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A warm welcome to all new followers! 🤞I'm highly dedicated to making you a killing and this fund a tremendous success. I'm always trying to beat $BTC or $ETH and stay up to date on all new developments to move into good investments before the majority of the crowd.

Let's go and ride this wave of world-changing technology driven by grass roots movements, collaboration and open protocols/markets🚀

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$BTC is back above the trend line, demonstrating enormous strength. Altcoins at the same time are struggling.

With a potential Bitcoin ETF on the horizon and possible ATH fomo it seems like this is still $BTC‘s turn and alts outperforming will be rare.

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I’m sorry for zigzagging the last few days but imo there was a real chance for alts to give a sustained rally while BTC consolidates. Bitcoin’s price action today teached me the contrary. Sticking with Bitcoin only now.

$ATOM just retestet its multi year accumulation zone! I added a big bag. This is an opportunity to good to let it fade. But beware of FOMO.

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@p4ul0skar Yeah i was a little curiuos why you added alts in rebalancing

@85000EUR looks like btc wants more blood. Yesterday’s alt rally really was just a dead cat bounce, it seems. All time high on bitcoin is still 15% away and after that comes the real fomo. I guess it’s best to compound gains in btc for now.

Lets Hope it preforms very well , BTC.D may do some bad things.

$BTC is sitting at resistance. Being very cautious here.

A drop would pose a great buying opportunity, especially on alts. If $BTC continues upwards, alts will probably continue to bleed.

I will wait for a good entry on $BTC or buy strength above 60k. Alts are already showing signs of reversals tough any future price action is heavily dependent on $BTC and there’s a chance this could be a dead cat bounce. If alts confirm a trend change I‘ll start adding strong performers again.

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$BTC is still doing well, reliably printing higher lows.

Alts didn’t even give a proper relieve rally, so I’m cutting exposure again and diversifying a bit more. I still expect them to suddenly pop sometime in the future and don’t want to be completely sidelined.

One alt I’m particularly optimistic about is $SRM. A rapidly growing orderbook based dex on the Solana blockchain. Price action has been pretty disappointing though.

With (hopefully) crypto friendly regulation happening around the world I can imagine a privacy narrative forming, pushing projects like $XMR, $DVPN, $OXT, $ZEC, etc.

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$BTC looks stronger than alts again. Bitcoin dominance is also ticking up and above its 42.5% resistance.

I'm expecting $BTC to outperform as long as it stays above 42.5% dominance.

There may be a few alts that are still going to outperform Bitcoin, but many already had insane rallies. If I spot a coin which I think is going to outperform, I'll add it to the structure, but for now I simply wait and see.

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BTC.D (Bitcoin dominance) broke to the upside today. Let's see if alts can regain their strength against $BTC. Until then we'll play it safe and just hodl Bitcoin.

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The crypto market is insanely strong today. It might not look like it at the first glimpse, but if you compare the two charts on the image (credit to DonAlt) it's pretty easy to spot the stronger asset ($BTC ).

I'm currently monitoring a few alts which I think have high potential. $ETH, $LUNA, and $SOL are performing strongly against $BTC. $ATOM, $FTT, and $LINK are not performing as well as the others.

Due to the strong consolidation below resistance, I'll add a little bit more now and completely enter the market after clearing 44.4k, marking a higher high.

Stop loss for $BTC at 42.7k and 41.8k are set.

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Hey everyone, let me give you a quick update:

We're currently seeing a lot of weakness in equity markets and especially in crypto. Inflation seems to be more persistent than initially thought and the Dollar Strength Index is rising heavily. Investors are getting more risk averse which means they're investing less into stocks, especially growth stocks (mostly tech) and subsequently less into one of the markets with the highest risk: crypto.

Earlier today we got a nice bounce from 40.7k but failed to move above 42.5k. We're currently on the 6th retest of the support zone which can be considered bad as supports (as well as resistances) tend to break when they're being tested repeatedly.

It's still possible that we miraculously break upwards, but statistically seen we're more likely headed downwards.

Neither would be bad because we can either just buy back higher on confirmation or buy when there's blood on the streets 

I've repeatedly been asked to provide more updates and I'll try to do so.

P.S. I still believe this cycle isn't over yet and we'll see new ATHs accros the board during the next few months. Until then the motto is to survive.

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As always, kudos and thank you 🙏

Over the night to Monday, I secured our profits in $BTC to see how legacy markets open today. German Dax is up 1.07%. Tech stocks like AAPL, MSFT are slightly down, NVDA, FB are slightly up. I'm not a big stock guy, but it's always good to have an eye on the macro market conditions, which don't look too bad as of now.

$BTC is currently at range lows so there's no need to panic but rather position strategically. I activated the slow trading mechanism, so the strategy is slowly exiting $BTC and adding alts bit by bit.

Layer 1 Blockchains are still showing strong bounces so I'm staying with them.

I'm ready to lower exposure or exit any time, should $BTC shit the bed.

My main interest is still on $ATOM, followed by $LUNA, $AVAX, $DOT. $SUSHI is at range lows too so I'm giving it a shot.

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