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Sep 21, 2023
Sep 28, 2023

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Robust Assets & Smart Allocation: Prioritizing solid crypto picks, tactical positioning, capitalizing on trends & compound interest. Past ≠ Future.


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Alpha Digital
7 Aug, 2023

I'm not a fan of $BTC's price action, creating lower lows and lower highs. But Bitcoin also seems unwilling to break down, at least for the time being. Most people seem to lean bearish, which I paradoxically interpret as bullish, because if people are prepared for the worst case, it becomes less likely to actually happen.

$BTC trades within the channel and above various EMAS showing a consistent up trend.

Nonetheless I reduced exposure a bit because if we lose ground it could be a fast and violent ride down.

I added $SOL because it shows strength and is at support. If it continues to perform well, I might consider increasing its weight in the Strategy.

Bitcoin dominance is still above 50 which is great! High Bitcoin dominance is a healthy sign indicating less froth and speculation.

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Alpha Digital
13 Jul, 2023

$XRP won its case against the SEC and thus is not labeled a security. This is likely going to have strong ripple effects (pun intended) on other altcoins as well. Assessing the situation...

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Alpha Digital
13 Jun, 2023

I'm happy to see Bitcoin dominance going up. This is healthy.

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Alpha Digital
23 May, 2023

The crypto market has seemed stagnant of late, but this is likely to alter soon, as, characteristically, a period of compression is often followed by expansion.

$BTC's trajectory is unclear. Still, my Strategy leans more towards a break in the upward direction. It's technicals seem promising, backed by an enduring narrative around currency volatility and debt, all favoring the digital currency.

Additionally, the imminent authorization of retail crypto trading in Hong Kong should fuel this bullish outlook.

Diving deeper into the technical analysis, BTC currently resides near the base of the regression channel, suggesting a potential advantageous entry point. It's been crossing above various EMAs and successfully surpassed the Laguerre Filter, a historical indicator of ensuing gains.

With Bitcoin's dominance still circling at two-year high levels, it fortifies my belief in BTC's potential for continued outperformance.

In these unpredictable market conditions, emphasizing the seemingly obvious bets might be the soundest Strategy.

Remember, a thorough understanding of market conditions and the specific technicals of the Strategy should drive the decision to commence or cease Copying a Crypto Strategy. Be sure to fully understand the implications before initiating or stopping copying a Crypto Strategy.

As always, this is my opinion and not financial advice.


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Alpha Digital
8 May, 2023

Verified! 🥳

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Congrats 👏 It's good to see this performance with an active strategy and sustain it in a bear market. I wish you success