receive instant cash.
Back it up with BTC or ETH collateral.
Get fixed yearly interest.
Amount To Borrow
Collateral Asset
Collateral Amount
Collateral Percentage
200% (LTV)
Yearly Interest Rate
Create your loan
How does it work?
Design your own loan in 4 easy steps.
Create a free ICONOMI account and complete Tier 2 identity verification.
Deposit collateral (BTC or ETH) and receive instant loan in EUR.
Customize the loan amount & LTV %.
Our loan monitoring
service will keep you up
to date.
Flexibility is the key.
Collateral options
Select bitcoin or ether,
Deposit a min. of 200% of the amount you want to borrow,
Overcollateralize to secure your funds even more.
Create your loan
We believe in transparency.
No surprises on interest
We charge a fixed yearly interest rate,
It's locked until your loan is paid off or liquidated,
It’s deducted from your collateral on an 8hr. interval.
You’ll be informed when it’s important.
24/7 Loan monitoring
You will receive the following email notifications from our loan monitoring service, when the price of the minimum collateral investment (200%) decreases:
1st notice: the price drops to 180%
2nd notice: the price drops to 160%
3rd notice: liquidation begins at 150%
Create your loan
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It's done in minutes & available in 38 countries.
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