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May 15, 2022
May 22, 2022
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After reviewing the announcements from the $AVAX team, reintroducing $AVAX. Rebalancing $ETH $XMR $CRV $CVX $AAVE $NEAR $MATIC

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Ploutos index
14 May, 2022

Weekend started and the market fluctuations, we will keep 25% $BTC increase or reduce if needed.

$XMR is promising and undervalued the position will be kept all the weekend.

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@LongTermFund performed a restructuring earlier today. There are major changes such as removing $AVAX as a risk management step due to its exposure to the Terra ecosystem, as well as removal of $ENJ, $FTM, and $SAND for the time being. $CRV, $AAVE, and $XMR have been added, as well as ramping up our $ETH position. 

While we are navigating rocky waters due to the collapse of $LUNA / $UST, as well as larger macro economic pressures, @LongTermFund remains bullish on $ETH and its ecosystem in the long run.

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Monthly Structure Change 2022-05

 Added $XMR

 Removed $WAVES

 Rebalance Turnover 3.34%

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Crypto Index 25
1 May, 2022

🤟 Rebalancing Info 01.05.2022 🤟

Strategy Performance April: -21% 

Winner April: $DOGE -4% 

Loser April:  $WAVES -77% 

Every month I rebalance the strategy back to 4% each of the Top25 crypto coins without Stablecoins or wrapped Token.

1x New: $XMR

24x Rebalanced back to 4%

1x Out: $WAVES

🤟 🤟

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Decided to take some $XMR profits, because it was the only major runner in last month.

Hoping to buy back in lower and distribute profits to other altcoins.

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Privacy coins have been holding good lately. So i think i should clarify why we have decided to hold $XMR over $ZEC

There is just one true private crypto out there and that's Monero. ZCASH is in my opinion just dust in the eyes.

Monero is still the only crypto out there that has bounty from USA IRS on it for 2 years. Nobody is able to crack it's cryptography and it's anoymity feature.

Source: click here

Monero is still the one and only real digital cash. Bellow you can compare anonymous transaction count from both leading privacy networks.

Even famous economist Milton Friedman predicted rise of Monero in the 90ties. Many people think Bitcoin is anonymous but it's not, it's pseudonymous. Big difference.

Source: click here

The narrative for privacy coins is getting stronger i believe due to global financial restrictions to specific countries (Russia, Ukraine scenario). When CBDS go live, this will be the time when privacy coins will shine the most. This is still few years away in my opinion but narrative for privacy coins is getting stronger and stronger.

HODL it is.

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you are soo WRONG! ZEC is build by the greatest cryptographic team and is limited to 21mil. XMR is inflationist. you can mine XMR but ZEC is harder to mine thus it has an intrinsic value. Monero is inflationist and sometime will arrive to billions of coins.

ZEC has visible like BTC but also privacy. Both are good but ZEC stands better as technology.

Crypto Rockets
23 Dec, 2021

Good news, we're back in all-time green! 

Hit a few high flyers, namely $SAND , $ROSE and $XMR which outperformed $BTC significantly today. Most of our other assets did as well. For me this is a small prove that the trading system I came up with is working, since I just bought into these assets because my alarms got triggered and I thought they are looking very well in their chart setup.

Also, I didn't sell the dip, but rather buy it - keeping to my promise to not panic and instead hold through any bearish times and use the opportunities there.

Let's hope we keep going in this direction and keep the rockets rising!! 

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Dagoda Core
10 Nov, 2021

We sold whole $XMR position and added to $HBAR and $ENJ.

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Monthly Rebalancing:



Strategy now fully open to public 

- Long-Term-Invest

- Based on assumption of general growth of crypto market

- Invest in Top 25 Crypto Currencies based on Market Cap

- Monthly equal weight rebalancing

- Attractive Following with minimum fees

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