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Nov 24, 2023
Dec 1, 2023

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Robust Assets & Smart Allocation: Prioritizing solid crypto picks, tactical positioning, capitalizing on trends & compound interest. Past ≠ Future.


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Nov 22, 2023, 8:15:17 PM
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Alpha Digital
22 Nov, 2023

Looks like the market is more than happy that Binance finally settled with the DOJ.

The odds of getting a $BTC ETF approved soon improved substantially, I think.

I did expect more of a drop but we clearly didn't get it.

While Bitcoin is getting close to 38k again, $ETH is also showing strength.

While it will be interesting to see how $BTC behaves above 38k (if we get there), I think now could finally be $ETH's time to shine. It has been consolidating for quite some time and looks ready to break above 2100$.

Since I restructured into 44% $USDT, the market has not moved meaningfully higher.

$BTC is up 0.4% and $ETH 1.5% since the restructure. So the potential profit lost due to partially being in cash are minuscule and I do not regret doing so because the potential draw down would have been much higher.

Even though I do not like to chase strong moves, this is crypto and strong moves often continue in trending markets. I'd rather stomach a small dip, then be left sidelined.

The structure is still 24% $USDT to have dry powder ready should we get a dip. Else I will move it into $ETH once we get a confirmed breakout.

The only thing left now is praying that Bitcoin and Ethereum do not get rejected here and continue marching higher 🙏

As always, these are just my thoughts and should not be relied upon ore considered financial advice.

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Thinking same as you) 38000 resistance is key to break) then next resistance range after is 45000-48000) a retest to see if 38000 hold as support will be a highly likekly scenario at one point.

Alpha Digital
21 Nov, 2023

What an interesting day!

I'm happy we cut the strategy's exposure in time so we're not as affected by these crazy moves.

Let's see how it unfolds...

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Alpha Digital
12 Nov, 2023

Quick Update regarding the recent rebalance:

As I have already mentioned, $BTC is facing some resistance in the near term. As long as it does not fall strongly in price, this should give altcoins a tailwind.

I'm personally a big fan of $ETH and do not see many other projects seriously competing with it (even though e.g. $SOL performed spectacularly over the last weeks).

Still, Ethereum faces scaling issues and that's where Layer 2 solutions could come to the rescue.

The largest ones include $ARB and $OP. The latter one shows strength and looks very good from a technical point of view.

At the same time, as long as $ETH holds above 2,000$ I believe it will keep going higher with 2,800$ as my first target.

With all this in mind, Layer 2 solutions could be primed for a surge in price. The structure is well-positioned now, should this scenario play out.

Here goes the usual disclaimer: This is only my own opinion and should not be relied on or considered financial advice.

A lovely Sunday to you all! 

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If you are bullish on L2, I believe you should check out zksync. And a second largest DEX (for now) mute switch. They have a token $mute, with all in circulation, decentralized, revenue sharing and many more benefits for holders. Maybe you should check it. Although, of course, it's not available on iconomi 😁

Alpha Digital
10 Nov, 2023

Bitcoin's Year in Review and the Road Ahead:

A Strategic Analysis

In the constantly evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, a detailed analysis of the past year and an informed perspective on future possibilities are invaluable. Let’s delve into Bitcoin’s recent journey and explore its potential trajectory.

Bitcoin's One-Year Milestone: Over the past year, Bitcoin ($BTC) has demonstrated remarkable resilience and growth, ascending by a notable 140%. This performance is not just impressive in isolation but also signals Bitcoin’s dominant role in guiding the broader market. The journey from under 40% to a peak dominance of over 54%, currently at about 53%, underscores this healthy leadership.

Dominance Dynamics and ETF Implications: The observed pattern in Bitcoin’s dominance is particularly intriguing. Like in previous cycles where dominance did not reach higher peaks, we could be witnessing the same pattern with an even more moderate plateau. This could be as high as $BTC dominance goes. Though especially with the potential introduction of a Bitcoin ETF, its dominance could surge higher, reinforcing BTC’s leading position. I’ve been cautious about significant altcoin exposure due to these dynamics.

Ethereum's Counterbalance and Market Equilibrium: The recent move by iShares to submit an Ethereum ($ETH) ETF application introduces a compelling counter-narrative. This development could potentially disrupt Bitcoin's liquidity dominance, offering a more balanced playing field. The interplay between these two major players remains a critical area to watch.

Bitcoin’s Technical Stance: Currently, Bitcoin finds itself at the higher end of its regression trend, near a resistance point. This positioning might provide altcoins with a window of opportunity for growth, should Bitcoin's momentum pause. Such shifts are crucial in determining the broader market dynamics. This also means that a deeper correction is on the table.

Global Economic Overtones: Lastly, the overarching economic and financial landscape cannot be ignored. Global uncertainties are likely to inject additional volatility into the crypto space, making the journey potentially more tumultuous.

In summary, while the market presents substantial growth opportunities, it also demands a vigilant and strategic approach.

It’s essential to continuously assess both the micro and macro factors influencing the crypto environment.

As always, this analysis is intended to inform and provoke thought, not

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It was worth waiting. Thank you

Alpha Digital
10 Nov, 2023

I will provide you with a series of posts over the coming days covering the following topics:

1) Current Market Standing and Comparison with Past Cycles

2) Future Outlook of the Crypto Market

3) Personal Reflection on Cryptocurrency

4) Adherence to Values and Strategy Adaptation

5) Anticipated Narratives and Profit Strategies

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