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May 21, 2023
May 28, 2023


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Chainlink (LINK) Overview

Chainlink is a cryptocurrency that incentivizes a global network of computers to provide reliable, real-world data to smart contracts running on top of blockchains. Oracles in the Chainlink network are incentivised to provide accurate data. There is a reputation score assigned to each. When nodes follow the software’s rules and provide useful data, they are rewarded in Chainlink’s cryptocurrency, LINK. LINK uses the ERC-20 standard and is distributed as a reward to oracles who provide accurate data. Chainlink is built to be platform agnostic and connects cryptocurrencies and the banking segment.

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23 May, 2023


As AI continues to advance and create realistic content, discerning between real and fake becomes increasingly challenging. The adoption of Web3 technologies, such as blockchain and oracle networks, could assist in verifying the authenticity and unchanged state of media before it gets disseminated widely. By incorporating unique digital signatures within a file's content - think of it as a cryptographic watermark - it would be possible to verify the origin and alteration history of various forms of media. In an era of rapid AI growth and hyper-connectivity, the demand for cryptographic truth is escalating. Chainlink is primed to thrive in this space and is undoubtedly one of the strongest prospects for the upcoming bull market🔥 $LINK

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13 May, 2023


Chainlink, a dominant industry leader in transactions, total value secured, network effects, and real-world partnerships, is another sleeping giant. They're improving their tokenomics with staking and revenue sharing, which will likely make them one of top performers in the next bull run👀 $LINK

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Andy Storm
5 May, 2023

Good morning all

As I said before, I bought more $COTI, $GRT and $OCEAN in this dip.

Also I added $DOT, $LINK and $EGLD to my strategy.

I still have 23% in cash if eventually will go lower.

My strategy here👇

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1 May, 2023

⚫️ Vega Math Index

⚫️ As of May 1, 2023


The VMI Index is a Smart Beta Index designed to beat the performance of the Hugh Math Index with an additional risk premium of 24.81%.

The index components are selected within a cut-off point approximately 20% ±5% of the Hugh Math Index within the mathematical equation:

(Vega Math Index + Beta Math Index) >=90% of Hugh Math Index Standard

Vega Math Index = Hugh Math Index EX-Beta Math Index

⚫️ Quick Facts

▪️ Number of Constituents (38)

▪️ %14.12 of Total Market Cap (172.7bn)

▪️ %17.13 of Hugh Math Index Standard

▪️ Launch Date: Nov 26, 2022 

▪️ Type: Passive - Smart beta index

▪️ Focus: Secret sauce "Statistical base"

▪️ M&J Global Style Box: Large - Blend

▪️ Weighting Method: The square root of market capitalization

▪️ Constituents selection: Quarterly in March, June, September, and December

▪️ Rebalancing: Monthly

▪️ Periodic review: Weekly

▪️ Benchmark: Hugh Math Index

⚫️ Key Highlights

▪️ Diversified and provides comprehensive coverage of the entire cryptocurrency market EX - MEGA.

▪️ The Vega Math Index is designed to be for passive copiers to participate in the cryptocurrency market on an objective basis, where you can use buy and hold or use Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) to reduce market risk or Buy the dips - sell the rips! 

⚫️ Overall Crypto Strategy Composition(%)

▪️ Coins (77.86%)

▪️ Tokens (22.14%)

⚫️ Top 10 Holdings(46.98% of Total Assets)

$BNB (10.31%)

$ADA (5.45%)

$DOGE (4.9%)

$MATIC (4.43%)

$SOL (4.39%)

$DOT (3.88%)

$LTC (3.75%)

$SHIB (3.58%)

$AVAX (3.48%)

$LINK (2.8%)

⚫️ Sector Weightings(%)

Blockchain Infrastructure(70.89%)





Blockchain Service(1.73%)

🔵 To copy this crypto strategy

⚫️ Disclaimer

▪️ The results do not constitute investment advice or recommendation, are provided for informational purposes only, and are not an offer to buy or sell any crypto assets.

▪️ Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. 

▪️ Investing involves risks, including the possibility of losing capital.

Vega Math Index

Math-Based Investing

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25 Apr, 2023


The GMX community has officially approved a proposal to integrate Chainlink's new low-latency oracles as the launch partner in an on-chain vote with 96.28% approval.

As part of this proposal, 1.2% of total fees generated by GMX V2 and later protocol versions will be paid to Chainlink service providers in exchange for the usage of the low-latency oracles and technical support.

As Chainlink Staking evolves over time to support a greater scope of oracle services, a portion of the fees from this proposal are planned to be sent directly to stakers as user fee rewards for increasing the cryptoeconomic security of Chainlink services used by GMX.

This development is bullish for $LINK, as many decentralized exchanges are likely to follow suit👀 

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Chainlink (LINK) price history shows the highest value of 43.05 EUR . We recorded this price on May 10, 2021, but we cannot exclude that a higher price was registered before April 11, 2019.

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