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Jan 19, 2022
Jan 26, 2022
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NEAR Protocol Mentioned by strategists

Crypto is showing relative strength compared to equity markets lately.

It seems to be slowly bottoming out, so this might be an excellent region to dip our toes back in the water.

I'll cut on a lower low/add on a higher high. Let's see how it goes.

I've added "SoLunAvax" ($SOL, $LUNA, $AVAX) because I believe we'll see some rotation back into the "former" leading L1s.

$NEAR and $ATOM are my favorites of the recently hyped "FOAN" ($FTM, $ONE, $ATOM, $NEAR) L1s, so I added them as well.

$RUNE, $ANT, and $FET are speculative projects I'm a big fan of, which will hopefully have their time soon.

As always, this is not financial advice.

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Going 100% stables when breaking 40.3k. Fingers crossed

But ser, you are my financial advisor. And my fund manager 😛

18 Jan, 2022

Bad times, but let's focus on strong projects that are developing. Removed Bitcoin adding to both $ROSE and $NEAR 10% now each.

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The newly added $NEAR is already up by 20% 💪🏼🎉🔥🚀

We drop $ADA and adjust the weightings of a few positions of our portfolio. ✅

Instead we add $FTM which is the fastest growing ecosystem measured by growth in active developers. We believe that a high number of devs will result in innovation and further growth & adoption. ✅

Secondly, we add $FXS which is the governance token of the Frax stablecoin. It is designed to combine the advantages of collateralized and algorithmic stablecoins. ✅

See you all on the moon 🚀

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13 Jan, 2022

Regular Rebalance before earnings season in stock market kicks in.

I assume that despite the current situation (FED, interest rates, Covid, techstock sellof) stock marekt overall will do very well in earnings season which could give momentum/positive sentiment to the crypto market.

Therefore I inscreased $FTM $NEAR $ROSE as largest portion of the fund, increased $LINK and added $CVX.

As soon as momentum decreases I will return to my broader strategy. At the moment no $LUNA for me. Will be added again as I really like the project, but think there will be a bit of consolidation in the next few weeks.

Crypto Rockets
12 Jan, 2022

Tough times in the crypto space, but we're making our way. We outperformed $BTC and the total market in the last month significantly (by about 25%) and I aim to keep that up. Scored some very nice gains with $NEAR, $ATOM and $LINK in the last days, rebalancing is in progress!

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11 Jan, 2022

Be patient, the bottom is $NEAR

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Fluid Dynamics
11 Jan, 2022

Removed underperforming coins and rebalanced. Now 20% $NEAR / $FTM / $ATOM / $FXS and 10% $ONE / $LUNA.

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10 Jan, 2022
Took the profit from $POWR  and allocated it to $NEAR  . Just in time. $NEAR  nearly 10% of NewFuterTokens now. 
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7 Jan, 2022

My personal Iconomi strategy focuses on growth in the mid- and long-term timeframe.

It follows promising small- to mid-cap projects such as $FTM, $ATOM, $LUNA or $NEAR whilst most of the time not being invested in $BTC. Investements in larger caps can however happen if momentum increases heavily.

Rebalancing will be performed approximately once a month. As I will focus on holding assets, the strategy may be more suitable for HODLers than aggressive traders.

I am looking forward to interact with my copiers to discuss and share thoughts on the strategys assets and selection criteria.

Let the journey to the moon begin.