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Aug 7, 2022
Aug 14, 2022
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Alpha Digital
29 Mar, 2021

A warm welcome to all new followers! 🤞I'm highly dedicated to making you a killing and this fund a tremendous success. I'm always trying to beat $BTC and $ETH and stay up to date on all new developments to move into suitable investments before the majority of the crowd.

Let's go and ride this wave of world-changing technology driven by grassroots movements, collaboration, and open protocols/markets🚀

Nothing I share is financial advice.

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@Nuwanda I contacted him on Twitter, I will soon resume with updates

Anyone knows if he still follows the market. I don’t judge his actions but an update would be nice..

bro check your twitter DM please, I have a question about the strategy

Alpha Digital
11 Aug, 2022

Long time no see!

Traditional and crypto markets have seen a substantial recovery since hitting their lows.

I remain cautious as the fed seems determined to continue tightening financial conditions. There also remains quite a bit of economic risk and potential for negative surprises.

We preserved capital well, and I'm not going to gamble on this move simply continuing upwards.

A strong dollar even contributed to a positive performance since the last rebalancing.

Nonetheless I stay open to the possibility that the lows are already in. We'll know more in the coming weeks.

Stay cautious out there!

This is as always not financial advice

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Thank you for the update. Let's hope for the best, but I agree on staying cautious. Cheers.

Alpha Digital
2 Jun, 2022

Looking to get into Gold; preparing an analysis

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Hi Paul, will you be trading here again when the market is to your liking? Thanks.

are you still active?

PAX Gold? What are your considerations?

Alpha Digital
11 May, 2022

I got some pretty cool news, too.

Alpha Digital has been the best performing strategy on the entire platform since its inception. 

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I wish I was in from the start lol

thanks for pulling out

congratulations on your success and resolve!

Alpha Digital
11 May, 2022

I hope everyone is doing well and nobody has lost too much money over the last couple of days.

We've weathered the storm very well. I'm happy about that.

It nevertheless feels terrible to see other strategists blow up left and right, but that's what happens if you recklessly allocate to a pretty clear Ponzi.

We all know the saying: "Buy when there is blood on the streets." There's a lot of blood on the streets right now but even more uncertainty.

How is the Luna/UST situation going to resolve?

How big is the fallout going to be?

How will regulators react?

Additionally, the macro isn't looking particularly good. The fed continues to tighten monetary policy, and the economy seems to be slowing down while inflation is still going rampant.

For reference, ETH went down 75% during the last cycle just to fall another 75% after that.

SOL, AVAX, and ATOM are at around -75% right now...

If you did lose a lot of money, always remember, it's just that, money. It doesn't define you as a person. It doesn't define what you're capable of, nor your future.

If you feel the need to talk to someone but don't know who, don't hesitate and shoot me a message.

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Alpha Digital
8 Apr, 2022

We retraced the whole "Tesla will mine $BTC" pump and continued to bleed lower. It's a terrible sign if the price impact of positive news fades instantly.


Crypto is very weak right now. 

Exiting completely 

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Alpha Digital
6 Apr, 2022

I seriously misinterpreted $BTC's last push higher. 

I've been waiting for a bounce to exit, but we haven't gotten any notable relief. 

$BTC, and especially alts, look weak. It could be I'm selling close to the bottom here, but crypto likes to crush supports/resistances without further ado. Looking to exit at ~44.5k

Rather have a bird in the hand rather than three in the bush. 

We're still up over the last month, by the way. 

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Alpha Digital
3 Apr, 2022

$DOGE sending, out for now. Let's see, what next week brings 

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Alpha Digital
31 Mar, 2022

I don't like $BTC 's heightened volatility here. 

Good place to take some chips off the table. 

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Alpha Digital
24 Mar, 2022

Let's dig into $BTC's latest move!

First, some context.

$BTC entered the current range around the beginning of 2022. We've been in this range for ~3 months. The POC (point of control, meaning most volume traded) is 39k. Every breakout mean-reversed back to this level so far.

The last moves were characterized by a violent breakout followed by a short consolidation and finished by a similarly violent mean reversion. All the while $BTC constantly forms higher lows. It's also noteworthy that we've traded more volume above 39k than below.

We see a change in character on the current advance as we're slowly moving higher with alts rallying left and right. The market seems more confident with the current direction and accepts higher prices.

These are indications we might see $BTC break 45k and rally towards 52k. I suspect altcoins will outperform if this happens.

While there are many good reasons for optimism, one has to consider that we're still range-bound. We have seen a powerful bounce on equities, which might fuel the current relief and could reverse any moment. Crypto is considered high risk, and the current macro environment doesn't warrant a sizeable high-risk allocation.

Still, I think the risk/reward ratio favors a 60/40 crypto/USD allocation until we break 45k, at which point I'll allocate 100% to crypto with a partial take profit at 52k.

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