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Nov 28, 2022
Dec 5, 2022


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As gold runs into resistance, we sold our $PAXG today at a profit and reallocated the proceeds to $USDT.

We think cryptorally's will be short-lived and stay defensive.

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Diversitas EW
14 Nov, 2022

Rebalance to remove $USDT and go into 50% $BTC, 50% $USDC position

Slowly buying the deep/fear😉

Once we will see more bullish signs, we will start to diversify into altcoins, the plan is to have 10 positions with a 10% weight👌

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We bought back lower what we sold two days ago in $BTC , $ETH and $BNB.

Due to contagion risks, everything is risky now. That's why we position ourself as prudently as possible. We decided to split our stables into a 20% $USDT and a 20% $USDC stake.

Being in the biggest and the best crypto's like we are now, is the safest way to play this crypto winter.

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We zijn maar voor de helft omgeschakeld omdat we zowel $USDT als $USDC vertrouwen, maar het heeft -zeker na het LUNA-debacle- geen zin om onze strategie nodeloos aan extra risico bloot te stellen door te lang een te grote positie in één stablecoin aan te houden. We achten de kans voor een grote en duurzame depeg van $USDT erg klein. Kleine schokken bij grote volatiliteit kunnen altijd, maar worden redelijk snel opgevangen, net als nu.

diversitas copy paste. maar je hebt gelijk, doe hetzelfde 🤣🤣

13 Nov, 2022

More and more rumors are starting about $USDT and with the peg almost back at a dollar, we decided to rather exit it and switch to $USDC. It will cost us something in trading fees but it's worth doing it as we don't want to risk such a big percentage of our structure.

Furthermore, we also increased the $BTC position to 40% and will therefore adjust the rules we have in place. We did this mainly because $BTC could go up in case we see more pressure on $USDC as people will likely sell them for $BTC. We saw this happen in the past so increasing $BTC by 5% at $16,500 (78% down from its ATH) seems like a good idea

Here is also an interesting thread about $USDT 👇🤔


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@Marquito we are slowly entering also with EW and have now invested 50% of our holdings. That being said, we are entering with a different phase as it is an equal weighted strategy and does not allow us to enter with small buys like here (5% for example)..

are you planning to do the same with your EW Strategy, exit usdt?

12 Nov, 2022


Morning update:

Over the past few days, we had a call with our advisors and people working in the industry. After discussing the event that took place, we all agree that this will likely have an impact on the industry as a whole. While some people will leave the industry for good, we will also see some positive impacts. Here we have in mind the much-needed regulation that will bring big money into the industry. The fact is that the industry is mature enough that it is not going away and will survive this crisis. Many big financial institutions showed interest in crypto and they will offer it to their clients, no doubt about that. If something, the regulation will get so strict that just banks and a few large exchanges will be allowed to operate in order to prevent things like FTX drama to re-occur.

Regulation may bring some short-term shock as companies will need to adapt to it but positive changes over the long-term$BTC $ETH $BNB $LINK $USDT

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12 Nov, 2022


Another thing to consider is the stock market which looks overheated. We saw one of the craziest bear market rallies after J. Powell made it clear that they will keep fighting inflation and raising interest rates. By pumping up the market the FED will need to be even more aggressive in order to bring down inflation.

Furthermore, the dollar dropped and while this may be good news for the stock market, it will further increase inflation as the import items will increase in price. This will again encourage the FED to further tighten in order to bring down inflation🤔

This is another risk for the crypto market. We did not pump when the stocks did due to the FTX drama but will likely go down with it once the correction starts to take place👀$BTC $ETH $BNB $USDT $LINK

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11 Nov, 2022

We just want to let everyone know that we made 4 rules (automated trades) to take advantage of a drop in case we see it during the night. We will start buying if $BTC dips below $16k and fully enter if it drops below $14k

Rule #1 will be triggered below $16k and reduce $USDT to 35%

Rule #2 will be triggered below $15,5k and reduce $USDT to 25%

Rule #3 will be triggered below $15k and reduce $USDT to 15%

Rule #4 will be triggered below $14k and completely remove $USDT

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@theVasilis For now we are not worried and do not plan to switch as it would cost unnecessary trading fees. Going forward, we may start to use $USDC although the rebalances may be even slower.

@TriviaGenetic Thank you🙏

@KlutzCentur no, we just want to be ready in case it happens😀

What's the outlook for USDT? A lot of negative rumors going around. You might want to swap with USDC to avoid an attack on USDT.

you have specific reasons to do this for coming night?

11 Nov, 2022


Morning update:

The firms exposed to FTX are starting to come out. A few hours, BlockFi announced that they were exposed and paused their withdrawals. If it is not clear, let us tell you that the pain is far from over. This is also the reason why we are waiting for the final capitulation before deploying the rest of our $USDT holdings. FTX will likely take down a few big names with them and the market will feel the pain📉

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all the influencers are turning super bearish, does this mean we go up?

11 Nov, 2022


Here is also what Genesis posted on their Twitter a few hours ago. Our bet is that we will see more posts like this over the coming days. Brace for the impact👀📉$BTC $ETH $BNB $LINK $USDT

Post image
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First things first, our strategy has one of the best track records so you can go shit-post on 1000+ strategies first as they are doing much worse. Secondly, the strategy made nice profits with LUNA in the previous cycle and if you were with us since the start you would have too. We also did not lose all the money as we are the second biggest strategy on ICONOMI👀Not sure what do you say to others??😅

Since you are a hater, we are not sure why you even bother to read our updates or care if we miss the train? If you know better you are likely not following our strategy and should not care about our move, right😉

10 Nov, 2022


Morning update:

Hard to make calls at this point as anything can happen but it looks like today could be the final capitulation event🤔 CPI is coming out, a ton of Solana will be unlocked and some miners are rumored to be in trouble paying their bills👀

All in all, a lot of panic in the market. While it may look scary, this is the kind of panic you want to see in the market when you are buying the generational bottom😉$BTC $ETH $BNB $LINK $USDT

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