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Alpha Digital


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Alpha Digital Strategy Performance

Alpha Digital Strategy Performance

Feb 24, 2024
Mar 2, 2024

About this Strategy

About this Strategy

Robust Assets & Smart Allocation: Prioritizing solid crypto picks, tactical positioning, capitalizing on trends & compound interest. Past ≠ Future.

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Alpha Digital
26 Feb, 2024

$BTC just had its highest 4H close since December 2021.

Also closed above the previous highs which is what I was looking at for considering allocating again.

At the same time Bitcoin dominance is bouncing from support, $ETH/$BTC falling after hitting resistance.

I won't repeat the same mistake and simply go with Bitcoin for now.

Allocating only partially for now in case $BTC gets rejected, which could result in taking out the lows.

I will be very cautious if we see a 4H close below 52.4k again and definitely out if we close below 51.5k.

The last 4 hour candle is crazy, going from range lows to nearly new highs.

We're in an uptrend so I am not going to fade this breakout, but it isn't unusual to take the liquidity on both sides. Meaning a strong and quick move in one direction followed by a similar move in the other direction screwing both buyers and sellers.

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Alpha Digital
21 Feb, 2024

Most altcoins lost important trends during tonight's sell off.

$BTC is holding on a thread, sitting on the 1 hour 200 EMA at 51k.

We haven't tested this EMA since 42.5k.

The last ETF data shows slowing inflows.

NASDAQ is near the 4H 200 EMA which could provide support.

Nvidia publishes earnings today - everyone and their grandparents is watching.

While just a few hours ago the crypto market looked very bullish, altcoins now look increasingly bearish and Bitcoin neutral to slightly bearish.

$ETH is also losing steam, $SOL lost its 105$ support.

All in all I expect bounces on altcoins to be sold as people try to exit their positions, barring any bullish news or strong $ETH/$BTC performance.

$BTC is highly dependent on continued ETF inflows.

Nvidia earnings are probably going to set the tone for the rest of the week.

Long story short - Headwinds ahead but it's not over.

As usual, these are just my thoughts and should not be relied upon as investment advice.

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A bit disappointed that if we looked at the past year the strat gained 30% while Bitcoin recovered 110% from its value, one might wonder why not staying in BTC directly

Alpha Digital
15 Feb, 2024

Spot $BTC buying pressure continues to be very strong. We have not seen any blow-off tops on Bitcoin, Ethereum and most other altcoins. The only thing really concerning me is the huge amount of open interest added. $BTC OI is 40% higher than it was a week ago. It's hard to predict when we'll see the next flush that removes excess longs. But the question is not if this will happen, but when this is going to happen. Ideally Bitcoin ranges tightly for a bit so $ETH and altcoins can catch up. I did a restructuring to remove weak performers and add strong ones. In the current market environment you buy what's up. It always makes me uneasy because it feels like these coins are the ones that can fall the deepest, but most of the time they also are the ones holding up the best on corrections.

Hoping for the best 🤞

As usual, these are solely my thoughts and should not be relied upon as financial advice.

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Pretty nice gains . Happy to be here

No luck guessing the right ones so far.

Alpha Digital
19 Jan, 2024

Everyone following me long enough probably knows what I am about to say now:

*Patience is a virtue*

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Patience is a virtue..

Also @Kobau clearly are being punished right now for being in market, mr buy high sell low.

It is unlikely we bottomed yet. 32k i think is where we should bounce. 26k if whole crypto goes to sh*t.

Alpha Digital
11 Jan, 2024

ETFs got approved and today is the first day of them trading. The price action follows my expectations so far. Nothing too remarkable.

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