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Jan 19, 2022
Jan 26, 2022
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Tether Mentioned by strategists
18h ago

I'm adding 5% to $BTC here.. It looks strong although the stocks are not performing well.. this is a great sign Keeping 15% in $USDT for now!

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Stable WCI
25 Jan, 2022

PRISM launch was postponed due to high market volatility. That's why we have seen a small $LUNA decline. Nothing to be worried about, if you remember even Columbus upgrade was postponed :) Just a few days more for you to get into Stable WCI and add to $LUNA and co.


And also nice news. Binance just announced listing Anchor protocol. In my opinion this means more $UST demand. Why having $USDT if you can have $UST and earn at the same time. This could also mean that we are one step closer to Anchor on @ICONOMI?


Have a nice day! 🙂

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24 Jan, 2022

The stock market opening is better than expected. We are seeing a bounce so I'm investing an extra 10% from our $USDT position. Now 35% $BTC and 45% $LUNA, the rest is still in $USDT to buy the dip in case this is a trap and we move lower!

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you actually bought on minimum today. Congratulations 💪💪💪

very good job!👍🏻

your a big champ. love to see your daily updates and your peformance👌💪

24 Jan, 2022

So far 33k is acting as really strong support. Very likely since it's the main on-chain support where a lot of $BTC changed hands. I'm using an extra 5% of our $USDT position here to buy $BTC and $LUNA, increasing both positions by 2,5%

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Pigster Crypto
24 Jan, 2022
Moving 50% to $USDT , expecting a further BTC drop to 29k.
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ok. we could fill CME-gapp.

that was a mistake ;)

24 Jan, 2022

Slowly moving back in.. investing 5% from our $USDT position.. adding 2,5% to $LUNA and 2,5% to $BTC  the plan is to continue buying on the way down!

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@Goingup no one knows where is the bottom but looking at the historic data, it should be close.

Do you think we almost see the bottom? I got a feeling we are in a bear market since beginning november.

Stable WCI
24 Jan, 2022

I sold $HBAR to $USDT as I want to wait for stock market open and be ready to buy the dip if we get another leg down. $LUNA will launch PRISM tomorrow so I don't see any reason to sell now.

I was also selling yesterday. So 15% now it is.

Good luck to all 🤞🏻

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Stable WCI
23 Jan, 2022

So I'm taking out 2,5% after this bounce and adding to $USDT. I knew yesterday when everything was down, was not a good time to sell, so I'll try to take some of our profits out before tomorrow, when it'll be more clear where the market is heading. GL 🤞🏻

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23 Jan, 2022


That being said, I will use this opportunity to buy back some coins we have sold 2 days ago with a small profit. I’m increasing our $LUNA position to 35% and $BTC to 25%. I’m still keeping 40% in $USDT to buy the dip in case we move lower.

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21 Jan, 2022

The stock market is again in red and although the on-chain data keeps looking bullish I decided to move 50% to $USDT. The exchange reserves keep dropping but as you can see short-term performance is unpredictable. Netflix stock for example crashed 20% today so literally, anything can happen. Let's play it safe here and move 50% out of the market

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@FrillOctago @RBN0 @Lanicor thanks guys! Appreciate the support, simply doing my best in this blood bath!

No worries man, keep up the good work