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Sep 21, 2021
Sep 28, 2021
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STP Strategy
21 Sep, 2021

Increasing $LUNA ahead of Columbus 5, maintaining $FTT .

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Very strong rebound from 40k level for $BTC . Our $SOL buy from yesterday worked out perfectly. $FTT is outperfoming as well and I expect it will continue to outperform $ETH and $BTC in this bull. Be patient. Don't panic. Time is on our side.

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18 Sep, 2021

Removed $FTT added extra to $ATOM (20% now) and $LUNA (17% now).

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Please remember to take some profits, $ATOM is pumping right now :D

Isn't it too much exposure to $ATOM given the recent run up?

Antares Global
15 Sep, 2021

New All-Time High for Antares Global at the time of writing this, as it's one of the top 20 strategies in the last 24 hours. This morning we have reduced exposure to $BTC while adding $ADA, $ALGO , $AVAX, $LUNA, $FTT, $MDX and $STEEM . The cryptomarket looks ready for another leg up, the party will probably start when $BTC breaks above $47.5k.

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Structure change and rebalancing. Added $ALGO , $AVAX und $FTT.

Dropped $THETA , $EOS und $AAVE .

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12 Sep, 2021

Hello Toplytic,

I just took a good look at what our stop loss should be,

1st = Luna on 29.7$ we switch to 30% USDC

2nd = Luna on 22.25$ we switch to 60% USDC

3rd = Bitcoin on 42499$ we switch to 100% USDC

$LUNA is our biggest play, and I feel really confident it will keep growing, in the last 2 months the price only went up (look at graph). Smileyface.

For the future of $LUNA, we just broke a new all time high, and the sentiment is switching from ''dippish'' to more bullish again, supply of $BTC is at an all time low, same for $ETH, at this point its just waiting for a break out, and we will see green over the entire board.

This together with the Colombus-5 upgrade & the new NFT projects makes me insanely confident for $LUNA in the short to mid term.

I don't think we need the stop losses, but its always good to have a break mechanism.

Fact is, the stock market just had a mehhh week behind it(down -1.5%), and if that house of cards is coming down, everything will go down, Colombus-5 upgrade or not. That being said, making money is one thing, keeping money is a different thing, being safe is the most important thing we can have in the crypto sphere, since its volatile enough as is.

We had 4 projects that broke all time high last week!


Lets see if we can make next week even better ;).

Have a nice week.

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Second best performing Strategy of 300+ over the last 7 days. 

I feel blessed to be able to help more than 125 people around the globe who have invested in my strategy, achieve financial independence.

If you want to learn more or get in touch with me you can follow me and message me on Twitter.

If you're interested in actively trading yourself, please take a look at TheBirbNest. 

$BTC, $ETH, $SOL, $LUNA, $FTT, and $AVAX are all showing strength, not to forget $ATOM. Let's go for another awesome week. 

But for now, enjoy your weekend!

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Minor rebalance.

Taking profit on $LUNA, adding to $ATOM.

Reducing $STORJ and $GNT.

$AVAX and $FTT unchanged.

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Made a great comeback with $SOL $FTT and $LUNA. new ATH for the strateg! Added also some $MINA

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STP Strategy
8 Sep, 2021

Scaled into $FTT for a breakout into 80's following some rest in the low 70's. We've been $FTT-heavy from below $50 thus this is only addition from non-producing $USDT. 🥃🚬

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