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Crypto Assets Alpha


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Crypto Assets Alpha Strategy Performance

Crypto Assets Alpha Strategy Performance

Apr 16, 2024
Apr 23, 2024

About this Strategy

About this Strategy

Crypto Assets Alpha is an innovative cryptocurrency strategy developed after extensive research and years of gathering comprehensive crypto data. This strategy is designed to leverage unique patterns that we discovered in the data, aiming to deliver alpha to our investors.

- We recommend weekly Dollar Cost Averaging into Crypto Assets Alpha for optimal results.

Performance & Risk

Performance & Risk
Annualised Return
Max. Drawdown
-72.65 %
-2.46 %
+4.48 %



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Apr 23, 2024, 10:38:13 PM
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Crypto Assets Alpha is now PUBLIC on Iconomi 🍾🥂🎉

Thrilled to announce that Crypto Assets Alpha is now available to the public on Iconomi!

After years of dedicated research and development of our Crypto Assets Algorithm, I'm thrilled to announce the transition from beta to our official production release.

To those who have been with me through the beta phase of our strategy (Crypto Assets DAA), you have witnessed my steadfast commitment to crafting the finest crypto strategy achievable. Your support is immensely appreciated, and I cannot express my gratitude enough.

As the Quant Strategy Manager, I am dedicated to offering the most impactful crypto strategy to the world, and I'm thrilled about advancing to this next phase in our journey. With Crypto Assets Alpha now accessible, I am confident in my ability to assist you in reaching the success you merit.

My VISION for Crypto Assets Alpha is clear and ambitious: I aim for Crypto Assets Alpha to surpass Bitcoin performance.

My MISSION is to equip our clients with a crypto strategy that maximizes gains and minimizes losses, leveraging cutting-edge data intelligence and technical analysis.

I have a detailed plan for Crypto Assets Alpha, executed daily, which is essential for the success of our clients.

A crucial message for our Beta Crypto Assets DAA investors: We've transitioned Crypto Assets DAA from Public to Private. Rest assured, trades within Crypto Assets DAA will continue as usual, but going forward, it will serve as our testing ground. To align with our latest advancements and strategies, I recommend transferring your funds from Crypto Assets DAA to Crypto Assets Alpha. This move is designed to better position your investments with our forward-looking initiatives.


Each quarter I will have 4 risk profiles running) at the beginning of each quarter, Crypto Assets Alpha will be reconfigured to the risk profile with the best profit factor the quarter we close.

Crypto Assets Alpha is AGILE and we will always work to improve our investor's profit factor systematically.

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Once more. Buy the dip. Drawdown is scary) but a oppurtunity.

Dips in a bull run are for BUYING!

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Buy the dip.

Dollar Cost Average your strategy position.

The storm will be over at one point and the market will print Higher Highs and Higher Lows! ✨️

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We're currently entering an Altcoin Season, a phase where alternative cryptocurrencies become the focal point of investment, offering potentially higher returns than Bitcoin. Our strategy Crypto Assets Alpha, designed to maximize our Bitcoin Alpha, leans heavily into this shift. To capitalize on the opportunities Altcoin Season presents, we're ready to embrace the necessary risks within the altcoin market.

Our approach is data-driven, guided by algorithms that pinpoint Altcoins with the highest profit potential during these seasons. This method allows us to be strategically positioned in Altcoins recommended by our algorithms for the best risk/reward ratio and profit factor, even during Bitcoin Seasons. Our algorithms have consistently shown that this approach maximizes returns.

However, it's important to note that this strategy involves higher volatility. In periods of market pullback, our investments see much larger drops in value compared to Bitcoin, given the altcoin market's tendency for greater fluctuations. But, it's these very fluctuations that present the opportunity for higher returns.

This is exactly why we recommend Dollar Cost Averaging. The dips or drawdowns in the market aren't just setbacks; they're opportunities. By investing a fixed amount regularly, you can lower the overall cost of your investments in Crypto Assets Alpha. This strategy takes advantage of the market's natural fluctuations, allowing you to buy more when prices are low. Essentially, during these drawdowns, you get the chance to increase your investment at a lower cost, setting the stage for greater potential returns as the market recovers.

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During a Bullish Trend in the crypto market, we often observe what are termed as Bitcoin/Altcoin seasons. This concept is all about understanding where the investment capital is predominantly flowing.

In a Bitcoin season, the majority of the investment shifts towards Bitcoin, often because investors view it as a safer or more promising bet compared to other cryptocurrencies. This influx of capital typically leads to an increase in Bitcoin's value relative to other cryptocurrencies.

On the other hand, during an Altcoin season, the focus shifts away from Bitcoin to alternative cryptocurrencies (Altcoins). This shift can happen for various reasons, such as innovations in specific Altcoins, regulatory news, or simply shifts in investor sentiment. During these periods, Altcoins may see significant increases in value, sometimes outperforming Bitcoin in terms of percentage growth.

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